Have you seen the billboards? Have you seen the signs in the windows of local establishments? Yuengling, that legendary beer of the east, is making its way west.

3:07 PM Oct 3, 2011

The winning drive of a high school football game, spending a day documenting life in a small town, graduating seniors throwing their mortarboards in the air.

2:36 PM Sep 20, 2011

Summer is not over...summer is not over...summer is not over. Since the Sandusky State Theatre’s awesome production of the Wizard of Oz ended last night, maybe someone can borrow Dorothy’s ruby red slippers, click their heels together and make it true.

3:12 PM Aug 24, 2011

We don't have the biggest campus, we aren't in a major metropolitan area, we aren't in a major football conference, and we do don't have a "THE" in front of our university's name. But we are the Bobcats and we are No. 1.

1:07 PM Aug 2, 2011

The longer you work in a particular job, the more relationships you make. Especially as a photojournalist in a town and area we have at the Sandusky Register.

9:54 AM Jul 28, 2011

Someone should let the people of Cleveland know about this...

3:05 PM Jul 18, 2011

It is that time of year again for the annual Fourth of July photo contest sponsored by the Sandusky Register and SnapShots Inc. in downtown Sandusky.

6:34 PM Jun 22, 2011

Cedar Point found a perfect ride for the perfect spot on the Sandusky peninsula. It may have taken a little bit longer than we all had hoped of getting to ride WindSeeker, but it is up and running and boy does it go up.

11:24 AM Jun 15, 2011

If the name Evan Goretzki sounds somewhat familiar, you have either been involved with Perkins Athletics, the schools in general, or you remember the miraculous story of a 10-year-old boy who had a stroke in 2004.

11:35 AM May 26, 2011

A week ago I asked you, our readers, to think of what you could do to help “heal” Sandusky after the shooting and killing of Officer Andrew Dunn and the subsequent funeral.

12:08 PM Apr 5, 2011


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