Volunteers needed for Jackson Street Pier cleanup

Jason Werling
Jul 25, 2013

The landscaped islands at the Jackson Street Pier are overgrown and need some weeding. Volunteers are needed to help out tomorrow, Friday, at 9:30 a.m. to clean up the pier.

It should be a big weekend for visitors to our city and especially the pier so stop on out and give us a hand.

Volunteer groups, garden clubs and scout troops welcome.

B.Y.O.G.G- Bring your own garden gloves

Please print out and fill out a volunteer form below. Forms will also be available at the pier.



Sorry--Double post.


love your post! agree 100%


here is a question Jason if the city uses volunteers and one of them are injured while preforming these duties whom is liable the city since it is city property? will the cities insurance cover such injury? can the person sue the city? Is the city going to issue a plaque showing those whom adopted this slum hole? doesn't the city get money from long term parking down there?

Stop It

Read the frippin' PDF.


Q: How much do city officials charge for overgrown areas?

A: The city's laws states "the property owner ... shall pay all costs associated with the cutting and removal of the noxious weeds and grass together with an administrative fee of $100."

maybe the city needs to do this I posted this from this weeks ask the register question..


this is simple count up the hours the parks dept spends in washington pk vs all other parks in the city. who is there boss? get them some more volenteers.

The Bizness

You all do realize that this is pretty common in just about every other city our size and bigger in the country?

As for those of you complaining about downtown getting more attention, well it should because that is what the city can control, and what tourists and out of towners see the most. The city can't prune and manicure my lawn for me but they can down town. I just don't see why the merits any bellyaching


I thought John Hamilton got in trouble for helping and I believe it was due to "liability issues". Regular community service or even a "chain gang" might be a consideration.


I was wondering about this as well. They'll punish a person for voluntarily trying to care for something, but when they decide some place is getting trashy, they want free help.


Could you please pull down the Keller Building while you're at it?


I think that this is a good idea. A lot of people cannot give money for projects but can give time. If you don't want to help, then don't! Just don't put down the ones who want to make a positive impact.

sandtown born a...

Best idea yet, what about all the people sentenced to community service ? Chain gang no more 3 hots and a cot get them off their butts and put them to work around our city on different things


I hope the Main Streets Association came out in full force to do the project.

Oh wait. They don't do this kind of work. I see one of the city crew members watering the flower pots Main Streets Association just had to have but they don't take care of. The City also remove snow from downtown sidewalks. Where do I sign up to have mine removed?