A special Christmas in July for the Bilger family

Jason Werling
Aug 1, 2013


Today Darlene Bilger was laid to rest following a 16-year battle with cancer. (Her obituary is HERE)

One of her last requests was spending a final Christmas with her family. A Prayers for Darlene facebook page had been created a request was made for Christmas cards.

If you would still like to show support for the family, cards can be sent here...

The Bilger Family
5203 Schenk Road
Sandusky, OH   44870

To see more about Darlene's final Christmas, click HERE and watch a video below



Dont Worry Be Happy

So sad to hear of Darlenes passing, she was a great lady. I met Darlene through the Relay For Life, she and her family at the time were very active in raising money for cancer. She put a great fight and will be missed by many. Prayers to the family!


My cousins and I are facing a similar situation with my mom and aunt and this really inspired me to want to make each day more memorable for each of them, to make each day count more. While none of us know what's going to happen on any given day - we could walk out of door and it be our last for any number of reasons - but I want to try and make the most of what time I have left with my mom and aunt since I know I don't have much time left with them anyway. So very sorry to hear about this family's loss though.