It IS easy being green. Help us think of a name...

Jason Werling
Oct 24, 2012


Somewhat like a Chia pet, the new conservation learning center for the Erie Soil & Water District has a roof that grows.

Students from Perkins High School's Problem-Based Service-Learning class worked with the district's Crystal Dymond and Erie County Solid Waste Management District's Lisa Beursken to create a sustainable "green" roof for one side of the learning center. The other side of the roof has solar panels. The center will be used to teach kids the importance of conservation and green energy. Rain barrels are also going to be installed soon to complete the project. 

A metal frame was installed and flats of sedum were installed to reduce the runoff when it rains and provide a cooler surface during warm, sunny days.

The Erie Soil & Water District is looking for a name for their new center and you can help by giving suggestions in the comments below or e-mail Crystal at .



The Bizness

Green roofs are great ways to reduce urban heat island effects, reduce storm run off, and actually help reduce your air conditioning costs during the summer.


We are excited to hear from the public!!! Please send us your name suggestions. Thanks, Crystal Dymond Erie Soil & Water Conservation District


Growing Green Center


Henry Ford would be grow that fuel for 100% usage.


Nice pics


Citron Shack, Green Gazebo, Ivy Institute or Pine Pantry?


Triple E for short, Erie Ecological Education center.


Thanks for all the great names!! If you have more ideas please feel free to share them. Crystal -Erie Soil & Water