Chinese investors here in Sandusky

Oct 24, 2012

My topic for this week is Chinese investors looking at investing in Sandusky.

The city states that the Chinese were in Sandusky and they were impressed with our city. The Chinese are looking at various investment opportunities; one group has already visited with a second group coming in at a later date. The Chinese can take their pick of any of the vacant buildings we have standing empty in town, but my guess is that they will go after waterfront property.

A lot of the waterfront property is owned by the city. The City Commissioners have been behind closed-doors over the purchase and sale of personal property six times this year. We hope the city is not thinking about selling off any of our precious waterfront property.

Our ports of entry are very important and these days with Homeland Security, you can’t be too cautious of what exactly is being proposed for the waterfront. The city needs to protect our port of entries.

The Chinese are purchasing land all over the United States at an increasing rate. Toledo recently sold its Docks restaurant complex to the Chinese for $2.15 million. The Chinese are also working to prepare an offer to purchase Toledo’s stalled Marina District. Toledo has spent four years marketing the Docks complex to retire $1.66 million bond to bring in revenue to help reduce their budget deficit that will reach $4.85 million this year.

Until next time, we will just have to wait and see what develops here in Sandusky. The Chinese investors deserve close scrutiny, nonetheless, of what is being proposed, how the land and waterways will be used, and whether or not we are dealing with third parties. In other words, the city will need to keep things in perspective and do a reality check when investors come calling.  



Re: "let them come here "WITH THE LIMITS"

You want "deed restrictions"?

Wish in one hand............

They own it, they run it the way they want......

Remember the old Union Chain, how did that turn out...........


That isn't the "limits" to which I was referring. You are referring to LABOR, I am referring to environment. The EPA regulations and other regulations that they do not follow in china. What happened at the old Union Chain plant, and I am sorry to make people mad, was a hold out of a union that could have settled and gotten your jobs back if they hadn't been so stubborn and pig headed. When you work FOR someone you don't get to call all the shots. It's take what you least you have a job. Instead they union let you stand in the rain with nothing but your coats for shields while they stayed indoors and got you nothing, missing deadlines and negotiating your jobs away like most of the overpaid union reps today. They did nothing for you. Oh, yea, blame the people who own the company. You could have worked but your union played a game they knew they couldn't win and they lost. Sometimes it's better to take what you can get at the time, than play hardball for nothing. Enough said.

Yes, let them come in if it means jobs. You want a job, you ASK for a job, not demand it. Maybe it's time to learn a terrible our fathers and grandfathers learned a long time ago....a job is a privilege NOT a right.


Re: "I read where they are dealing with third parties and no one knows who they are representing. They represent a private investment group."

You have that in Perkins Twp. right under your nose.
The name of the door, or the "people" running the show ain't the people that hold the paper...........


Why do you care who they "represent" or who owns the "money"? What difference does it make to you or anyone where the money came from to buy the company?

I just do not get the patent anger about the funding behind owning a plant? Why does that bother anyone?

Don S

Well, Japanees investors bought Union Chain. Now, how well has that turned out for it's long term employees? Stop blaming others for problems in Sandusky. Take control and not allow outside countries to buy prime property in your city.


And it happened at who do you suggest we approach to come here? American companies move abroad to escape paying higher wages to American workers. Who do we get to come here? If you can answer that questions you will be the smartest guy in the room. No one else has the answer.

Really are you ...

Sandusky thugs and Chinese mafia.


I think they were hear scopeing out a new place for a buffett. You eat to much you go now!


keep in mind these vids are 4-2 years old.....


I watched your youtube report. This was from the Bush administration era as Secretary Paulsen was named as being the one who was to be handling this problem way back then. So this isn't something new, but something that has been going on for quite some time apparently.

It is still going on. They have been investing heavily for a long time in the US and unchecked since Bush was in office. How interesting. No one has stopped them either and they apparently aren't alone in this endeavour.

Thanks for the info. We, as Australia, I see, are not alone. Seems the countries with lots of money, are buying pieces of other countries. (I watched the other youtube pieces while I was there). Not much anyone can do about it.

Thanks again.


We should all remember that Sharon's statement says it is her "guess" that they would want waterfront property. She isn't saying that they WOULD want waterfront property. She also says they looked at vacant buildings, etc. I would love to know what these "investors" build? What do they make?

If it has anything to do with "yellow dye" they can stop right there and go home. If it's electronic things, keep looking at existing buildings and talk to the powers that be. Yep. Keep looking at the buildings, etc. But keep in mind you have to deal with OUR EPA and Fed regs and Ohio regs around here.

We also expect you to pay a decent wage for the people who work for you. NOT a buck fifty an hour either. And this isn't China...we get Christmas off around here, and Thanksgiving. And July fourth.

Other than that, welcome to Ohio.


America is well on its way to becoming a subsidary of China if we don't get our act together before it is too late. In a few years, you won't recognize the U.S.A. thanks to our legislators. China will have enough power to revoke our laws to their laws.


And do you know what is causing this? What problem there is that is making this happen? Please tell me? What legislative activity are you speaking of?


it all started with nixon.


Take a trip to Oahu Hawaii.

Lost the war, won the peace.


Me thinks both you ladies should get a job at the former chain company, then report back to us.............


If you work out there, tell us all about it,and inform us of what is going on that is so terrible?


They must be Romney supporters seeing as that is where Romney sent all the jobs of the companies he bankrupted to.......

T. A. Schwanger


Thanks bullydogs. Doesn't matter if the video is 4 years old. The people neeed to wake up before it's too late. Or is it already?