It’s been a very pleasant November for Amy Grubbe, chairwoman of the Erie County Democratic Party.

Erie County’s newly-renovated elevator at the courthouse is having its ups and downs again.

Except when it’s not.

Erie County spent $144,112 on the elevator, shutting it down for weeks this fall so that the often-broken elevator would be fixed once and for all.

The folks who tried to pass Issue 6, the state question that would have established a state-sanctioned gambling casino in Wilmington in Clinton County, already are mapping plans for another proposal.

The frozen kitten dumped off in the after-hours book return slot of a public library in Iowa has hit the big time.

We may take our city for granted sometimes, but Sandusky’s downtown and older section of town has much to please visitors. Ron Simon, a columnist for the Mansfield News Journal, found much to like when he drove to Sandusky on Friday.

I spent a good chunk of Thursday evening attending the Ohio Commission on African American Males. It was very interesting being one of the few white people in the room and learning what it's like to be in the black "reality tunnel," as writer Robert Anton Wilson would have said.

Lured by Sandusky’s significant population of black people, a state commission is hosting a hearing at the Erie County Health Department.

Isn't it fun when a bunch of jerks get their just desserts?

Final election results in Erie County were not available late Tuesday night at press time, but with the last few hundred absentee ballots counted, the final unofficial count is in.

With the election of Barack Obama as our nation’s next president, attention turns to what will happen when he takes office, and the hopes and fears that his campaign raises.

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