Kids pay taxes too, but only around Halloween

Jason Werling
Nov 1, 2012


How many trick-or-treats have you been to so far this year? How many more to go?

The Werling boys have been to three different events so far this year and have one more this weekend. After providing transportation for the skeleton and the spider to Cedar Point, downtown Sandusky and around the neighborhood, the boys both paid their share of candy taxes to me in the form of Reese's peanut butter cups, Almond Joys and Snickers. Just like the normal taxes their parents pay, the boys were aware of some candy taxes they paid and some they didn't. Some late-night candy taxes are paid after they go to bed.

My son Will, the oldest, volunteers half of a peanut butter cup if he has one or a full cup if he has two because he knows they are one of my favorites. Sometimes I have to go after Payton for back taxes as he is more reluctant to pay.

The Register is putting together a page of photos from this week's trick or treats, if you would like to send a photo of the little ones you like to "tax," send one photo with names and location to



I kept giggling at this article. Very cute, brightened my work day. I can remember getting into arguments with my sister every year because the day after Halloween all of our Reese's Cups were gone and we always blamed each other - sneaky taxes, Mom and Dad!


Do the rich kids get to keep more of their Reece's cups?




Love it, Jason!!! It is so true!!!


My daughter would hide her earnings from me (not in the Cayman's but under her bed generally). Unfortunately, she would ingest what she liked and put it back under her bed where I would find it after I noticed ants in my pants...literally. :)