Take some "P.R.I.D.E." in your home, these people did.

Jason Werling
Nov 28, 2012


Each year, the City of Sandusky chooses ten residential properties and one commercial property for the annual Pride Results in Desirable Environment (P.R.I.D.E.) Awards.

Sandusky homes and businesses are chosen based upon significant visible improvements or a superbly maintained property.

This year’s winners are:

●    Sandra De Lamatre, 1213 Fifth Street
●    Frank & Josephine Muscioni, for 1419 Marlboro Street
●    David & Diane Marcus, 436 Dewey Street
●    Troy & Mary Crabtree, 1118 Warren Street
●    Joe & Wiengkaew Pimma, 805 West Jefferson Street
●    Mark & Laurie Fogg, 130 Huntington Place
●    William & Susan Patterson, 4401 Ferndale Drive
●    James & Katherine Maloney, 712 Dorn Drive
●    Jim & Anne McGookey, 311 46th Street
●    Frank & Karen Baker, 305 42nd Street
●    Mike Thuemmler for Sandusky Yacht Club, 529 East Water Street

The winners were recognized with a reception prior to Monday's Sandusky city commission meeting and were honored at the start of the meeting with gift certificates.

To see photos of the reception for the winners and their homes, click HERE.



I walk by the house on Jefferson all the time, and admire it every single day I do. It took (and takes) a lot of hard work to keep the house looking like that. I just hope it gives the Pimmas at least as much pleasure as it gives others!

Congrats to all!


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Congratulations to the winners. But sometimes I think the committe who gives this out needs to look a little further for what they are looking at like the center of town. They missed some really nice up keep on some of the smaller more insignificant streets this year, that could have been mentioned.


I'm not sure, but I THINK the PRIDE winners have to be nominated by citizens...Anybody?


Is the traffic so heavy on Milan Rd that 2624 Milan Rd wasn't seen by the committee? Amazing conversion from condemnation to a breath of fresh air.

T. A. Schwanger

SamAdams is correct. The residents/business' are nominated. I believe forms are on the City's web-page


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