It’s the most wonderful time of the year

Jason Werling
Nov 22, 2012


Late November is my favorite time of year because it means that my favorite holiday is coming up.   

Ever since I was a boy I have looked forward to that special day when family and friends come together. Food has to be prepared, the house has to be cleaned and decorations have to be hung.    I have trouble sleeping the night before in wondering what the outcome of the day will be. Each year the traditions stay the same as my father taught me while growing up in Toledo. And now I hope to instill those traditions and build memories for my boys for years to come.     

The “holiday” is this Saturday’s Ohio State vs. Michigan game, a November tradition and rivalry that spans generations. This year will be more special, not only because the Wolverines are coming off of a win from last year, but because my boys Will, 7, and Payton, 5, are getting into watching football and REALLY getting into cheering for their favorite teams.

As you may have figured out by now (and possibly stopped reading because of it), I am a fan of the Maize and Blue. Always have been since I can remember. Will and Payton have split allegiances just like my cornhole boards, one is for Ohio State (Will) and one is for Michigan (Payton). I love both my sons equally, just Payton a little more on Saturday.  

My uncle and I continue the tradition that he and my father had until my dad died in 2007.    It involves a bet and a bottle of something, but I’ll just leave it at that.



Oh....and I used to LIKE you, Jason. I am with with Will. He has good taste. How can you be for Michigan???? We all need to retrain Payton, who is still young enough to learn to love the crimson and gray colors are the best. We will teach him to understand. LOL.

Actually, around here, its OSU, Kent State and BGSU....probably in that order. Of course there is food, and there are drinks, but mostly coffee, tea, pop,water and some beer and some scotch and amaretto if friends drop by (we aren't big drinkers). Tomorrow is a BIG day, because of course, Ohio State is going to beat the crap out of Michigan.

OSU will be the only school going 12 and O...forgone conclusion. The board will only WISH they hadn't punished OSU for a bunch of stuff that the kids and coach aren't even there to punish anymore....what a bunch of junk that is.

Michigan cannot stop the buckeyes for even this game....can't happen. Remember you heard it here. You ROCK Will, and you can come here and Granddaughter made some killer cookies!!!!!

The Christmas decorations go up tomorrow and it will be fully lite tomorrow night...28 blow molded beauties outside in the yard....and a TON inside....we light up most of the neighborhood...(so our electric bill is a bit higher for a month, who cares) and there is turkey, four kinds of homemade pie, strawberry shortcake, whipped crime, mashed pototes, dressing, cranberry sauce, gravy, green been casserole and sweet potatoe cassorole.) all from scratch if anyone is hungry.

Stop on over....we love the company. Big screen TV with surround sound and comfortable seating. only pre requisite....Be a buckeye fan.

See you at kick off!!!!!!! Will, you are invited by all means...Leave your dad and brother at home!!! lol


Stick to photography Jason. Your NCAA football prognostication skills are lacking. GO BUCKS!!!!

Dont Worry Be Happy

Jason you are to funny. But I am going to have a talk with Peyton. Have fun tomorrow and have a Wonderful Holiday.


This is just so sad. Poor Peyton is already starting down a bad road. I fear for his future.


GO BLUE !!! Let's ruin their little party in the donkey shoe today.


Congratulations WILL, you know a winning team when you see one, don't you. 12 and 0....the perfect season. You go, guy, you go. Celebrate tonight. Go Bucks