REVISIT: Take a walk with me up the first hill of GateKeeper

Jason Werling
May 2, 2013


In case you missed it, earlier this year I was lucky enough, or unlucky depending on how you are with heights, to walk up the steps of the lift hill of Cedar Point's new ride for 2013, GateKeeper.

The track of the ride was complete and now crews are working to assemble the loading station and the cue lines and get the roller coaster operating by opening day. That's May 11 for all you keeping track. Annie Zelm from Cedar Point's marketing department and I were fortunate to have a clear afternoon Monday and were in shape enough to make it up the I-don't-know-how-many stairs there are to the top of the hill.

I wore a GoPro camera for the walk while I was taking pictures, see picture above and I sped up the video in some parts so don't think I was running during those clips.

Click on the player to the right to watch a video of the walk up and down the hill.

Click HERE for a gallery of the photos I took during my time at GateKeeper


Really are you ...

Does this ride have an elevator type hill lift system like the Millennium Force? Or is it an electromagnetic propulsion system like Top Thrill and The Maverick?


Dragster is not magnetic. It's hydraulic/pneumatic.


I saw in the SR today about the Red Cross auctioning off seats for folks to be the first to ride the new GateKeeper. I said to my wife see I told you they would do this as they always do.

The thing that puzzled me was 2 weeks ago we were over visiting friends adjacent to CP and the GateKeeper was running its course over and over while we were at our friends. I assume CP employees were riding it. It made run after run the entire time we were at our friends. I do know of ome CP employees who say YEA I have ridden it several times already and sorta tired of it. So CP has had it up and running quite a bit.

So whole thing is for charity and that is really just fine to bring in the bucks for the Red Cross etc. BUT I sorta laugh when its tauted as be the first to ride GateKeeper. Its not like you are really the first to ride it as the thing has had quite a bit of folks in that seat before you. Maybe they really mean be the first to ride it on the day CP opens and that's what "first" means. Like I say anything that gets folks to shell out money for a charity is not bad.