Republicans demand repeal of GOP health care plan

Tom Jackson
Sep 24, 2013


If you follow the latest dismal news from Washington, you know that Republicans in Congress are threatening to shut down government funding unless lawmakers go along with eliminating Obama Care. The deadline for passing a budget is Monday, Sept. 30.
Republicans so far say they are willing to shut down the government if Democrats don’t agree to defund Obama Care.
The odd thing about the standoff is that Republicans want to punish Democrats for pushing through what was essentially a Republican health care plan.
During Democrat Bill Clinton’s first term, the president and his Democratic allies in Congress tried to pass a program to provide health coverage to all Americans. The Clinton plan essentially was to require all employers to furnish health coverage, with an individual mandate to cover everyone else, and subsidies to help people who couldn’t afford the coverage.
Everyone would have been required to buy insurance from new regional health alliances. A key element of the plan was “managed competition,” i.e., there would be a standard benefits package, with insurers competing on quality and cost.
Republicans countered with their own plan, drawn up by the conservative Heritage Foundation. It would essentially have preserved the current system, but imposed an individual mandate for everyone to buy health insurance and provided subsidies to the poor. 
The Romneycare plan that then-Gov. Mitt Romney signed into law in Massachusetts was very similar to the Heritage Foundation plan, and so was Obama Care, the plan that Democrats pushed through during Obama’s first term. The Obama plan, whatever you think of it, was much less radical than what many Democrats would have preferred.
Republicans, then, are trying to repeal a plan that’s very similar to what their 2012 presidential nominee back when he was a governor, and very similar to what Republicans backed during the Clinton administration.
One final bit of irony: The current leadership of the Heritage Foundation is pushing for the Obama Care repeal effort. This is a particular sore spot with conservatives who don't like Obama Care but who think shutting down the government will only hurt Republicans.
See, for example, this Wall Street Journal editorial, which complains, "These columns opposed ObamaCare before it was known by that name, and we may have even been the first to call it by that name. We also don't need any lectures about principle from the Heritage Foundation that promoted RomneyCare and the individual mandate that is part of ObamaCare. Or from cable TV pundits who sold Republicans on Mitt Romney despite RomneyCare." See also this column by James Taranto, who also thinks the defunding effort is a bad idea politically.







Re: "The odd thing about the standoff is that Republicans want to punish Democrats for pushing through what was essentially a Republican health care plan."

@ Mr. Jackson:

Reads like you picked up the Progressive rhetoric brush and joined them in painting a broad stroke.

There are a vast number of important structural and procedural differences.

For one, where are the medical tort reform provisions?

The fact remains: The ACA was essentially shoved down the throats of American citizens on partisan lines using Congressional gimmickry.

As Speaker Pelosi said on 3/9/10:

"But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it,"

IMO, it's beginning to look more akin to:

We'll have to retch, plus have a case of diarrhea in order to find out what we ate.

The Big Dog's back

Everything you say should be prefix with IMO. (In My Opinion)


Clowntango ,

When Obamacare goes into effect , maybe you can take some affordable anger management classes .


Give it up pooh! It's the law!

Darwin's choice

Sorry, not a Law, its a tax. Pelosi said so....

Licorice Schtick

Actually, The Supreme Court said so.


Tango: it's common knowledge that the GOP proposed a universal health care plan basically the same as Obamacare, before doing a complete 180 on it after Obama proposed it. You aren't actually attempting to rewrite history again, are you? C'mon man, you're embarrassing yourself...


Re: "it's common knowledge that the GOP proposed a universal health care plan basically the same as Obamacare,"


Regardless, using a similar argument: Dems used to be anti-communist, now they wholly embrace the tenets of Marxism.

Besides, I wish to be ruled by neither of the political crime organizations.

Licorice Schtick

Contango can't make a better case for much of any of his extreme views, so he resorts to the ridiculousness position of calling everything he doesn't like, "communism."


Re: "the ridiculousness position of calling everything he doesn't like, 'communism.'"


But, tell me EXACTLY how these programs don't smack of Marxism?

With which of the ten planks of the Communist Manifesto do you disagree and why?

(Scoll about halfway down)




Why am I now reading that union leaders, who traditionally encourage their members to vote for Democrats, are now calling for getting rid of Obamacare since they seem to feel it is a bad idea?


It's just Republican propaganda to scare,confuse , and discourage America.

Darwin's choice

Speaking of BS...

Obama fakes, what a surprise! probably voted for him too!


