I'm in Columbus today, with five of my colleagues from the Sandusky Register, attending the Spring Conference 2009 of the Society of Professional Journalists.

The glory days of Sandusky’s Paper District are mostly gone.

In its heyday, though, the paper district didn’t just employ many Sandusky residents. It could even produce poetry.

The folks at Lake Erie Shores and Islands have announced that Kelleys Island will be featured on TV tonight, on the National Geographic Channel’s “Naked Science.” The program explores “one of the world’s greatest geological mysteries.”

James Parlin, the Pennsylvania artist whose sculpture was removed from the Little Gallery at BGSU Firelands, has issued a statement giving his take on the whole affair.

Movie lovers have the Academy Awards, music fans have the Grammys, readers have the Pulitzers. Science fiction fans such as myself have their awards, too.

Ohio’s unemployment rate has gone up again, and as usual, it’s worse in Ohio than in most other states.

I thought California congresswoman Nancy Pelosi was the speaker of the U.S. House, but apparently she is acting more like an empress instead.

If you're still unclear why the Erie County commissioners decided to hike water rates for county customers, finance reports delivered last week by the county's chief numbers-cruncher, Pete Daniel, offer a strong clue.

One of my favorite science fiction writers, Philip Jose Farmer, died on Feb. 25. He was never as famous are other vintage SF writers such as Isaac Asimov, Robert Heinlein or Arthur C. Clarke, but he had a devoted following.

There's another effort under way to help people facing foreclosure on their homes.

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