10:41 AM Jan 23, 2012

When I went to school it was called Home Economics or “HomeEck.” Now, thinking back, I’m not sure that title really fit the class. The class had everything to do with what high-schoolers needed to learn in the home, but I never really learned the economics of it.

10:32 AM Jan 30, 2012

(UPDATED) Come back around noon on Saturday as I and the rest of our 'Freezedom of the Press' plunge team will be getting ready for the big event and giving live updates in our "Cover It Live" player.

11:33 PM Jan 16, 2012

(UPDATED WITH VIDEO) I’m willing to wait another 30 or so years, but being a senior citizen in Erie County can’t be all that bad.

12:12 AM Jan 9, 2012

If you can't make it to the Huron Boat Basin or can't afford or haven't been invited to one of the VIP areas to watch Sunday's implosion of the ConAgra building, don't be too upset. We are going to stream the event right here at sanduskyregister.com.

3:46 PM Dec 19, 2011

All right, the kids have a week off next week and, if they are like mine, you are going to want them to run out all of their energy on a hamster wheel as they fill up on holiday treats.

12:46 PM Dec 12, 2011

As you may have read in past blogs or stories, Sandusky Register staff photographer Luke Wark is a member of the Army National Guard and has been called to serve his country in Afghanistan.

3:07 PM Oct 3, 2011

Have you seen the billboards? Have you seen the signs in the windows of local establishments? Yuengling, that legendary beer of the east, is making its way west.

2:36 PM Sep 20, 2011

The winning drive of a high school football game, spending a day documenting life in a small town, graduating seniors throwing their mortarboards in the air.

3:12 PM Aug 24, 2011

Summer is not over...summer is not over...summer is not over. Since the Sandusky State Theatre’s awesome production of the Wizard of Oz ended last night, maybe someone can borrow Dorothy’s ruby red slippers, click their heels together and make it true.

1:07 PM Aug 2, 2011

We don't have the biggest campus, we aren't in a major metropolitan area, we aren't in a major football conference, and we do don't have a "THE" in front of our university's name. But we are the Bobcats and we are No. 1.

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