Republicans are liars and fear mongers.


So is Darwin's choice your real name or a made up screen name?


Turn the channel bayshore!

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Spoken like Chicago land politics, take him out to the shed Vinnie!


Re: "take him out to the shed Vinnie!"

"Leave the gun, take the cannoli."


Big game tonite GO TIGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


And these idiots wonder why people don't want to buy this garbage paper?


Like this comment!!!!

Dr. Information

I stopped buying it throughout the week. Its become a haven for liberal propaganda. How many more "Obamacare" articles do we really need to have. Why buy when you can get online and read it for free.


Mr. Jackson, IIRC the plan the Heritage Foundation came up with and was brought before the congress as S.1743, H.R. 3698, was under 100 pages long. Obamacare was well over 2200 pages long. If you wish to compare the two it would seem hard to believe they are basically the same. It would mean that the House hung over 2000 pages of meaningless crap ( well over 20 times what the bill from 93-94 was) onto a plan just to pass crap that wouldn't stand on its own merit. Adding 2000+ pages in 15 years seems rather excessive when some (including yourself) claim the bills are almost the same. I did read the Heritage plan, as it was more of an outline, and did read the bill from 93-94 that I referenced above,.. but didn't read the monstrosity of over 2200 pages that is misnamed ACA. I have also read that with all the needed regulations and procedures needed to fulfill the ACA takes nearly 16,000 pages, and it isn't all written... still, after 3 years since it passed.

Can you explain how it now takes over 20 times the pages to do "basically" the "same" things the ACA does? Just curious as to how you would attempt to do so. Let me get a tall glass of ice, some bourbon and a LONG cigar so I can have something to keep my mind on what your answer will cover. Should be an interesting read.

Darwin's choice

Mr. Jackson guilty of selective journalism? Say it ain't so....

The Big Dog's back

pooh, our Constitution was written on 6 pages. How many pages have been written on it's interpretation?


The Bush bank bail-out was how many pages? We all really like it's results (sarcasm).


Re: "The Bush bank bail-out was how many pages?"

Off-topic, however:

TARP was originally defeated by the Repubs, until Speaker Pelosi begged 'em to vote for it.

It was passed OVERWHELMINGLY by the Dems.

Unfortunately without TARP, Main St. woulda be the worst for it.

Dr. Information

Thanks for the insight Contango. It seems as though once again you right the ship with facts.

Darwin's choice

Ahhh, the three amigo's are cheerleading again...still...and again, there's nothing of substance, just attacking the subject, and anyone who doesn't blindly follow der leader like they do...!


No Dagwood, sometimes the spinach doesn't work and you lose! You lose!!!!!!!!!!

Darwin's choice

Now, poser, try to stay on track. There's no "race" baiting for you here..


You're a jackazz to even mention the word.

Darwin's choice

azzhat! You'll never learn!


You've got nothing to teach.

You've got nothing but Republican Kool-Aid.

Darwin's choice

Here's Clinton telling Obama his plan won't work..


It will work, that's what the lying Republicans are afraid of.

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Others thought the same thing!


Ahhh, some Republican Kool-Aid , drink it heartily.



there must be something wrong with you if you believe Obama is Hitler.

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You disappoint me , 2cents , I thought you were smarter than that.

Licorice Schtick


Licorice Schtick



By my math, there was less than 5% that was what Heritage and the bill I referenced earlier that might be basically the same. Leaving 95% + that is different, or crap that was hung onto a bill that would not stand on its own. If there is 95% of a bill that I don't agree with I am not surprised that the bill had no votes from repubes. The more that comes out about what is actually in the bill... the more folks, like many of the unions, want either expemptions like congress and their minions got, and the unions which want subsidies to pay for their end of it. The unions are rebaslling and are NOT happy at all. The longshoreman have revolted and I expect more will follow.

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The Hero Zone

This act by the Republicans would carry more credibility if there was a replacement waiting to take its place after defunding/revocation. Wanting to just stop it is as asinine as Pelosi wanting to pass it to see what'll happen. But, we have a law that even many leaders haven't a clue how it will play out (and are exempt from if I remember correctly?) that isn't turning out to be how it was sold, parliamentary tricks aside. I'm just as afraid of Republicans getting full power over legislature and the presidency as I am Democrats because this exact kind of stuff is shoved through as party pet projects wait in the wings.

