LOL, Sandusky couple on Wheel of Fortune

Jason Werling
Jan 29, 2013


If you watched the popular game show Monday night you may have seen the couple from Sandusky, Brent and Baranda, spinning their way to a second-place finish.

Brent Adams is one heck of a little league baseball coach, my sons will tell you, and Baranda organizes the local Walk for Apraxia for the couple's son Mason. Read more about his run/walk HERE.

Friends of the Adams have been teasing Baranda about how she picked the letter "N" every time it was their turn, but she contends that every time she picked it, the letter was in the puzzle. The couple ended their night with a win of the puzzle "Laughing Out Loud" and $9,500 for a final score.


Good 2 B Me

Good thing that no one published it until AFTER the show aired.