VIDEO: A penguin gets stuck in a Sandusky waterslide

Jason Werling
Feb 6, 2013


Usually penguins are small, fuzzy and cute. Let's just say, in this case, that a fuzzy penguin had a tough time making it down a waterslide following the Polar Plunge last month. Read more about the plunge HERE.

And watch the video of the penguin in the player to the right.



You have a great job!

T. A. Schwanger

Luke::: are those your legs or were you riding a hairy buffalo?

Dont Worry Be Happy

You two are so funny, glad Luke is home and having fun.


OMG....Now I know how the Aflack duck fractured his beak. He was partying with the two of you! LOLOLOL


What's black and white and grunts, quacks and screetches?

A Penguin stuck in a Sandusky Waterslide.