Cedar Point sold to Canada

Jason Werling
Apr 1, 2013


Cedar Fair keeping all other amusement parks. Border stops to replace parking booths at causeway and chaussee entrances.

Canada just got bigger with the acquisition of one of the world's best amusement parks. The Cedar Point amusement park and the peninsula under it has been acquired by the Canadian government.

A portion of Lake Erie was also included in the sale to give Canadians unrestricted access to the park. This may cause problems for United States residents in travel and fishing between the western and eastern basins of the lake.

For a related story about the proposed dome to be built over the park, click HERE.

Details of the sale are unknown and Cedar Fair had no comment, only to say the date, April 1, 2013, was no coincidence.

Be sure to check back at sanduskyregister.com never again on this story as it never really happened.



April Fool's I'm sure. I'm not falling for your story for one minute! LOL!


yeah, and Canada also bought Mexico.


Yeah, and Kellys and Put-in-Bay still in the US. I'm sure they probably nailed a few local politicians and maybe Gunner.


tomorrow the headline will say china and nobody will be laughing..



Yellow Snow

Thanks, Jason. You just ruined (temporarily) my fishing!


China owns America.....oops....this really is the truth.....


Now we can raise the admissions tax! Yahoo!!LOL

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Our own Bermuda Triangle!


Woody Hayes

All they do is swim across the lake and steal our jobs.


As part of the deal, Cedar Point asked to increase the admissions tax to 10% and repave and rebuild all infrastructure in Sandusky as a token of their appreciation for being allowed to stiff Sandusky residents with all of the costs for highways, Water Supplies, Sewers, Overpasses and Traffic Jams and Tourist Prices. The City must agree to the Deal in Writing by 4:30 on April 1st, 2013.


The Canadian government has decided to implement Governor Rhodes plan from decades ago to build a bridge from Sandusky to Peele Island ending in Windsor. The target date for starting is April 1st 2014.

Sandusky to kick in $1 million with funds coming from the elimination of the City Managers position. The debt will be paid off in 7 years


Only if they take Sandusky also.

Home Boy

This latest may not be true, but "good information" says Cedar Fair Corporate Offices will move from Sandusky to Charlotte within the next 12-18 months.


Geesh I just got rid of all my Canadian money after my last trip to the casino in Niagara Falls. Gosh what will the City of Sandusky do if Cedar point is not Canadian and they lose the adminission tax................opppps ARD the city budget no longer balances. What will Sandusky do with they lose the city income tax on all those high rankers in pay at Cedar Point............opppp ARD the city budget is sinking deep in debt.

At least the Perkins may still be OK for the senior management that have taken up residence out their in Angel's Path off Perkins Avenue will still live there. Huge portion of the homw owners out there in Hoty's Angel's Path are local doctors and Cedar Point executive management.


I WISH Canada WOULD buy Cedar Point, and MOVE it up there!

looking around

Will they have duty free shop?

AJ Oliver

Wow, health care for all comes to Ohio!! That's about the only way it could happen.


I love the "dome" part....especially since I wasn't using mine when I started reading and was taken in completely until the end.....good one!