You're doing it wrong...dropping the kids off at school

Jason Werling
Mar 4, 2013


Why are they are honking? If you have a child that doesn't ride the bus and doesn't walk to school, you might be doing it wrong.

I found out the hard way a couple years ago when I first dropped off my son Will at Furry Elementary for his first day of kindergarten. I also picked him up from school the same day. That was the first day I waited in line to pick him up from school and the last day I waited in line to pick him up from school. More than 30 cars fill the surrounding streets and then file into the parking lot with some of the drivers getting there an hour before the kids are released. If you are one of these parents, what do you do during that time? Catch up on NPR radio? Work from your car? Knit?

A story is published in today's Sandusky Register about the traffic jams that occur when parents drop off and pick up their children at different schools in the area. The less kids that ride the bus, the more cars in the parking lots and neighborhood streets surrounding the schools. I understand that some parents don't want their kids to ride the bus, but you would think enough parents could work out a carpooling situation that fits their schedule with another parent or two. I see plenty of vehicles with one kid in the car that probably wouldn't mind having company during the daily commute.

Some people may have an extra hour to get in line for the chance to be the first pick up their children at school, but I'm not one of them. I know the first time I dropped off my boys at Furry and Meadowlawn schools, I felt like Michael Keaton in the clip below...


Good 2 B Me

Look at all of the cars parked illegally in Picture #2.


Lets all support the safe routes to school program! My suggestion is for all the parents to stay home or at work instead of getting behind the wheel and clogging up the roadways around the schools. Make your child ride the bus home! Instead we need 400k in taxpayer $ to build sidewalks?


The Meadowlawn drivers are very obnoxious and abuse their privilege of using the Faith Memorial Church parking lot for a staging area (see the first picture). They don’t want to let people on church business into or out of the parking lot. If anyone tries to get in or out, they get sworn at. The Meadowlawn principal doesn’t seem to care either. Some church members want the traffic banned. If the drivers don’t wisen up, the church just might be forced to enact separation of church and state.


and to think we all walked to school in the fifties


and the 60's and 70's...

We had to be 5th graders before we were allowed to ride our bikes to school. Then, our bikes had to be licensed by the city and have an approved by the principal, lock.


And if you think for one second we followed all of those rules...heh.."follow the yellow brick road..."


Side walks won't make any difference. They will not be used. There will still be a competition to see who can be at the front of the pick up your kids line.


If the parents want to use the church parking lot, then park properly and walk over to the school to pick up and then walk back to the car so as not to obstruct church business. Could a crossing guard walk the kids across to the parking lot?
All of this of course would have to be with the permission of the church.


send the open enrollment kids back to there home schools, they dont use the bus's that would take care of alot of the trouble thru the whole school


Taking my son to school it not a problem for me. It beats him having to be on the bus by 6:45am, and not getting off the bus until 4:15pm. That makes for a long day. And if more people would follow the simple instructions and signs, there would be less of a problem.


I am one of those people that wait in line periodically, the school does tell the parents they are suppose to follow certain rules, but it is a nightmare because certain parents feel they are above those rules and do what they want at pick up time. They park in non-parking spots and block the driveway so those that have their children have to wait for them to get theirs which causes a mess, the ones that walk to the door feel that even if someone else is in the driving lane, they have the right of way and almost hit people, they have their kids come running to their cars before they kids are called by the ladies that come out and let the kids know their ride is here (this means they teach their children that rules are not for them either) there is even one person that stands at the far end of the sidewalk and whistles, so much for going to the door and waiting. The entire time Mr Stanfield walks out, looks at what is going on and turns his back on it. Yes I am someone that goes at 2:30 to get my child, because I do not want to be in the church lot, those there are worse than the ones in the school lot. Again the school turns its back.. but then where are the Perkins Police or State Troopers that are there each morning to make sure i don't speed thru a school zone I guess at night I am allowed to. Maybe if they would show up and do something about those that think they are above the rules the situation wouldn't come to language that isn't nice.
Faith Memorial Church thank you for tolerating the rude behavior and I agree you should not have to provide someone to control the people in your lot. To the parents, stop blocking church people, take the line up toward Perkins ave, not toward the back of the church, then the church people would still have access of their lot (the church lot is not owned by the school if you need to be reminded) and if someone needs thru move.. the 6 feet they need isn't going to add any time to your wait. DO NOT SWEAR AT A CHURCH PERSON really, that isn't getting you anywhere, only makes Perkins people look really bad.. and dont blame the open enrollments.. not everyone that f bombs in that line are open enrollers and remember not all members of Faith Memorial are Perkins School parents Please follow the rules before the church shuts off the parking or worse someone gets hurt badly because you feel you are above the rules..NOTE a new school is not going to fix the rule breakers from causing grief it will be the same problem on a different lot.


You know, I'm really tired of hearing all of this grumbling about "open enrollers". It's almost like some of you people are using that description of students as a derogatory term. Kids born north of Perkins Ave. aren't all deviants. If anyone took time to look into the situation, you'd see that those kids are bringing valuable money into your school system-money they obviously need considering the entire Perkins school system is on the brink of disaster. I went to Sandusky, my kids go to Sandusky, and I'm proud of that. My support on the levies shows that. Man up, stop acting like it's an 'open enrollment' problem, and see what you can do to fix the problems, all the way from the budget problems down to the traffic pattern issues.


If Sandusky is so great why do they all flock to Perkins for open enrollment? Please take these kids back and keep your money. We don't want either one.


Why do they all flock to perkins get your facts right all didnt flock to perkins . And if you get your facts right perkins also has kids that choose to go to sandusky another Jerkins resident that lies and makes things up to make them self look good.


Look at the numbers you Sandumpian.


You ought to be ashamed of yourself. These are KIDS we are talking about here. As far as the "Sandumpian" comment, thanks for showing your true colors. If those of us that live in Sandusky are all total trash, then perhaps you should not come within the city limits to do any of your business. Your arrogance is astounding. Really.


So "Jerkins" is okay? Get a life. We are losing $4000 per open enrollment KID! Take your KIDS back! We don't want them!


The cost per student per year in Perkins is $9500.00. Open enrollment brings in $5500.00 per student. We lose money on every kid here from other districts. Send them home!

Yellow Snow

If someone slips/falls in the church parking lot, couldn't they be held legally responsible?

Just Sayin IMHO

I leave the house later, by the time I get there, there are no cars, and she gets right in and off we go!

Jason Werling

IMHO- When I do have to pick up at Meadowlawn I do the same thing and my oldest always asks "How come I'm always one of the last kids to get picked up?" and I always tell him "Because I don't have an extra hour of my day to wait in line."


Yeah right, Jason. I know exactly how you feel. You go to the jobsite and get all your equipment, people and paperwork set up and ready to go an hour before hand...Just to let an engineer or person in charge tell you to stand down...when it's almost the end of your shift and everyone is waiting to go home for the day...GUESS WHAT, GUYS AND GALS!!, your day is about to begin! We have free coffee! AND SORRY ABOUT THE DELAY, BUT WE REALLY NEED TO HAVE WHAT WE HAD SCHEDULED FOR THE DAY DONE BY TOMORROW! Thank you for your time! See you tomorrow on schedule! Have a nice night!

(we are going home to our family)


i have seen some of the kids and parents,they should be walking to shed a few pounds,people are lazy


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