Newly-uncovered documents show that the Nobel Prize for Literature committee discussed considering J.R.R. Tolkien for the prize in 1961 but dismissed him as not good enough.

6:19 PM Jan 30, 2012

While we wait for the new 3-D versions of "Star Wars" there's a hilarious new free version anyone can watch on the Internet.

During 2009, thousands of Star Wars fans made 15-second segments that turned the original Star Wars movie into snippets of fan films.

5:51 PM Jan 26, 2012

(Updated with Sherrod Brown statement).

2:24 PM Jan 19, 2012

Rock music is dead, so why not try something else?

Contemporary classical music is still kind of an underground movement, but there's plenty of interesting music to excite the ear.

1:40 PM Jan 18, 2012

Ohio is a key "swing state" in every presidential election. Given our importance in national politics, why can't we clean up Ohio's dumb election laws? Here are two problems that need fixing immediately.

3:09 PM Jan 12, 2012

A Utah State student, wondering whether men and women can be "just friends," tries to settle the question by interviewing every student he could find in the library. (He wanted to know what the scholars would say).

The women all said yes, the men said no:

5:16 PM Jan 10, 2012

The Plain Dealer's Brett Larkin says the latest version of the 9th District was drawn up to help Chris Redfern run for Congress. Redfern says that's false.

3:04 PM Jan 9, 2012

As we head into the Christmas season, a few reminders about the wealth of Christmas music on the Internet.

4:14 PM Dec 22, 2011

Earlier this year, I used this blog as a platform to endorse Newt Gingrich for president, arguing that Newt, among the GOP candidates, provides the best chance

10:55 AM Dec 20, 2011

An update to my recent book posts: former "first librarian" Laura Bush wants to recommend a book, and I want to recommend the best science fiction novel I read this year.

1:14 PM Dec 15, 2011
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