I heard a few motorcycles around town this weekend, I guess there was some big event going on downtown.

In this case, you won't be denied listening to "Stairway to Heaven." Veeman1211 posted this YouTube video of the Sandusky High School orchestra performing the most popular Zeppelin tune.

"I've got some bad news, Jason. The nest fell down sometime this morning or last night."

While trolling around on YouTube I found this gem of a video. With "6 year old Rappin" and Sandusky, OH in the description how can you go wrong?

I have two boys and found this video hilarious although I feel for the youngest boy who will always be the little brother.


I stopped by the most-watched tree in Perkins Township on Wednesday afternoon. The eaglet at the Old Dutch nest is growing fast, so much so that when I arrived mom was sitting outside the nest on a neighboring branch and dad was nowhere to be found.

There seems to be a Chuck-themed blog from both Jasons this week. I'm sure you are all stunned by the coincidence.

Actually, there never really was two eaglets in the nest at the Old Dutch Tavern in Perkins Township. I was given bad information. According to Glenn Biglin, who I would consider the "official" photographer of the nest, there were originally two eggs in the nest.

Today (Monday) I took photos of the Sandusky Central Catholic School's wellness walk from their schools through downtown Sandusky and down to Shoreline Park.

The schedule varies for this photographer dependent on the season; Friday nights in the fall and winter and Sunday through Thursday the rest of the year.

I was recently at my alma mater Ohio University in Athens, Ohio and at my favorite photojournalism school, VisCom. The School of Visual Communication at O.U. is one of the best in the country and they have faculty with professional experience from all avenues of visual media.

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