For as many on the left who think the antics of the Republicans will swell the electorate with Democrats, I am not so certain that is the case. I have no comment for the Republicans as they already have arguing going on in their party. Independents are just as powerful and compelling a choice and we may very well see flight from both major parties as Americans are quickly getting fed up with the awkward and draining Thanksgiving dinner table bickering between Mommy Left and Daddy Right.

I also don't buy the "but it was based on...". Yeah. Crack is based on cocaine so clearly it isn't any worse of a drug. Opiates are based on the same plant that beneficial drugs like morphine are made from so clearly there is no harm in them. Nor has there been any societal, economic, nor technological changes since 20ish years ago. Or, perhaps to many as a severe blow, many movies are "based on" real events or other source material yet end up a steaming pile of...rotten tomatoes.

I agree with aspects of the ACA, but overall there is more confusion, cost, and ambiguity in this hastily-passed law than there is good. Especially because something so massive was passed so quickly along strictly partisan lines that featured all kinds of eyebrow raising asides like the "Cornhusker Kickback" and that trip Dennis Kucinich took on Air Force One that convinced him to go along with the plan.

If it was such a good law, there should have been NO NEED to connive, wheedle, and hastily pass something many knew (nor currently know) much about. Or, it could have been implemented in segments so that the good portions could be preserved while discarding the bad before they become tragic circumstances for individuals or massive budgetary cement shoes.

Also, while details weren't given, it was announced last Sandusky City Commission meeting that the city is going to be paying 25% more in health care premiums to its workers for what I imagine is the same plan. Is there a relation? I don't know. Probably? What would it have been otherwise if the ACA wasn't passed? I don't know. But it may be worth considering.


I don't think that many people read your large comments or anyone else's large comments.

The Hero Zone's picture
The Hero Zone

This could very well be true. A wall of text can be just that at times. I struggle with it because I want to make sure I am putting complete ideas out there instead of just going "this is good/bad" and leaving it at that. I haven't found that kind of happy medium yet. But, if you read my large comment, then thank you.


I tend to skip over the one liners that are simply name calling or rehashing whichever party line in one line "sound bites" they heard somewhere else. Those who take the time and consideration to state their thoughts and flesh out their positions usually have something worthwhile reading and responding to.


True. I stopped for this reason. All media outlets have found that the public has a short attention span and will not work to understand issues in depth.

The Big Dog's back

Correct eriemom.


"This act by the Republicans would carry more credibility if there was a replacement waiting to take its place after defunding/revocation."

Here is one that you haven't heard of, since the media, and most folks who follow the story on repealing of the ACA have only focused on what is happening on the ACA, not any competing bill, since the ACA passed, and face it new bills by the GOP that would replace the ACA would be pushed aside as sour grapes since the ACA passed and the SC deemed it OK as a "tax".

Both stories are of the same proposal, it isn't a bill yet as it hasn't been brought to congress yet.

"Wanting to just stop it is as asinine as Pelosi wanting to pass it to see what'll happen."

Don't really agree with this. I had no problem with my oldhealth care insurance, as my wife is a pharmacist for a large nursing home and rehab corporation, and our insurance is pretty good. Our insurance covered most of what we needed and we got a policy on the side to cover catastrophic care with a high deductible for cheap. That policy will not be available anymore since it doesn't fit what the ACA wants. Since it doesn't qualify the insurance company won't get enough who want it to keep offering it, or so the insurance company tells us.

Since I was happy with what we had, why would I want to replace it with something else? I expect many others feel the same, we are happy with our plan and our present doctors. That was one reason obama promised that we could keep what we have if we were happy with it, now we know the truth of that statement is rather lacking. Sorry but when something is not broken I don't tend to wish to "fix" it. It worked for me and many others. Maybe that is why there are few replacements around. If you wish to take a few parts of the ACA and put them in a separate bill, you might just get something that many would back.

It doesn't need a 2200 page bill to fix what was wrong with health care to begin with, A couple bills including a few things would be enough.



"The resolution condemned the health care law as "highly disruptive" to union benefits."

Terry O’Sullivan of the Laborers International Union of North America "needs to be changed and fixed now."

"Union leaders are concerned that without additional subsidies..."

Leaving the White House after the Friday meeting Trumka appeared disappointed when he said to the press core "We're continuing to work on problem solving."

So basement dwellers, without SUBSIDIES from the rest of us taxpayers, Obamacare will be "highly disruptive" to your health insurance? This just brings a HUGE smile to my face. You tools voted that moron into office, along with that vote you shall suffer the consequences.

