Chinese investors here in Sandusky

Oct 24, 2012


My topic for this week is Chinese investors looking at investing in Sandusky.

The city states that the Chinese were in Sandusky and they were impressed with our city. The Chinese are looking at various investment opportunities; one group has already visited with a second group coming in at a later date. The Chinese can take their pick of any of the vacant buildings we have standing empty in town, but my guess is that they will go after waterfront property.

A lot of the waterfront property is owned by the city. The City Commissioners have been behind closed-doors over the purchase and sale of personal property six times this year. We hope the city is not thinking about selling off any of our precious waterfront property.

Our ports of entry are very important and these days with Homeland Security, you can’t be too cautious of what exactly is being proposed for the waterfront. The city needs to protect our port of entries.

The Chinese are purchasing land all over the United States at an increasing rate. Toledo recently sold its Docks restaurant complex to the Chinese for $2.15 million. The Chinese are also working to prepare an offer to purchase Toledo’s stalled Marina District. Toledo has spent four years marketing the Docks complex to retire $1.66 million bond to bring in revenue to help reduce their budget deficit that will reach $4.85 million this year.

Until next time, we will just have to wait and see what develops here in Sandusky. The Chinese investors deserve close scrutiny, nonetheless, of what is being proposed, how the land and waterways will be used, and whether or not we are dealing with third parties. In other words, the city will need to keep things in perspective and do a reality check when investors come calling.  



lots of inaccurate facts. Feel free to open your checkbook if you want to buy any of these properties, DUH, I guess not Sharon, money talks and bull... walks.

T. A. Schwanger

One of the opportunities these type of Blogs offer is for commenters to correct "inaccurate facts". Here is your opportunity Browndog271.

In fact the Chinese are taking over this country both financially, resources and land wise.





Julie R.

"The City Commissioners have been behind closed-doors over the purchase and sale of personal property six times this year."

Why is everything always done behind closed-doors?


Why is everything always done behind closed-doors? So that the powers that be can help their friends steal taxpayer dollars or get expensive waterfront property dirt cheap. A little cash handed under the table helps also. That cash is not taxable. Another reason for a spending tax instead of an income tax. All who spend will be taxed in a fair way.


How can an inaccuracy be a fact?


As bad as any City is in I would entertain any offer that's coming across the board. Rather they be Chines, Japanese, Korean, purple, yellow or black. Sorry, but you sound racist to me. Such a bad article to write for a local newspaper.


That is ridiculous. It is not racist to question what the Chinese are doing when they continually seek to buy up U.S. property around major sea routes, this case being the St. Lawrence Seaway.
People are still concerned about what they are doing in the Panama Canal, as they should be.


Are you afraid the City will get Shanghaied Sharon?????

The Bizness

I say let them invest if they want to invest. Hopefully they build, which would bring jobs.


The Chinese are also taking over The Bahamas, do a google search and you'll find tons of articles on it. They are spending BILLIONS of dollars re-building an entire city and resort.

Really are you ...

All is well as long as they stop taking the fresh water from the aqua ducts that supply fresh water to the great lakes. Not that they are doing this, but the bottled water industry has a bigger ROI than oil.


"The city needs to protect our port of entries." is this not a federal responsibility? Since when is it a municipal function to protect port of entries? This entire article is poorly written.

Would we be better off without the investors? Who else is going to invest in this area?


Assuming you understand that protecting the country is not just about military but also about economic policy, I would ask you in reply..The Federal Government is also supposed to come down and help us with our economic decisions as well? How very Left Wing of you.

Ask yourself why the city is in trouble in the first place. Could it have anything to do with the social and economic climate in this country of late?
Hm, what could have caused that? The Democrats having control of Congress for upwards of 80% of the last 110 years? Hollywood and the School system feedng us the Left Wing paradigm for decades?
Food for thought.

car 54

The only Chinese Ms. Johnson should worry about is Chinese Fortune Cookies.

Phil Packer

Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Remarks that discriminate based on age, race, religion, disability, etc..


Wow. Your ignorant tone shines through. 'The Chinese'. Really THE CHINESE are here, OH NO ! You should be touting the fact that INVESTORS are here, and no matter what the ethnicity, are willing to look at this narrow minded tourist town. If it takes closed door politics to create jobs, so be it. Newsflash, the world has evolved since the 1950's but its glarringly obvious your views have not. Its this type of attitude that continues to hold the City down. Just my 2 cents.


Well said beestee


What else should we call them when trying to make a point about the economic situation? Is the word Chinese not politically correct now?

Your naivete really shines through. See my other comments on this article as to why I say that.

Also..One could argue that, in many ways, it has also devolved.


