A few changes here at the Register and sanduskyregister.com

Jason Werling
Sep 29, 2013


In case you haven't noticed (and I won't hold it against you if you didn't), my smiling face is no longer on the front of the Showcase section on Sundays. You have probably noticed I'm hanging around this website a little more often.

I haven't left the building, but Luke Wark is now the chief photographer at the Register. I have no doubt he will take and run with the torch that was given to me by Tim Fleck and I now pass to him.

I will still be out in the community covering events, but in a role of live-event coverage. I am also taking a large role in the management of our websites; sanduskyregister.com, funcoast.com, firelandsintraining.com and fandy.com. Wow, that's a lot of "f"s.

Angela Wilhelm, you have probably seen her name under a few photos recently (and I won't hold it against you if you didn't), has been hired for Luke's former position. Angie, who grew up in Monroeville and recently graduated from Ohio University in VisCom, started at the Register as an intern and has had several temporary stints here in the past several years. She is also working to develop an Instagram account for the Register, look it up.

As always, e-mail me with an story ideas you may have. My e-mail and phone number will not be changing: werling@sanduskyregister.com and (419)609-5850.

I'm looking forward to the new features we will be developing for the newspaper and Tandem Network of websites now and in the upcoming months.

Firelands Faces
One new feature that was suggested was to allow photographers an outlet for their photos to be published both online and in print. If you have a nice pictorial, feature or landscape photo you would like featured on our Firelands Faces page, e-mail one or two photos to firelandsfaces@sanduskyregister.com.

Students of the Month
Another feature I'm looking forward to should put more smiling faces in the pages of our newspaper, but I need your help to do it. If you are a school administrator or teacher and currently have a student of the month/week program in place, please let me know about it.  We are looking to feature the photos in the pages of the Register starting very soon. My contact information is above.

FIT Fright Challenge 5k
In less than a month Firelands In Training will be hosting its second FIT Fright Challenge 5k. The first race was in May in downtown Sandusky and the October version will be at the Norwalk Reservoir and have a Halloween theme including costume contests and games.Download a registration form below and look for an upcoming story in the Sandusky Register and Norwalk Reflector.



Jason, I started to say you have a full plate but it looks more like the whole buffet. I just wondered if you would still be doing the road trips? I enjoyed them a lot. Good luck in your new positions. You're a favorite with the readers you know.


Hopefully you can control some of these trolls who come on here with this racist bs.

Jason Werling

tk- Thanks for the kind words. Next year's road trip is already being discussed. The boys would like to drive to places overseas, I'm trying to keep them contiguous.

santown419- I would encourage you to use the "Inappropriate? Alert Us." for our readers who are more interested in name calling than constructive dialogue. We will also be addressing your concern in the very near future.

Dr. Information

How about some ACTUALLY (BLEEPING) MODERATION? We have about 4-5 posters that use such horrible language and name call and cyber bully non stop. coasterfan, deertracker, big dogs back and 4shizzle are a few to start with.

You created a site with rules SR, so moderate them!!!!!!!!!

Jason Werling

Dr. Information: As I posted above to santown419, please use the "Inappropriate? Alert Us." feature. This is the best way to handle this at this time. Our community members here at the Register and other Tandem sites are going to have to start thinking how they will choose their words if they were using their real name as I am here.


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