Get used to being disappointed Trumka. It is about time you got a taste of your own medicine.

How's that 5% dues deduction working for you now?

Darwin's choice

^^ like ^^ !


What I find hilarious is Bayshore brought this up on the previous page. 4shizzle and deertracker automatically claimed it as propaganda from the Republicans or Fox News. So I quoted a union labor group, and all of a sudden they are silent.

I fail to see how someone can chug so much kool-aid that they cannot comprehend the truth. Obamacare is bad for all parties concerned. Many saw this when it was rammed through Congress. Even more after the details came out on implementation.

Make sure you pull the blinders on good and tight 4shizzle and deertracker. Only see and believe what your messiah tells you to. And never ever form an opinion or research a subject on your own. The Left loves minions. Keep up the good work.




The vast majority of Americans are financially illiterate.

According to a recent poll, 73% of Americans had no idea what Quantitative Easing was.

And now, many of these same people will be expected to navigate the new health care laws and plans on the insurance exchanges?

Good luck with that debacle!

The New World Czar

Why not retitle the article "Conservatives demand repeal of Clinton/moderate-GOP health care plan"?

The WSJ opinion is what favors the corporate-set (both political parties) and not that of the individual taxpayer.

McCain/Graham/McConnell, Rachel Maddow, and Piers Morgan are all up in arms over Ted Cruz and company right now...and this may be the roto-rooting needed over said RINOs.

"Ooooh, this is great!"- Kent "Flounder" Dorfman


Good points!

Why is health ins. in the U.S. largely provided through employers? Because of FDR's wage and price controls.

Damn those unintended consequences!

H*ll, at least having individuals buy their own ins. is a step in the right direction, but that's about the ONLY positive that I can see in Obama☭are.

Employers might as well be required to provide, grocery, auto, life and property ins.

"Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life son."


FDR was a wise man , you're not.


4shizzle, I don't know if Contango is a man or woman, but I find what he/she writes as mostly thought-provoking, intelligent and well-reasoned. Mostly, because like almost every person who posts, including yours truly, each of sometimes shows our frustration in what we submit, and some of us more often than others.

The Big Dog's back

I was thinking all pooh posts are off topic hit pieces. But some people are easily impressed.


Well, OSUBuckeye59,

You admire him--- I don't.
There are differences between collecting facts, intelligence , wisdom , and bullsh*t.

Dr. Information

It seems as though all you spew is BS non fact based opinion and it shows that you have a really hard time with Contango and his credible sites he almost always links when he posts.

Not everything on the internet is true, however all the sites he posts links to are very reliable and fact given sites. Do you homework and quit the name calling.


You have a man-crush on Contango.
Awww, aint that sweet.
Love is blind and Contango is full of crap and so are you.


Great! While we are at it let's get rid of Social Security & Medicaid too! No government $$$ whatsoever.


Wait a few years, and since they are both already going broke, your wish will soon happen. That is what happens when they write bills that are financally nonviable, and then add more who can take assets out while not finding more input. A scheme that wasn't viable and then accelerating.


If I remember correctly, and I think I do ,I remember George W. Bush saying that HE was going to collect his Social Security when the time came.


Re: "George W. Bush saying that HE was going to collect his Social Security,

The difference is between "earned" and "unearned" entitlement programs.


If Republicans are so against Social Security , why do they collect it ?

Do you collect yours , Contango ?


Re: "why do they collect it ?"

Do rich Dems collect theirs?

So if someone took money from you forcibly, you wouldn't want it back?

Not currently collecting SS or Medicare.


Not eligible age yet for Medicare ?


Re: "Not"

Nor SS.

Again: So if someone took money from you forcibly, you wouldn't want it back?


Well, you will.


Re: "Well, you will and you will like it , won't you ?"

Damn right.

However, rather have it all back in a lump sum. I can do better in the Mkt.

I'll even take it without interest - my "charitable" contribution.

Too bad for all the 25 yr olds that are gonna get majorly (bleeped) by the Ponzi scheme though - whether I take it or not.


yeah, I changed it.

I thought you were older.



If you can be believed.


Re: "If you can be believed."

Why would I lie?

You won't answer but:

So are you collecting SS or Medicare?


Nope on both counts.


Re: "Nope"

Well, if we're gonna practice truthfulness:

The major source of my income is from personal self-directed investments - yours?


The same = personal self-directed investments.


Re: "The same,"

Guess that any semblance of "truthfulness" came to a screeching halt eh?

