Day 1 — Round Trip: Lapping Lake Erie

Jason Werling
Jun 27, 2013


Welcome to this year's trip. Today we will be starting our day with breakfast in Sandusky. We will be driving west through Sandusky, Bay View, around the Marblehead Peninsula, past Davis Besse, Bono, Oregon and along the shore of Toledo. The day will end at the Ohio/Michigan state line. Thanks for joining us on our trip.

Victory Honda is providing a vehicle for this year's trip (as they did last year) and the New Sandusky Fish Company will be sponsoring a photo of the day called Payton's Pix (Text PICS to 41948 for his photos to be sent to your mobile device). Other sponsors so far for this year's trip are Cedar Point, Dockside Accommodations, Lake Erie Shores & Islands, Windjammer Inn (Port Stanley), Ability Works, Inc., the Maples Motel, the Old Dutch Tavern, Weazy's Italian Eatery, Cameo Pizza, the Gilchrist House, Port Sandusky Restaurant, McDonalds and ReMax Quality Realty.

Day 1 of the trip can be watched in the player below (You can log in to the event to send comments to the Werling boys or leave comments below.)



Jason, looking forward to following more of your adventures with you boys. Have a fun and safe trip!


who cares


I have never visited this wonderful lake before. There are many things to look forward here. Such as the beautiful country side and the wilderness which you can only find in places like this. I live in a big city and I cannot wait to get there.


I am traveling kind of person who always like to visit new places and travel around. This time i was busy with for my writing project, so no plans yet. I wondered to know about this trip and i must thank you for the information. I think you had the best trip in such beautiful chill weather.