I am glad they are here investing rather than raining weapons on us.By the way all the people that called Nixon a crook,which all of them are,opened this door for us !What would we have done if China had not bought our bonds?We,Japan and China were the three largest enconomies,well we know where we rate now.Give Bozo another 4 years and and it will be at the lower end of the 3rd world countries.


We still are the World's Largest Economy and always will be. The Chinese lack innovation. Without our creativity, free will, and structure they will not be able to survive. They are our parasite, not in a negative way though. I would rather be the one to be in line to buy the iPod's than be in line to make one. No matter how bad it will get.


We will not always be the World's Largest Economy. We now owe more money to foreign powers than we will ever be able to pay back. We are broke, and we are a debtor nation to the Chinese, this is why they are here buying everything they can; because they can. The only assets that America has to pay these people back with is government-owned property. One day the Chinese will own the state of Nevada.


Amen to that

Julie R.

I believe the article states that Mrs. Johnson's concern is: "We hope the city is not thinking of selling off any of our precious waterfront property."

Certainly can't fault her and others for that.


...because we're WAY happier with crumbling buildings, overgrown lots, and the dwindling tax base than letting anybody actually buy and DO something with any of our precious waterfront property!


well said, Sam

Phil Packer

And them Chinamen can make a mean railroad track.

Phil Packer

SR, this is the one that should be removed, not the one about cats.


I see alot of comments made by the naive. The comments alleging racism should be stunning..but not surprising, nowadays.

China continually seeks to buy up U.S. property near major sea routes. After Clinton gave up the Panama Canal, the Chinese moved in.
Now they want property around the St. Lawrence Seaway.

There is nothing wrong with questioning whether China seeks to economically dominate us.
And there wouldn't even be a problem if the Democrats would quit trying to throw money at problems while killing jobs in the process.


Only 18 comments to turn this into a 'blame the Democrats' story. Impressive.


This article seems to be inaccurate and quite dated, as far as the part about Toledo goes. Dashing Pacific Group Ltd.,the Chinese group that bought the Docks restaurant complex bought the Marina District land from the city of Toledo in May of 2011. Nothing has happened to the land since then. We should look at the intent of anyone interested in purchasing any high profile land.


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Remarks that discriminate based on age, race, religion, disability, etc..


I don't think that asking for scrutiny should equal racism. If you read about the deals in Toledo, you will see that it has been very difficult to get concrete information about the investors from China, basically because city officials have been so desperate to get money from investors that they do not do adequate research. Additionally, it's silly to assume that people from a vastly different culture are operating under the same outlook as Americans. And finally, if you lived in a different nation and "Americans" were going to buy property and invest, it would matter who the "American" was, as to honesty, reliability, how employees are treated, etc.


If the 2 or 3 whiners that have waterfront property are worried about their precious view being disturbed, why not put your money where your mouth is and buy it? Then you can do whatever you want with it. In other words, "put up...or shut up!"

T. A. Schwanger

By Terence P. Jeffrey (

October 22, 2012

U.S. Government's Foreign Debt Now $47,495 Per Household

The portion of the U.S. government’s foreign debt now owed to interests in Mainland China is about $10,090 per household.

Among foreign interests, those in Mainland China hold the largest share of the U.S. government’s debt. The Mainland Chinese, according to the Treasury, owned $1,153,600,000,000 in U.S. Treasury securities as of the end of August.

As Earl Pitts would say "Wake Up American and Train.

By Terence P. Jeffrey

October 22, 2012

T. A. Schwanger




Dude, put the foil hat on NOW!

Dot #14 ~ China buys the old coal docks and turns it into a naval base. Plans include invading Marblehead and possibly Milan, OH (via the Milan Canal of course).

Jews, Mormons, and Chinese OH MY!!!



Sure i get removed because of decribing asian eating habits but T A up here gets to make cracks about their eyes and gets away with it?


I really don't see the problem. They are just trying to use our dilapidated system of Capitalist "rich get richer" against us as we have used their "cheap labor" form of Communism against them. It's still a war. Not even close to "chess" or "the art of war". More like a checker game or tic tac toe. No one will have the final outcome to be on their side. Too simplistic.


Exactly right. Very well put.


@ T A Whiner...I take it that means you won't be buying up that property then?


To Train: I and many taxpayers already own city property so keep your hands off our land. Go buy Apex land but leave our city property alone. We are not up for sale in the name of of unloading our debt. Nor will we sell our very soul in the name of economic developement. There is plenty of land around for sale that doesn't belong to the taxpayer. Why does everyone have to come after what belongs to the taxpayer?


You, in all reality, don't own anything. Not even your own waste, after a meal.




