Don't worry America — Congress still gets paid

Tom Jackson
Oct 2, 2013


So the government has been shut down. Museums and national parks have closed, so families that chose the wrong week to take a vacation are out of luck. Kids with cancer aren't getting treatment, and the CDC has quit tracking new epidemics.

But you'll be glad to know that at least one class of federal employees won't have to worry about where their next paycheck is coming from. According to this Washington Post dispatch, the lawmakers who are actually responsible for the fact that there's no federal budget can continue pulling in their $174,000 a year salaries.

I'm sure you were worried about that.

U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, has announced he won't accept his pay during the shutdown.

Meanwhile, columnist Bob Greene argues that since lawmakers haven't done their jobs, taxpayers should get a refund. Mr. Greene is delusional; the rules that apply to everyone else don't apply to government. 





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The Syrian rebels, Egyptian rebels, Afghan rebels, And the over reaching DEA are still being funded......How do you like the Government now?

And, with no due respect Mr. Brown, all members will be paid retroactive,plus overtime, so save the drama queen act.......!


@ Mr. Jackson:

And that’s the ULTIMATE goal of the big govt. socialists isn't it?

Appropriate as much wealth from the private sector in order to benefit the public sector, thus in turn eventually making each and every citizen dependent upon govt. largess.

As the dictatorial Roman emperors held onto power through the use of "bread and circuses," the authoritarian-totalitarian socialists control the Proletariat with "cash and prizes."

The first rule of survival and ascendency in a bureaucracy: Make yourself indispensable.

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Another "casualty"of the shutdown....

Michele Obama's tweeter account is closed!!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!

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Liberals are so butthurt about the shutdown. :)

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The Hero Zone

I believe that I read a few of them would be donating their salaries to charity as well. Which is all fine and well, but I'll take a functional government instead. While the circumstances are a bit embarrassing I actually like the idea of passing separate funding bills for each department so that way they can be prioritized and for once in many, many years we can actually have an examined budget instead of a continuing resolution that just says, "Uuuhh let's keep doing what we were doing before, it can't be that bad".

Human beings are amazingly adaptable to circumstances, as long as they are known.


Re: "a few of them would be donating their salaries to charity"

Wanna bet that they deduct 'em off their income tax?

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The Hero Zone

Darn those perfectly legal (IT'S THE LAW!) loopholes...we should really close those and shore up the tax system consisting of tax laws that were passed by both chambers of Congress and ruled constitutionally tax-y by the Supreme Court, eh? Haha. A bit of sarcasm there I'm sure you can tell.

But on topic, yeah, they probably will as every other person does regardless of a letter behind their name. I guess in doing so they are at least showing a modicum of recognition of what's going on. I'll take a token gesture over blatant and willful refusal to acknowledge something any day.


Re: "loopholes..."

YOUR "loophole," MY "tax deduction." :7

(Kinda like: YOUR "special interest group," MY "lobbyist.")

Each political group has it's own sacred cows.

(Sacred cows make the best hamburger - Mark Twain)

If ONLY our byzantine tax code was ONLY for revenue collection (as originally intended) and not for social engineering purposes as the Progressives desire.

BTW: Check out Jonah Goldberg's "Liberal Fascism."

It was my essentially my concise introduction on how the Progressives have commandeered our political system.


1913; an anniversary yr. that the Progressives should be celebrating.

It brought us such 'wonderful' improvements to our political and financial system as:

1. The 16th Amendment with the income tax and the IRS.

2. The Federal Reserve so that we'd never have another financial crisis. (cough, cough)

3. The 17th Amend. which allowed for the direct election of U.S. senators, thus politicizing the process and reducing the influence of the states on the federal level.

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"The Obama administration has decided to block access to public memorials on the National Mall as a result of the government shutdown.
The decision is similar to the cancellation of White House tours when the sequester cuts took effect.
On Monday, the first day of the government shutdown, a number of veterans showed up at the World War II memorial to find access blocked by barricades, despite the fact the memorial is a public space open at all times with very little oversight from the Park Police.
Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., issued a statement blaming the barricaded memorials on the Republican Party.
“Thanks to the Republican government shutdown, tourists lined up outside Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area outside Las Vegas but couldn’t get in. Thanks to the Republican government shutdown, a group of World War II veterans, some of them in wheelchairs, who traveled from Iowa and Mississippi had to break down barricades to visit a Washington, D.C. memorial in their honor.”
However, the White House was informed of the veterans’ visit and chose to block access."

There you go again

Tell me again, how did Obamacare pass if nobody wants it?


