Have a problem with a photo in the Register? Blame Jason.

Jason Werling
Oct 23, 2012


The names that credit photos change from time to time at the Register. Whether it is a staff position changing, a reporter taking a photo or a submitted photo from the community, I'm glad you all pay attention (if you do) to who is behind the lens for photos that are on the pages and webpages of the Sandusky Register.

Angie Wilhelm, a Monroeville native and Ohio University VisCom graduate, has spent a couple internships and the past 11 months capturing images for all of you to see in the newspaper. She is leaving us for greener pastures, or in this case, snowier mountains and her last day is tomorrow. We will miss her photography, videography and local knowledge of the area.

Luke Wark, staff photographer currently deployed in Afghanistan (Click HERE for what he's doing) will return to his position in 2013. And helping us in the interim will be a photographer from the Dayton area who has moved to the area where he has family ties. Jason Clyburn starts today at the Register.

To make things confusing or to make you check the last name under those photos in the paper, I decided another Jason should do the job. So if you love or hate a photo you see in the paper, blame Jason, because it is very likely that a "Jason" took it.



The only problem I've notice is after hard copies went all high tech, a few years ago; the color photos are so red and splotchy and blurry ( pixeled) no matter who takes them. And, it's not just the Register.

I've noticed it in other newspapers, my hometown amongst them, too. Doesn't seem to affect the b/w photos, though

What be up with that ?

Taxed Enough Already

the only problem I have and it's one of the reasons I will not pay for the register anymore is how they put pictures on line and in the paper that are of such a sensitive nature. You can bet if Matt Westerhold or some other employee of the Register had a family member killed in an automobile accident there would not be 264 pictures of it from every angle. That disgusts me.

Brick Hamland

Just an FYI, Jason was my 4 year old sons soccer coach this fall and he was great with the kids, kudos to Jason for his patience and understanding with the kids and how he dealt with all the little personalities was extremely encouraging for me as a parent. Well done Jason...


Here's to a good man doing a great job.

It's great to have experience in the position. Especially for a newspaper that has a half-life for reporters of about 18-months.