Volunteers needed for Jackson Street Pier cleanup

Jason Werling
Jul 25, 2013


The landscaped islands at the Jackson Street Pier are overgrown and need some weeding. Volunteers are needed to help out tomorrow, Friday, at 9:30 a.m. to clean up the pier.

It should be a big weekend for visitors to our city and especially the pier so stop on out and give us a hand.

Volunteer groups, garden clubs and scout troops welcome.

B.Y.O.G.G- Bring your own garden gloves

Please print out and fill out a volunteer form below. Forms will also be available at the pier.


sandtown born a...

Come on join in, just think of it as a Huron park baseball diamond clean up project and you will feel better about it.


I could not have stated it better!


How embarrassing! The city cant afford to cut the "expletive" grass? You have to wrangle volunteers to cut city property? I'm beginning to be ashamed to call Sandusky my hometown.


I'm with you yogiberra
It is getting beyond rediculous!!! Hire people to do the WORK. We need no more TOP DOGS! Why can't anyone see that? EVERYWHERE is so top heavy (and making BIG $$BUCKS$$) and noone to do the W-O-R-K that NEEDS to be done!




hey behappy I think this is part of ARD's cut to the city's budget!!! after all it was written down on a piece of paper after all correct?


Who's going to sweep up all the cigarette butts that collect at the end of the pier? You have to wade through them to get onto the sidewalk. We can't feed the birds because they make a mess, but we can allow smokers to toss their butts anywhere! I'd rather walk through bird poop than wade through cigarette butts any day.

Looking at the 2 pictures, why doesn't the city plant flowers on the areas that need to be pruned and weeded?


Better yet, how about we find a way to monitor the pier undercover. Start pinching people for littering and the word will get out.


Don't the two boat services pay rent for that property? Why is it not being kept up?

Having said that, if I were one of the boat lines I would be taking care of the property, since it reflects on my business. Or at the very least, I'd be making daily calls complaining to the city.

Pretty gutsy move from the city to ask for help after they called the cops on the mower guy who tried to clean up a city park.


Community volunteers performing a service for the community and being promoted in the communities local newspaper...... Cool Stuff !


We pay income taxes for this service.


We could debate all day long whether or not we pay enough taxes for every service we desire, and is the government using the money wisely. And then spin off blaming republicans, democates, far left/right wingers, capitalism, the man on the moon, and on and on and on

Seeing a community pull together and taking control of something, anything, is a good move in my book. It might remind some (and teach others) that a little self reliance is a positive thing

The Hero Zone's picture
The Hero Zone

It is a good initiative as you said. Yes, it would be nice if the city was able to upkeep itself entirely but that isn't possible, or at least not as frequently as is needed. Citizen involvement creates more feelings of ownership and pride and is a way for some people to give (or give back) if they are not able to in other ways. Regarding Darkhorse's comments, if I remember correctly there are less people living in Sandusky than there were in years past. So, unless pay/taxes go up or spending/depopulation goes down, there is less income for the city overall.

That, is (essentially) what cities like Detroit face. While they are the biggest example, they are not the only one facing these issues. As long as we live, think, and legislate in bygone times, we will suffer from falling behind in any "-ally" category you put out there.


I ageree with self reliance, but our pockets are still being picked when we do it ourselves. Where's that money going?


Ok, Let's see if I got this right. The City wants folks to volunteer to clean up the pier, because they are expecting a large crowd this weekend.. Which is all find and dandy.
But then around town we have yards that look like Sh*t, all are in dire need of mowing and weeding and nothing gets done. Kind of the double standard.. Can we say... " Go put on your Sunday got meetin' clothes cuz we got company coming! LOL


You mean there are other parts of Sandusky besides downtown? I'm going to have to get out more. The way Sandusky's government is catering to the downtown, I thought downtown was the boundary of Sandusky's land mass.

Who clears the sidewalks of snow downtown--the City of course.


What does the union have to say about this?


Double post.

Jason Werling

OK, let me clarify a couple things. The city didn't ask for people to clean up the park. Some citizens noticed it could use some sprucing up and wanted to help.

Instead of waiting until the city staff could get to it during their rounds throughout the city's parks, Friday looked like a good day to get outside and pick some weeds.

Sandusky Mainstreets does a lot of pruning, weeding, picking up downtown, but the size of the Jackson Street Pier needs more than one or two people.

John Hamilton didn't get in trouble for mowing the grass, he was in trouble for not stopping when the police asked him to.

Anyone commenting here, please join us at 9:30 a.m. tomorrow to talk more about it and bring garden gloves.