Back to your point:

And when eligible you'll be collecting your SS and Medicare right?


1. What do you mean?
2. Yep.


Re: "1. What do you mean?"

"The same = personal self-directed investments."

So who is doin' the personal directing - YOU? And I should believe this why?

You've given little indication of any financial acuity.

Dr. Information

There is no way 4 shizzle is making his pay from either the stock market, owning a business or home rentals. This poster has spoken out against all three plenty of times and uses such foul language to attack anyone else that doesn't agree with them. I call Bullspit on this.


@Dr. Information

There is no way 4 shizzle is making his pay from either the stock market, owning a business or home rentals.

This poster has spoken out against all three plenty of times-
................Not to my knowledge.

and uses such foul language to attack anyone else that doesn't agree with them.
.............Not me and besides , isn't that one of the rules in this pissing contest ?

ObamaCare starts pretty soon - maybe now you can get the affordable psychiatric help that you've always dreamed of.

Dr. Information

Thanks for proving my point on the name calling. You just can't help yourself. I actually feel sorry for you.


I feel sorry for you too but now you can get affordable psychiatric help.



Is boasting about what I've got and what I've done an indication of financial acuity ?

I'm not trying to portray somebody I'm not.

I answered the question as I understood it.


Re: "financial acuity,"

Then I eagerly await your 'sage' Mkt. observations in the next "Future Files" et. al. :)

BTW, back to your original point:

If you're as independently wealthy as you claim, why will you choose to take your SS and Medicare? How does that not run counter to your Progressive sensibilities?


If Bush is going to collect his SS , why shouldn't I ?


Re: "Bush,"

Your previous quote:

"If Republicans are so against Social Security , why do they collect it ?"

So if you're FOR SS, you should collect it, but if you are against it you shouldn't?

What's the difference?

Third time:

So if someone took money from you forcibly (and you didn't agree with their methods), you shouldn't want it back?

BUT, if you enjoyed being robbed, you should want it back?


Your choice of words gives you away.

I paid into it, I'd like to have it.

Why do you hate America ?


Re: "Your choice of words gives you away."

Good to see that you once again, "answered the question as I understood it." :)

Have a nice day 4sh*t.



You are still a loser with all your financial acuity , Cuntango.

Dr. Information

More name calling. Having a fit today with facts are we?


No, Miss Information, are you ?

The Big Dog's back

pooh, shouldn't you disclose that check you get from the koch's?


"'Family glitch' in health law could be painful".."WASHINGTON — A so-called "family glitch" in the 2010 health care law threatens to cost some families thousands of dollars in health insurance costs and leave up to 500,000 children without coverage, insurance and health care analysts say.."....(usatoday 9-23-2013)..

Well what did they expect using the democrap theory of "passing it now and reading it later". My hope is that this burns all of the democraps that need this coverage and then we can listen to them whine about how they are getting screwed!


Mr. Jackson, whatever your personal beliefs (they are, by the way, all too clear here), it would behoove you to at least not publish lies based on either ignorance or propaganda.

Have you READ the ACA? Have you READ the Heritage proposal? From what you've written, the answer is pretty clearly "no" to both. What DID you read, an "analysis" by The Huffington Post?


IMO, some provision to have national catastrophic ins. plans (high deductible) with an accompanying health savings account is worthy of a discussion.


Shizz-ah ....take that as a yes from the heavy drinker.


Ha ha


The latest news. Just informed that Fed-Ex employees are losing the 100% Health Care that they have received for years. The Corporation informed them that they would no longer provide 100% coverage when the Bill takes effect. Just wait until all the local unions discover what the Health Care costs are really going to cost. A whole lot more money and a whole lot less coverage. Can't you people see that the way government has expanded, somebody has to pay? Homeland Security, Border Patrol, Millions more on welfare, 40,000 new IRS employees, 12 million illegals.


Tom Jackson,
You showed "Tunnel Vision" while writing this article. I'd make a small wager that you did very little if any research on the contents of O'Bama Care. If you did you should have wrote that it is much more complex than Health care. You failed to write the many, many taxes that are contained in the Bill.
I remember you supporting Marcy Kaptur at the Cafe on Columbus Ave. I read todays article on Her and Browns support of Veterans. She is a liar and I've told her office over the phone and would tell Her "Politely" to Her face. I received a call from a Iraq veterans Mother Monday and She received no Help from Marcy Kaptur's office. Really difficult, two phone calls and everything is taken care. Brown always says He supports my DAV Chapter in Lorain. Yeah they support us, Votes his self a $9500.00 raise and froze Veterans and Social Security raises. You give Me one person in government that I should trust, it sure isn't Dennis Mrray, Chris Redfern, Or the late Mark Waggoner, Marcy Kaptur, Sherrod Brown, or Dennis Kucinich. Yes, I worked opposite "Dennis the Menace" in the 80's. You are better People than any of these and I ask you, don't defend them.


