Newspapers are constantly flooded with press releases and story idea pitches. It's impossible for us to cover them all.

5:22 PM Jun 25, 2012

My boss, managing editor Matt Westerhold, has been getting some heat from our more conservative readers for the column he wrote for our editorial page a couple of weeks ago criticizing Fox News, the right-leaning cable news channel and Web site.

3:47 PM Jun 20, 2012

If you like history and you live in the Sandusky area, events in the next few days should interest you.

2:49 PM Jun 14, 2012

Earlier this week, as I drove west across Sandusky city limits along U.S. 6, the area where the speed limit suddenly drops to 35 mph, a truck in the opposite lane flashed its headlights.

10:12 AM Jun 14, 2012

Remember Jamal Lewis, the former star running back for the Cleveland Browns who tried to buy Maui Sands last year? The deal fell through when Lewis went broke instead.

4:19 PM Jun 5, 2012

Chris Perez, the ace relief pitcher for the Cleveland Indians, is discovering that telling the truth isn't a route to easy popularity.

3:09 PM May 24, 2012

Senate Democrats have an exciting prospect ahead of them. They may be able to get a fake Indian in their caucus to keep their fake war hero company!

5:22 PM May 17, 2012

Warren Harding, a native of Marion, Ohio, who was the country's leader 1921 to 1923, usually is not considered a great president.

3:58 PM May 15, 2012

My wife is not particularly political, but she's very interested in animal rights.

2:18 PM May 11, 2012


HIS HORRIBLE OVERSIGHT: He never once mentioned that Beastie Boy who died.

11:47 AM May 8, 2012


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