Chinese investors here in Sandusky

Oct 24, 2012

My topic for this week is Chinese investors looking at investing in Sandusky.

The city states that the Chinese were in Sandusky and they were impressed with our city. The Chinese are looking at various investment opportunities; one group has already visited with a second group coming in at a later date. The Chinese can take their pick of any of the vacant buildings we have standing empty in town, but my guess is that they will go after waterfront property.

A lot of the waterfront property is owned by the city. The City Commissioners have been behind closed-doors over the purchase and sale of personal property six times this year. We hope the city is not thinking about selling off any of our precious waterfront property.

Our ports of entry are very important and these days with Homeland Security, you can’t be too cautious of what exactly is being proposed for the waterfront. The city needs to protect our port of entries.

The Chinese are purchasing land all over the United States at an increasing rate. Toledo recently sold its Docks restaurant complex to the Chinese for $2.15 million. The Chinese are also working to prepare an offer to purchase Toledo’s stalled Marina District. Toledo has spent four years marketing the Docks complex to retire $1.66 million bond to bring in revenue to help reduce their budget deficit that will reach $4.85 million this year.

Until next time, we will just have to wait and see what develops here in Sandusky. The Chinese investors deserve close scrutiny, nonetheless, of what is being proposed, how the land and waterways will be used, and whether or not we are dealing with third parties. In other words, the city will need to keep things in perspective and do a reality check when investors come calling.  



lots of inaccurate facts. Feel free to open your checkbook if you want to buy any of these properties, DUH, I guess not Sharon, money talks and bull... walks.

T. A. Schwanger

One of the opportunities these type of Blogs offer is for commenters to correct "inaccurate facts". Here is your opportunity Browndog271.

In fact the Chinese are taking over this country both financially, resources and land wise.





Julie R.

"The City Commissioners have been behind closed-doors over the purchase and sale of personal property six times this year."

Why is everything always done behind closed-doors?


Why is everything always done behind closed-doors? So that the powers that be can help their friends steal taxpayer dollars or get expensive waterfront property dirt cheap. A little cash handed under the table helps also. That cash is not taxable. Another reason for a spending tax instead of an income tax. All who spend will be taxed in a fair way.


How can an inaccuracy be a fact?


As bad as any City is in I would entertain any offer that's coming across the board. Rather they be Chines, Japanese, Korean, purple, yellow or black. Sorry, but you sound racist to me. Such a bad article to write for a local newspaper.


That is ridiculous. It is not racist to question what the Chinese are doing when they continually seek to buy up U.S. property around major sea routes, this case being the St. Lawrence Seaway.
People are still concerned about what they are doing in the Panama Canal, as they should be.


Are you afraid the City will get Shanghaied Sharon?????

The Bizness

I say let them invest if they want to invest. Hopefully they build, which would bring jobs.


The Chinese are also taking over The Bahamas, do a google search and you'll find tons of articles on it. They are spending BILLIONS of dollars re-building an entire city and resort.

Really are you ...

All is well as long as they stop taking the fresh water from the aqua ducts that supply fresh water to the great lakes. Not that they are doing this, but the bottled water industry has a bigger ROI than oil.


"The city needs to protect our port of entries." is this not a federal responsibility? Since when is it a municipal function to protect port of entries? This entire article is poorly written.

Would we be better off without the investors? Who else is going to invest in this area?


Assuming you understand that protecting the country is not just about military but also about economic policy, I would ask you in reply..The Federal Government is also supposed to come down and help us with our economic decisions as well? How very Left Wing of you.

Ask yourself why the city is in trouble in the first place. Could it have anything to do with the social and economic climate in this country of late?
Hm, what could have caused that? The Democrats having control of Congress for upwards of 80% of the last 110 years? Hollywood and the School system feedng us the Left Wing paradigm for decades?
Food for thought.

car 54

The only Chinese Ms. Johnson should worry about is Chinese Fortune Cookies.

Phil Packer

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Wow. Your ignorant tone shines through. 'The Chinese'. Really THE CHINESE are here, OH NO ! You should be touting the fact that INVESTORS are here, and no matter what the ethnicity, are willing to look at this narrow minded tourist town. If it takes closed door politics to create jobs, so be it. Newsflash, the world has evolved since the 1950's but its glarringly obvious your views have not. Its this type of attitude that continues to hold the City down. Just my 2 cents.


Well said beestee


What else should we call them when trying to make a point about the economic situation? Is the word Chinese not politically correct now?

Your naivete really shines through. See my other comments on this article as to why I say that.

Also..One could argue that, in many ways, it has also devolved.


I am glad they are here investing rather than raining weapons on us.By the way all the people that called Nixon a crook,which all of them are,opened this door for us !What would we have done if China had not bought our bonds?We,Japan and China were the three largest enconomies,well we know where we rate now.Give Bozo another 4 years and and it will be at the lower end of the 3rd world countries.


We still are the World's Largest Economy and always will be. The Chinese lack innovation. Without our creativity, free will, and structure they will not be able to survive. They are our parasite, not in a negative way though. I would rather be the one to be in line to buy the iPod's than be in line to make one. No matter how bad it will get.


We will not always be the World's Largest Economy. We now owe more money to foreign powers than we will ever be able to pay back. We are broke, and we are a debtor nation to the Chinese, this is why they are here buying everything they can; because they can. The only assets that America has to pay these people back with is government-owned property. One day the Chinese will own the state of Nevada.


Amen to that

Julie R.

I believe the article states that Mrs. Johnson's concern is: "We hope the city is not thinking of selling off any of our precious waterfront property."

Certainly can't fault her and others for that.


...because we're WAY happier with crumbling buildings, overgrown lots, and the dwindling tax base than letting anybody actually buy and DO something with any of our precious waterfront property!


well said, Sam

Phil Packer

And them Chinamen can make a mean railroad track.

Phil Packer

SR, this is the one that should be removed, not the one about cats.


I see alot of comments made by the naive. The comments alleging racism should be stunning..but not surprising, nowadays.

China continually seeks to buy up U.S. property near major sea routes. After Clinton gave up the Panama Canal, the Chinese moved in.
Now they want property around the St. Lawrence Seaway.

There is nothing wrong with questioning whether China seeks to economically dominate us.
And there wouldn't even be a problem if the Democrats would quit trying to throw money at problems while killing jobs in the process.