Today's 12-12-12. Where were you twelve minutes after noon?

Jason Werling
Dec 12, 2012


(UPDATED after 12:12) In case you didn't know, it is the 12th day of the 12th month and the 12th year of the millenium.

I was looking at the back of my eyelids twelve minutes after midnight "this morning" and I'm still deciding where to go at 12:12 today to take a picture.

UPDATE (12:34) The time is now 12:34:56 on 12.12.12 as I type this and the "12s" have passed. I wandered out to Washington Park to get a photo or two at 12:12 and found a friend and Green Door Mediaworks founder Ryan Whaley doing the same thing. He and his dog Bailey were out for a walk in downtown Sandusky. First Federal Savings of Lorain has a digital clock and I think I have taken a photo of it over 20 times to get a temperature reading or a time stamp. At 12:11 I readied my camera and at 12:12 started taking photos. One person, Neil Lowery of Huron, walked by the clock and I fired off a couple frames (one is above), in each frame I had the temperature, 40 degrees and missed out on having a person in my 12:12 picture. But I was able to get a couple photos of Whaley and Bailey at the floral clock in Washington Park as he posted a photo on social media.

If you took your own picture 12-12-12 send it to, we have posted a gallery HERE.



I will be outside getting at least 12 minutes of fresh air and taking 12 deep cleansing breathes :)


I will sit at my piano and play the twelve days of Christmas with my kids


Eating lunch!


I'll be staring at the inside of my eyelids.


Eating lunch at work


Making cookies for my daughter's class.

Jason Werling

deertracker and BabyMomma, where are the pictures of your lunches?

dora, the twelve days sounds like a kodak moment.

PS, where are the cookie pictures?

And starry, I hope the 12 minutes did you some good.

any photos from 12/12/12 can be sent to


At the cemetery putting Christmas decorations on my dad's grave


working at my desk as always at that time of the day.

Ellis dee

Smoking a bong

2cents's picture

I was walking through an investment casting foundry in Cleveland, no pictures aloud, industrial espionage! What is it, see below.


Who cares ? This is artificially making something out of a property of arithmetic.


I'm correcting at least 12 grammatical errors made today by commenters and newspaper personnel. (12 cleansing breaths). there, their, they're, then, than, would have (not would of); the list goes on and on and on....


How about spelling errors (commentors) on and on and on....


Don't forget allowed, not aloud.