We froze for a reason

Jason Werling
Jan 28, 2013


If all your friends jumped into a pool of ice-cold water, would you do it? Unfortunately, yes I would.

This past Saturday many friends plunged their way to raising more than $30,000 for the Special Olympics of Ohio. There are photo galleries posted HERE and HERE and I'd like to thank Bill Theisen for the provided photo of me jumping with fellow Phrozen Photog teammate Luke Wark, above.

Our team consisted of myself, Wark, Polar "Plunger" Jon Limber and reporters Jessica Cuffman and Emil Whitis. Our team was able to raise over $670 through the help of our friends.

As in years past, the Copsicles team, also pictured above, took home the trophy for raising the most money for Special Olympics.

I will be posting a first-person video here as soon as it is done, so check back.

New Blog...
I have so much free time that I've started a new blog on our F.I.T. site called "Chasing Jason." Please don't chase me, just follow the blog for what active events are going on in our community. E-mail me your 5K/10K, tournament and/or event information at werling@sanduskyregister.com.


Dont Worry Be Happy

Jason you and Luke are awesome people :-)


Jason, IMO you and Luke are the backbone of the SR. And Luke, THANK YOU for your service overseas for our country. Keep up the good photo work. Maybe....just maybe someday the reporting and editorials will equal your expertise.


@ Jason Werling

Freezin for a Reason