T. A. Schwanger


I am out of town but will attempt to reach some people. I noticed the City did cut out the bushes at the entrance to the Jackson Street Pier. We pointed out the bushes were obstructing the view of motorists exiting the pier and asked to have them trimmed.

Save Our Shoreline Parks.


I will be at work at that time. Good luck and I hope you have a good turn out.


Jason, who is heading up this work in the morning? I have the time available, so I plan to be there.


is this like the apex building a couple years ago when the commissioners got paint to paint the apex building to make it supposedly look better then have it torn down after the police department was caught trespassing on the property without the owners permission and a K-9 officer died and the city allowed a police escort lights and sirens to take dog to get assistance? what ever happened to that officer whom said it was ok for them to use this building? when he was not allowed that would be considered trespassing correct according to O.R.C.?


From there we move eastward weed pulling and whacking from sidewalks, curbs and areas of the streets, parking lots and around city hall.


Jason why did they ask him to STOP????




I wonder how many city officials will be down there helping out cleaning this? Oh I forgot that if they are they are getting paid for this? heres another idea lets get rid of the people whom are employed by the city to do this stuff and lets have volunteers take over their position!!!!! I hope to see Ms. ard there after all she is the city manager I wonder if she will volunteer her pay back to the city!!!!


The negative reaction to a simple request for help in cleaning up a popular location on Sandusky's waterfront is disgusting. When the news about Mr. Hamilton getting in trouble for mowing grass in the park was reported people were outraged. Now when a fellow citizen asks for help you want to kick him in the teeth.

The constant negative comments, to most any article posted on this site, have got to be great incentive for someone considering moving to the city let alone possibly bringing a business that might provide jobs.

Maybe Sandusky needs to post signs at the city limits that proclaim "Home of Ohio's Year Round WHINE Festival".


Why the negative reactions you ask? Here is why I have a negative reaction:

• It has needed to be spruced up all summer. Why have they waited until THIS weekend to do it? What is so important about THIS weekend?

• The weeds aren't as unsightly as the cigarette butts as I pointed out in my first post. Who's going to clean those up?

• Why doesn't the parks system take care of this spot? Isn't it a part of the city? They take care of the rest of the shoreline, so why not this part?

• Who's so worried about the look of things that they organized this clean-up? My guess is someone in the Chesapeake Condos that didn't like the fact that the city didn't do the clean-up and the sight of the area distracts from their property. If they don't like looking at it, let them clean it up themselves.

• Won't it be considered vandalism without the permission from the city to do this clean-up?


I agree with most of what you've said except with no 4. I own property in the city and I won't be cleaning up city property adjacent to my own if it goes to pot. Especially an area such as this. It's different if there would be a little trash blowing around but this is a city pier, a pier that tourists are visiting. We are suppose to a tourist destination and then we allow an area such as this to fall into disrepair. This is beyond shameful.


Sorry--Double post.


love your post! agree 100%


here is a question Jason if the city uses volunteers and one of them are injured while preforming these duties whom is liable the city since it is city property? will the cities insurance cover such injury? can the person sue the city? Is the city going to issue a plaque showing those whom adopted this slum hole? doesn't the city get money from long term parking down there?

Stop It

Read the frippin' PDF.


Q: How much do city officials charge for overgrown areas?

A: The city's laws states "the property owner ... shall pay all costs associated with the cutting and removal of the noxious weeds and grass together with an administrative fee of $100."

maybe the city needs to do this I posted this from this weeks ask the register question..


this is simple count up the hours the parks dept spends in washington pk vs all other parks in the city. who is there boss? get them some more volenteers.

The Bizness

You all do realize that this is pretty common in just about every other city our size and bigger in the country?

As for those of you complaining about downtown getting more attention, well it should because that is what the city can control, and what tourists and out of towners see the most. The city can't prune and manicure my lawn for me but they can down town. I just don't see why the merits any bellyaching


I thought John Hamilton got in trouble for helping and I believe it was due to "liability issues". Regular community service or even a "chain gang" might be a consideration.


I was wondering about this as well. They'll punish a person for voluntarily trying to care for something, but when they decide some place is getting trashy, they want free help.


Could you please pull down the Keller Building while you're at it?


I think that this is a good idea. A lot of people cannot give money for projects but can give time. If you don't want to help, then don't! Just don't put down the ones who want to make a positive impact.

sandtown born a...

Best idea yet, what about all the people sentenced to community service ? Chain gang no more 3 hots and a cot get them off their butts and put them to work around our city on different things


I hope the Main Streets Association came out in full force to do the project.

Oh wait. They don't do this kind of work. I see one of the city crew members watering the flower pots Main Streets Association just had to have but they don't take care of. The City also remove snow from downtown sidewalks. Where do I sign up to have mine removed?