Tell me again:

If Obama☭are is so d*mn great, why isn't the guy that it's named after signing up?


Tango: Continue with your sour grapes if you wish, but I think we both know that the Republicans and Heritage Foundation who first proposed an identical healthcare system as Obamacare. You guys were all for it, until a black Democrat advocated the exact same plan.

Your party had 8 years of Reagan and 12 years of Bushes to get something done on the subject, yet you did nothing. And even now, the party doesn't really have any alternative to Obamacare to offer. Obstruction. filibustering and obfuscation is what you do, when you don't have anything constructive to contribute to the discussion.

Republicans aren't afraid that Obamacare won't work, they're afraid that it WILL.


Re: "Continue"

Obfuscation; you didn't answer the question:

Why doesn't the "Obama" in Obama☭are sign up?

Re: "Your party"

You still can read can't you? Independent NOT a Repub.


☭ ☮


There You Go Again: Well, see that's where you're wrong. A sizeable portion of the electorate is in favor of Obamacare - and it's a larger % than the teaparty faction. They just aren't a bunch of loudmouths as the teaparty folks are.

And it's likely that more will join the pro-Obamacare bandwagon after it's been in effect for awhile, and it becomes clear that it actually works. Republicans aren't afraid that Obamacare won't work, they're afraid that it WILL work. Which is why they have been mounting such a huge anti-Obamacare propaganda misinformation campaign.

Republicans always mention that a majority of Americans are unhappy with Obamacare. The big secret that they don't want you to know is that many of those who are unhappy with the law are Democrats and Independents who unhappy because the law doesn't go far ENOUGH.

The law passed because a majority of congressmen voted for it. It passed because we realized we were the only first-rate country in the world that did not have universal health care. It passed because we knew that the current medical funding system was completely unworkable, was getting worse, and that we had to do something concrete to address the situation. It passed because we knew that without universal health care, we were ALL forced to pay higher insurance premiums to cover the cost of ER/doctor visits/Rx for the 30 million Americans who weren't insured. It passed because the GOP never took the opportunity to craft a healthcare plan of their liking, which left the door open for Democrats to do it when they became a congressional majority and won back the White House.

Hope the above info helps; glad you asked!

Dr. Information

Obamacare is favored by about 37% of the nation. Again fool use facts.

Anyhow its illegal and was voted in illegally.

BY:::Charlie Blake
People of The USA .We are being played as fools. Chief Justice Roberts did not say obamacare was his RULING ..He said that the mandate was NOT Constitutional and that the ONLY WAY THAT the federal government could enforce obamacare is to to enforce it as a tax....WELL here is where the obamacare mandate is unconstitutional..Right when Justice Roberts made that ruling THE ACA should have went BACK to congress and should have been VOTED ON BY EACH MEMBER OF CONGRESS AS A TAX .. IT WAS NOT .. The House did not pass obamacare as a tax..they said that it was NOT a tax..DO NOT BE FOOLS PEOPLE .. OBAMACARE IS ILLEGAL ..ALSO THE ACA Originated in the SENATE and a Tax cannot originate in the Senate..PLUS..OBAMA has unlawfully changed the law by giving exemptions ..HE CANNOT DO THIS ..He is an Alinskite Radical revolutionary and his lap dog Main Stream media Knows the Alinski rules and is REPEATING THE LIE over and over and over again so it becomes the new reality.. JUST BECAUSE YOU HEAR SOMETHING ON THE NEWS DOES NOT MAKE IT ACCURATE .. They are trying so hard to make us all believe that Obamacare is legal AND IT IS NOT LEGAL...Take the IRS to court if THEY try to garnish your bank account when you OPT-OUT ..go to (generation AND ( There will be a chance for class action law suits against the Federal Government but we cannot take them to court until they try to tax us for not having health insurance .


So didn't you get your info from the news?


The Administration had 7 gaurds at the WW2 memorial to keep folks away from the open air mamorial. 2 more than were assigned at Benghazi. To keep away thos 80+ year old vets from seeing the memorial about them and their fallen servicemen.


Yep. If only the intransigent House GOP hadn't taken the government hostage, there wouldn't have been a shutdown. The amazing thing, to the more logical among us, is that some in party actually campaigned on a promise to shut down the government, if Obamacare wasn't repealed.

When ideology is more important than the country and its people, we have anarchy. Hard to see how this latest stunt will help them politically. When your entire platform is based on promising to shut down the government and denying people health care, you're not going to win new people to your cause, are you?