ANYTHING you have can be taken from you right now. ANYTHING. You don't own...


ANYTHING! Promise.


usa has borrowed so much money from china, if they call it in we collapse , but so do they. Let them invest in sandusky, its still usa soil , they cant pick it up and run w/ it. A watchdog should watch them , as they violate so many safety laws , cant let that happen here. so much water and land is contaminated already. safety for the work force and good pay are a must.


beestee your 1rst post knocked it out-of-da-park! The same logic applies in Urine County too. Oldsters thinking they are living forever & thinking of ONLY their stacks. Their agendas only concern their advancements.


Uhm who are "the Chinese" lmbo


If anyone would know who the Chinese were i figured Dora would.

Just Thinkin

We dont need no commies


Maybe they can turn all the unused marshland around into rice paddies...


It is simply the Landlord stopping to check his property and see how the tenants are taking care of it, maybe buy the property next door too!! Keep spending money we don't have and the Chinese will be glad to be our creditor.


Re:"In fact the Chinese are taking over this country both financially"

Take a trip to Oahu and see what's in store for the rest of the USA.....


The problem with Chinese Investors is that there isn't any transparency on where the money being invested is coming from. Chinese companies setup fronts in China to look like actual business' but really, they could be controlled by another party. Think of it the same way as Standard Oil prior to the break up. Senior started smaller companies to "compete" with Standard so they could be used to spy on other companies. I really don't know why I'm explaining this.

I have no problem with another country or nationality wanting to invest in our community. But what I do have a problem with is that we're rushing to give property away at a value well below the retail price. We don't even know who these people are let alone, the big question of, "Where is the money coming from?" It would be a shame to find out that the money is coming from a terrorist organization or from a child labour activist.


Ms Johnson's comment's about protecting the "waterfront" property is the public access to said property, nothing more or less. She and Mr. Schwanger have been fighting long and hard to keep as much of the waterfront for public not private consumption and see anything that stands in their way as a total mischarriage of justice. Mr. Schwanger will quote it chapter and verse the laws that say the public MUST be given access to waterfront property as he has many times. (dont' bother TA, I have seen it before as have others).

What they do not realize is that sometimes sacrifices have to be made in the name of jobs, income and progress. The city owns land that borders on the water and yes, they can sell it to whomever they want including foreign investors. (their nationality is NOT an issue, Sharon).

If it means more jobs in this town, great. If it means giving up some shoreline to the investors to feed families in this betcha!!!! Go for it.

If the City Commission and the City planner want to meet in Executive session (which is allowed for in the charter matters can be discussed in executive session for the purpose of purchase or sale of property) then let them. They do not have to tell you about it Sharon, nor ask your permission.

This town NEEDS jobs. If foreing investors want to come here, let them.

The Chinese have the money to what. But be sure there are some stipulations....don't treat them any differently than you would an american company. Make them follow EPA regs.

I hope they DO invest here. Don't make it hard on them and DO NOT RUN THEM OUT OF TOWN on some "save our public access" nonsense this time. Please don't.


Flyboy is correct. Just do the homework. The Chinese are strategically buying up our ports, our banks, turnpikes, and our natural resources. Read the Toledo articles closely. Right now they have our debt and they are now starting to pick this country clean because it is vulnerable and ripe for the picking. Search Project 60 in Idaho. I read where they are dealing with third parties and no one knows who they are representing. They represent a private investment group. Our counry has opened the door to citizenship in exchange for the Chinese coming over here and investing. People should be very concerned. Lets us not get too naive.


The naivete would be to not limit these "investors" in what they have. My husband was telling me of an article he read in the Cleveland Plain Dealer about the Chinese having the ability to close and take over ANY American plant built or run in China because they have a Communist Party office right inside the Chinese plants in China.

When they come here, do they have that same faction? I wonder? If so, that would worry me. However, as I said before, let them come here "WITH THE LIMITS" and let them build or utilitize what they want.

Ok, tell me how this is ANY different than when WE had all the power and went to other countries and built factories and invaded upon other countries turf? Do you not think they were scared? The big American oafs setting up shop, buying land cheaper than what the natives could get it for? Where were WE getting OUR money? They probably asked all those same questions we are asking now!

It is just that the tables have turned and it is hard for us to take, isn't it?

What once was, now is no longer. We are no longer in control and it is difficult to become the begger when we were once the master....but now we are. How? Eight years of Bush, four years of Obama. That's how. And no end in sight no matter WHO you vote for in the coming election. It's a fact. This is all the fault of global economy. Trying to keep up with a WORLD ECONOMY does NOT work. We should each take care of ourselves.

We need them like they once needed us. So let them come here with the restrictions. Life swings like a big pendulum. Eventually it will swing back the other way. It just takes time.


