Residents need honesty about Sandusky city hall plans

Oct 16, 2012


The topic of the City Hall move came up again at the commission meeting.  It seems no one can tell us the real truth about what is going on with City Hall.  Are we going to move or are we going to stay put?  The city has been assessing repairs for five plus years and no one can tell us, as yet, what needs fixing and how much it will costs.

Every time the city comes close to making a decision to remodel City Hall, there is always a stakeholder that would like to throw a wrench into things and we are right back assessing City Hall once again. I am beginning to think that the assessing is looking more like a stall until they finally obtain enough commissioners to vote in favor of moving City Hall. Certain people cannot bear the thought of keeping the building on waterfront property.   

People wonder why we can’t get the repairs started at City Hall.  We are so busy assessing, assessing, and reassessing the building that it is impossible to get the building to the point of actually repairing it. How is it we will have money to move City Hall and no money to repair the building?  I don’t see why the city has to hold up the court construction while the city is assessing the repairs unless the relocation of City Hall is still on the table.

I think it is unconscionable for the city to waste Cedar Point’s donation of $50,000 to remodel the police station and then some commissioners turn around and suggest the city look into moving the building after investing in the remodeling.  It is also unconscionable to even mention the subject of relocating in the very year of union negotiations, which haven’t even started as yet.  So, we have enough money to move City Hall but the city is flat broke when it comes to bargaining with the union for a new contract.   

Until next time, I am hoping that some commissioners take on a leadership role to stop the insanity of forever being on the merry-go-round and never making a strong stand on decisions that need to be made once and for all.    


Sharon Johnson is a born and bred Sandusky resident who's outspoken about community issues. Her blog, chronicling her efforts to keep tabs on city projects, is posted here Tuesdays at 11 a.m.



If they don't like where they are.......…Go get a job some where else……And that goes for everyone working thier.…Other towns PD looks no better or worse…


Seems like Sharon's positions are all over the place as usual.

She doesn't want "honesty". she wants city hall to stay where it is, correct?

If they don't assess the repairs and then run into trouble she'd be railing against that.

Who cares if it is on the water front? Other than Sharon?

Put it in some abandoned lot in prefabricated trailers.


Relocating the City Hall has nothing to do with the waterfront location and everything to do with the age and state of the building. The question that needs to be answered isn't whether or not City Hall should move. It's whether it would be more cost effective to move into a new building, or upgrade the existing building.

It's my understanding that utility costs alone in the energy inefficient building currently housing City offices are substantial, and that an upgrade would cost so much it wouldn't make financial sense. Add to that the fact that it IS waterfront property, and a sale might also make good sense.

If City officials are re-evaluating based on THOSE criteria, that's actually fiscally responsible of them. And yes, it DID hurt a little to type those words, LOL!

T. A. Schwanger


While I respect yuor opinion, the controlling interests advocating the move imply the reason to move is because of the value of the current City Hall site.

Let's not forget City Hall was moved to its present location from downtown. Why? Room to expand. Less traffic congestion. Etc.

Also, your assumption the "age and state" of the building is a determining factor. The building is 57 yars old---just barely making it eligible as a historic building. The interior was remodeled not too many years ago including an elevator addition, new Commission Chambers and other office renovations including the Police Station finished this year. You and I are still paying for those renovations.

I went back to the Commission minutes from the past month and came across the minutes where the Commission voted down Commish Smith's motion to do a feasibility study (one of many) to move City Hall. How is it the City Manager overruled Commission's decision and moves ahead with a feasibility study?


I agree with you Mr. Schwanger.

What does age have to do with it?
Is the place rotting like wood?
Energy inefficient? Stuff it with insulation.
The place looks drab, but so what?
I think it's all about getting a spiffier looking place -- fashion over function.


The only fairness here is a public vote on any proposals. Get rid of some worthless departments and employees to make more room. Oversized out of control government is ruining this country. And BTW.... give all of them a 10% cut to their salaries.


Could you take a 10% cut? Didnt think so!