Boehner and pals, of course, know that they are not in a position of leverage, which is why they continue to scale back their demands. And let's not mince words: they really are handling this like the hostage situation it is...

Dr. Information

Did you borrow this from CNN. Fool.

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Troll. How many actual "signups" for all those "needing" health insurance have been made? About 1400!! With hundreds of thousands of hits on the site, the dismal amount of people actually signing on says you're a LIAR.

Also, being the party "boot licking slave" that you are, did YOU sign up?
Like the other failures in government, I'll bet you didn't!!


This is the first time the "open air" memorials have been barrocded off from the public in any of the gov't shut downs. It makes all kinds of sense for this Administration to spen the money to rent, erect, besides providing rangers/guards to keep people out of an "open air" memorial that has no walls or gate, and eventually take down the barrocades. Makes you proud to be a obama supporter. When the WW2 vets who came to DC from Kansas to see the WW2 memorial Representatives from both parties were there to move the barrocades for them to enter. The 7 guards/rangers on duty watched them do so. So proud to know that this Administration feels the need to barracade open air memorials that have no gate, no walls just to inconvience those who served their country. At least the repubes and dim congressmen who moved the barrocades for the vets have some integrity, unlike the Administration who ordered the barracades erected.


A couple of employees of the Park Service removed the barricades-- not the photo-op hungry tea tard congressmen! If you want to blame the Dem's/POTUS on this shut-down then I suggest you turn off fox snooze!


Sorry to burst your bubble but I don't watch TV but maybe 2 or 3 hours a week. I leave that for those who seem to have cracked crystal balls they think they can read in them what other people do. Then they seem to go mouthing inane generalites they read elsewhere. Sound familiar?

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Thank you for being another example, thus proving my thesis.


Re: "When ideology is more important than the country and its people, we have anarchy."

Nope. When the ideology of collectivism is the overriding factor, you have authoritarian-totalitarianism.


The shut down of the government came about with the tea party members (a fraction of the Republican Party) cracking their whip and John Bahnor (however you spell it) is powerless to do anything about them. He is too weak to control this faction within his own party. How sad that is. With one vocal member in control and likely to take over, this place has become the crazy house and nuts are running the insane asylum.

None of this should have happened. They are using Obamaa care as an excuse and everyone knows it play hostage for what they really spend less so they don't have to TAX their rich friends by spending more on the economy. Ryan laid out a plan and they want to use it OR ELSE. The numbers are there and that is it. Obama has stated FIVE TIMES he would negotiate on this. So reopen the government, stop playing playground bully and let us free from this mess. We are all sick of the spoiled sport behavior of the Republican Party politics. Get on with it already. I hate this two party system. This is why we shouldn't have the power of party politics. It just doesn't work any more. And what is worst of all....we pay them for this.


Are you implying that the Senators who ran on doing everything they could to stand against obamacare kept their word to those who elected them instead of knuckling under to the "party". That is unforgivable for them to represent the people who voted them into office. How could they do such a thing as to follow through on their promises to the People who elected them. Don't they know they are politicians who are expected to bow down to the "party" leaders. Unforgivable.

They should look to obama and his example of breaking promises amde before he was elected. he has set a fine example of breaking his word to those who voted for him. They should follow his lying and promise breaking and all will be well in the political world again.

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Not one of these reps , weather its The house or congress should be paid till they can show something being done . And acting like they do is a smack in the face to everyone that has voted for them
I know if I dont go to work , I dont get paid , and if I go to work but dont do my job I get fired , Why should the goverment be any different ?


U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, has announced he won't accept his pay during the shutdown.

Meanwhile, columnist Bob Greene argues that since lawmakers haven't done their jobs, taxpayers should get a refund. Mr. Greene is delusional; the rules that apply to everyone else don't apply to government.
Yea and I say They should not be any different then anyone else .They think they are better then anyone else but the fact of the matter is their Poop stinks as bad as the anyone elses does and they put their pants on one leg at a time just like the rest of us.


Yes, & regarding Sen.Brown - he always valued veterans years before we were in Iraq. That was from one who has a day in Lorain named after him.

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The United States does not negotiate with terrorists. (teathuglicans)

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I think, in a show of solidarity with teahadists Congressmen, the right wingnuts should donate their pay to the local food shelter until the hostage situation is over.

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You phony unpatriot! Have you signed your family up for the ACA you trumpet about? I'll bet not! Loudmouth.

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Dems are lying about their exemption!! (full video for idiots named big dog)


@ Mr. Jackson:

A "must read":

"David Stockman Explains The Keynesian State-Wreck Ahead - Sundown In America"