Republicans demand repeal of GOP health care plan

Tom Jackson
Sep 24, 2013
If you follow the latest dismal news from Washington, you know that Republicans in Congress are threatening to shut down government funding unless lawmakers go along with eliminating Obama Care. The deadline for passing a budget is Monday, Sept. 30.
Republicans so far say they are willing to shut down the government if Democrats don’t agree to defund Obama Care.
The odd thing about the standoff is that Republicans want to punish Democrats for pushing through what was essentially a Republican health care plan.
During Democrat Bill Clinton’s first term, the president and his Democratic allies in Congress tried to pass a program to provide health coverage to all Americans. The Clinton plan essentially was to require all employers to furnish health coverage, with an individual mandate to cover everyone else, and subsidies to help people who couldn’t afford the coverage.
Everyone would have been required to buy insurance from new regional health alliances. A key element of the plan was “managed competition,” i.e., there would be a standard benefits package, with insurers competing on quality and cost.
Republicans countered with their own plan, drawn up by the conservative Heritage Foundation. It would essentially have preserved the current system, but imposed an individual mandate for everyone to buy health insurance and provided subsidies to the poor. 
The Romneycare plan that then-Gov. Mitt Romney signed into law in Massachusetts was very similar to the Heritage Foundation plan, and so was Obama Care, the plan that Democrats pushed through during Obama’s first term. The Obama plan, whatever you think of it, was much less radical than what many Democrats would have preferred.
Republicans, then, are trying to repeal a plan that’s very similar to what their 2012 presidential nominee back when he was a governor, and very similar to what Republicans backed during the Clinton administration.
One final bit of irony: The current leadership of the Heritage Foundation is pushing for the Obama Care repeal effort. This is a particular sore spot with conservatives who don't like Obama Care but who think shutting down the government will only hurt Republicans.
See, for example, this Wall Street Journal editorial, which complains, "These columns opposed ObamaCare before it was known by that name, and we may have even been the first to call it by that name. We also don't need any lectures about principle from the Heritage Foundation that promoted RomneyCare and the individual mandate that is part of ObamaCare. Or from cable TV pundits who sold Republicans on Mitt Romney despite RomneyCare." See also this column by James Taranto, who also thinks the defunding effort is a bad idea politically.







Re: "The odd thing about the standoff is that Republicans want to punish Democrats for pushing through what was essentially a Republican health care plan."

@ Mr. Jackson:

Reads like you picked up the Progressive rhetoric brush and joined them in painting a broad stroke.

There are a vast number of important structural and procedural differences.

For one, where are the medical tort reform provisions?

The fact remains: The ACA was essentially shoved down the throats of American citizens on partisan lines using Congressional gimmickry.

As Speaker Pelosi said on 3/9/10:

"But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it,"

IMO, it's beginning to look more akin to:

We'll have to retch, plus have a case of diarrhea in order to find out what we ate.

The Big Dog's back

Everything you say should be prefix with IMO. (In My Opinion)


Clowntango ,

When Obamacare goes into effect , maybe you can take some affordable anger management classes .


Give it up pooh! It's the law!

Darwin's choice

Sorry, not a Law, its a tax. Pelosi said so....

Licorice Schtick

Actually, The Supreme Court said so.


Tango: it's common knowledge that the GOP proposed a universal health care plan basically the same as Obamacare, before doing a complete 180 on it after Obama proposed it. You aren't actually attempting to rewrite history again, are you? C'mon man, you're embarrassing yourself...


Re: "it's common knowledge that the GOP proposed a universal health care plan basically the same as Obamacare,"


Regardless, using a similar argument: Dems used to be anti-communist, now they wholly embrace the tenets of Marxism.

Besides, I wish to be ruled by neither of the political crime organizations.

Licorice Schtick

Contango can't make a better case for much of any of his extreme views, so he resorts to the ridiculousness position of calling everything he doesn't like, "communism."


Re: "the ridiculousness position of calling everything he doesn't like, 'communism.'"


But, tell me EXACTLY how these programs don't smack of Marxism?

With which of the ten planks of the Communist Manifesto do you disagree and why?

(Scoll about halfway down)




Why am I now reading that union leaders, who traditionally encourage their members to vote for Democrats, are now calling for getting rid of Obamacare since they seem to feel it is a bad idea?


It's just Republican propaganda to scare,confuse , and discourage America.

Darwin's choice

Speaking of BS...

Obama fakes, what a surprise! probably voted for him too!


Republicans are liars and fear mongers.


So is Darwin's choice your real name or a made up screen name?


Turn the channel bayshore!


Spoken like Chicago land politics, take him out to the shed Vinnie!


Re: "take him out to the shed Vinnie!"

"Leave the gun, take the cannoli."


Big game tonite GO TIGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


And these idiots wonder why people don't want to buy this garbage paper?


Like this comment!!!!

Dr. Information

I stopped buying it throughout the week. Its become a haven for liberal propaganda. How many more "Obamacare" articles do we really need to have. Why buy when you can get online and read it for free.


Mr. Jackson, IIRC the plan the Heritage Foundation came up with and was brought before the congress as S.1743, H.R. 3698, was under 100 pages long. Obamacare was well over 2200 pages long. If you wish to compare the two it would seem hard to believe they are basically the same. It would mean that the House hung over 2000 pages of meaningless crap ( well over 20 times what the bill from 93-94 was) onto a plan just to pass crap that wouldn't stand on its own merit. Adding 2000+ pages in 15 years seems rather excessive when some (including yourself) claim the bills are almost the same. I did read the Heritage plan, as it was more of an outline, and did read the bill from 93-94 that I referenced above,.. but didn't read the monstrosity of over 2200 pages that is misnamed ACA. I have also read that with all the needed regulations and procedures needed to fulfill the ACA takes nearly 16,000 pages, and it isn't all written... still, after 3 years since it passed.

Can you explain how it now takes over 20 times the pages to do "basically" the "same" things the ACA does? Just curious as to how you would attempt to do so. Let me get a tall glass of ice, some bourbon and a LONG cigar so I can have something to keep my mind on what your answer will cover. Should be an interesting read.

Darwin's choice

Mr. Jackson guilty of selective journalism? Say it ain't so....

The Big Dog's back

pooh, our Constitution was written on 6 pages. How many pages have been written on it's interpretation?


The Bush bank bail-out was how many pages? We all really like it's results (sarcasm).


Re: "The Bush bank bail-out was how many pages?"

Off-topic, however:

TARP was originally defeated by the Repubs, until Speaker Pelosi begged 'em to vote for it.

It was passed OVERWHELMINGLY by the Dems.

Unfortunately without TARP, Main St. woulda be the worst for it.

Dr. Information

Thanks for the insight Contango. It seems as though once again you right the ship with facts.

Darwin's choice

Ahhh, the three amigo's are cheerleading again...still...and again, there's nothing of substance, just attacking the subject, and anyone who doesn't blindly follow der leader like they do...!