After a month of thinking about what the city is going to do with the collapsed wall at 109 E. Water St., it is being called an emergency so demolition can be started before the commissioners can approve of the expenditure at their next meeting. 
11:00 AM Nov 4, 2014

I asked the finance committee if the public will be able to follow along with some kind of budgeting breakdown of the designated categories concerning the city‘s new revenue it hopes to receive. It is my understanding that the finance committee will be doing all the monitoring for us.

11:25 AM Oct 7, 2014

The city claims it did all it could do in regards to the collapsed Water Street building.

10:09 AM Sep 30, 2014
Is it worth the city partnering with ECEDC (Erie County Economic Development Corporation)?
11:00 AM Sep 23, 2014
Should there be more details of how the city’s new revenue will be spent?
The public has a general idea of the categories the new revenue will be spent on, but the public doesn’t really know how the city is going to detail the plan. 
2:55 PM Sep 16, 2014
The curbside program is lacking the fine details.
3:00 PM Aug 26, 2014


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