The same people that accuse the Democrats of being "Communists", are happy as a clam when a communist wants to invest his/her money in the area.
Mainland China does not have a republican party or a democratic party, but they do have a Communist Party.
Before any of you people accuse me of being "racist", race does not have anything to do with my concern. The ideology of the communist party is my concern. An ideology that encourages a "boys only" for newborns is an ideology we all should be concerned about. "You buy the dog, you get the fleas".


Re: "let them come here "WITH THE LIMITS"

You want "deed restrictions"?

Wish in one hand............

They own it, they run it the way they want......

Remember the old Union Chain, how did that turn out...........


That isn't the "limits" to which I was referring. You are referring to LABOR, I am referring to environment. The EPA regulations and other regulations that they do not follow in china. What happened at the old Union Chain plant, and I am sorry to make people mad, was a hold out of a union that could have settled and gotten your jobs back if they hadn't been so stubborn and pig headed. When you work FOR someone you don't get to call all the shots. It's take what you least you have a job. Instead they union let you stand in the rain with nothing but your coats for shields while they stayed indoors and got you nothing, missing deadlines and negotiating your jobs away like most of the overpaid union reps today. They did nothing for you. Oh, yea, blame the people who own the company. You could have worked but your union played a game they knew they couldn't win and they lost. Sometimes it's better to take what you can get at the time, than play hardball for nothing. Enough said.

Yes, let them come in if it means jobs. You want a job, you ASK for a job, not demand it. Maybe it's time to learn a terrible our fathers and grandfathers learned a long time ago....a job is a privilege NOT a right.


Re: "I read where they are dealing with third parties and no one knows who they are representing. They represent a private investment group."

You have that in Perkins Twp. right under your nose.
The name of the door, or the "people" running the show ain't the people that hold the paper...........


Why do you care who they "represent" or who owns the "money"? What difference does it make to you or anyone where the money came from to buy the company?

I just do not get the patent anger about the funding behind owning a plant? Why does that bother anyone?

Don S

Well, Japanees investors bought Union Chain. Now, how well has that turned out for it's long term employees? Stop blaming others for problems in Sandusky. Take control and not allow outside countries to buy prime property in your city.


And it happened at who do you suggest we approach to come here? American companies move abroad to escape paying higher wages to American workers. Who do we get to come here? If you can answer that questions you will be the smartest guy in the room. No one else has the answer.

Really are you ...

Sandusky thugs and Chinese mafia.


I think they were hear scopeing out a new place for a buffett. You eat to much you go now!


keep in mind these vids are 4-2 years old.....


I watched your youtube report. This was from the Bush administration era as Secretary Paulsen was named as being the one who was to be handling this problem way back then. So this isn't something new, but something that has been going on for quite some time apparently.

It is still going on. They have been investing heavily for a long time in the US and unchecked since Bush was in office. How interesting. No one has stopped them either and they apparently aren't alone in this endeavour.

Thanks for the info. We, as Australia, I see, are not alone. Seems the countries with lots of money, are buying pieces of other countries. (I watched the other youtube pieces while I was there). Not much anyone can do about it.

Thanks again.


We should all remember that Sharon's statement says it is her "guess" that they would want waterfront property. She isn't saying that they WOULD want waterfront property. She also says they looked at vacant buildings, etc. I would love to know what these "investors" build? What do they make?

If it has anything to do with "yellow dye" they can stop right there and go home. If it's electronic things, keep looking at existing buildings and talk to the powers that be. Yep. Keep looking at the buildings, etc. But keep in mind you have to deal with OUR EPA and Fed regs and Ohio regs around here.

We also expect you to pay a decent wage for the people who work for you. NOT a buck fifty an hour either. And this isn't China...we get Christmas off around here, and Thanksgiving. And July fourth.

Other than that, welcome to Ohio.


America is well on its way to becoming a subsidary of China if we don't get our act together before it is too late. In a few years, you won't recognize the U.S.A. thanks to our legislators. China will have enough power to revoke our laws to their laws.


And do you know what is causing this? What problem there is that is making this happen? Please tell me? What legislative activity are you speaking of?


it all started with nixon.


Take a trip to Oahu Hawaii.

Lost the war, won the peace.


Me thinks both you ladies should get a job at the former chain company, then report back to us.............


If you work out there, tell us all about it,and inform us of what is going on that is so terrible?


They must be Romney supporters seeing as that is where Romney sent all the jobs of the companies he bankrupted to.......

T. A. Schwanger


Thanks bullydogs. Doesn't matter if the video is 4 years old. The people neeed to wake up before it's too late. Or is it already?