5:37 PM May 18, 2010

Serious, high-minded journalists will no doubt spend the next few days discussing the case of U.S. Rep. Mark Souder, R-Ind., a socially-conservative, "family-values" Republican who is resigning after confessing an affair with one of his aides.

5:46 PM May 13, 2010

If I simply made up facts in a newspaper story because I wanted to smear somebody, my newspaper and myself would face a lawsuit. It's hard for public officials to file such suits, because they have to prove malice rather than an honest mistake.

2:01 PM Apr 26, 2010

A few days ago when I got to work and checked my e-mail, I found a long press release from the Jennifer Brunner campaign, criticizing Lee Fisher, her opponent in the Democratic primary for the U.S. Senate. 

4:24 PM Apr 13, 2010

If the best-known composers in the country are still men such as Philip Glass, John Adams, Steve Reich and John Corigliano, the next big name on that list is likely to be a woman, Jennifer Higdon.

10:35 AM Apr 5, 2010

The Cleveland Indians open the team's season on the road today, with an afternoon game against the Chicago White Sox. (Official game notes are here.)

1:40 PM Mar 31, 2010

The indictments of nine members of the Hutaree Christian militia group, who allegedly plotted to kill police officers, has focused attention on a large class of other people who have not committed any crimes and who don't deserve to be lumped in with an alleged terrorist group.

11:22 AM Mar 25, 2010

In "South Park: The Movie," Americans talking about their resentments against Canadians bring up singer Bryan Adams. The Canadian prime minister protests, "The Canadian government has apologized for Bryan Adams on numerous occasions."

6:27 PM Mar 23, 2010

When you have a common name like “Tom Jackson” you commonly run across other people with the same name. I routinely get e-mail meant for somebody else named Tom Jackson.

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