Say it ain't so, Bob...err, Joe...

Jason Werling
Jan 17, 2013


The memory is the first thing to go, right?


I took a photo yesterday while walking back into work of a man walking with his granddaughter as she pedaled across Jackson Street. (a couple of the photos are above).

JOE Baker gave me his name and that of his three-year-old granddaughter Jurne and I wrote them down after I made it back to my desk. You would think I would have gotten her name wrong, but no, I typed Bob instead of Joe and only tens of thousands of people saw it in today's Register.

Jurne was a bit shy of getting her photo taken as you can see in the pictures above.



Very cute.




Yes, Jurne! (pronounced journey)....and that she is! Jason typed her name correctly


WiredMamba666 are you related to wiredmama222?


LOL...don't hold any grudges or bad feelings for ME against HER. LOL

Since I don't know who she is, I couldn't say one way or the other.

I will say this, reading some of her posts: That is one bright lady with a good head on her shoulders from what I have read so far.


No, nothing about bad feelings, just wondered why her user name was so similar to yours.


Jason, as usual, wonderful pixs. What a cutie on the bike.


WiredMamba666 sounds like a voodoo expert and WiredMama222 sounds like grandma got a computer finally.


Bob E Joe

Bet E Joe

Bil E Joe

Hey, it's Petticoat Junction!!

Choo choo... :)