" You give Me one person in government that I should trust, it sure isn't Dennis Mrray, Chris Redfern, Or the late Mark Waggoner, Marcy Kaptur, Sherrod Brown, or Dennis Kucinich."

............I assume these are all Democrats.

" You give Me one person in government that I should trust,"
.............Does this go for Republicans too ?

Do you trust any Republicans?

Dr. Information

Lets not forget all the pork shoved into the bill. More taxes paid on a house sale in a struggling market. The complete takeover of the student financial aid process (next big bubble to break). The list goes on and on.

Dr. Information

Do not think Pelosi is crazy? This is what she just said on CNN.

During an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union,” host Candy Crowley read Pelosi part of a letter signed by union goon James Hoffa Jr. that described Obamacare’s impact on employers as a way to “destroy the foundation of the 40-hour work week.”

nancypelosi“That’s pretty tough from a loyal Democratic constituency,” said Crowley, sometimes considered a pretty loyal Democratic constituency herself.

Pelosi was unfazed.

Some parts of Obamacare need to be clarified, she acknowledged, but losing that 40-hour work week will really free Americans to “pursue your happiness … follow your passion.”

“Overwhelmingly, for the American people, this is a liberation,” the San Francisco millionaire said dreamily, possibly confusing “the American people” who have to make a living with her fellow guests at George Soros’s wedding Saturday in New York.

“It’s about wellness, it’s about prevention, it’s about a healthy America,” she said.

Actually, it’s about time she hung it up.


Re: During an interview,"

Click, whirl and spew the vapid phrases.

The woman is a vacuous-headed political automaton.

AJ Oliver

And the conservative plan to fix our broken health care system ??
(hiorribly expensive and ranks 37th in the world, with tens of millions not covered)
. . . waiting . . waiting . .

sound of crickets . . .


Re: "hiorribly (sp) expensive and ranks 37th in the world"

Based on who's stats and rating system?

Again: I once heard that three things cause 70% of health issues in the U.S.:

Smoking &
Lack of Exercise.

Until those are under control, no amount of Progressive central planning health care monkeying will fix the issue.

Also, 50% of health care spending is due to 5% of the population.

These are the people with acute medical issues.

Seems like a good place to look for improvement eh?

You're hearing crickets? Any other sounds or voices? Ya might wanna get that checked out.

Tom Jackson

Hi Contango, Grumpy, thanks for posting. 

Yes, I painted with a "broad stroke" in a not terribly long blog post, but it's important to bear in mind what I actually wrote.

I wrote that ObamaCare is "essentially" the same as the Heritage plan, not that it was identical to it, and I spelled out what those "essentials" are: Keeping much of the current system in place, providing subsidies and imposing an individual mandate. I took no position on the merits of Obama Care, but I think it's a fair point that it closely resembles what the Republican presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, signed into law in Massachusetts. If Obama Care is so loathsome, why did you guys nominate Romney? 


ha ha


@ Mr. Jackson:

Thanks for the nod!


With all do respect, the term ‘still’ reads like equivocation.

"you guys nominate Romney,"?

ANOTHER broad stroke. In presidential elections, I've voted Libertarian since '92.

As I've written: I think that some form of catastrophic coverage (high deductible with a stop-loss), so individuals don't go bankrupt along with some form of health savings account to help pay for the first dollar expenses would be worthy of a discussion.

Mandates are an anathema to we freedom-loving free-marketers.


"..we freedom-loving free-marketers."

.....................Gotta have rules and regulations.


Re: "Gotta have rules and regulations."

Not disagreeing.

To use a sports analogy:

The govt. needs to act as the referee and let the players and coaches PLAY THE GAME.


we can debate this here over and over, however, the Supreme Court has ruled that ObamaCare is the law of the land. Talk of defunding it is just talk at this point because of the Supreme Court ruling I would think. Going back and forth by Republican and Democrat is nothing more than a "reason" to stay away from the real problem, dealing with the government budgets which should have been done long ago.

Until this Senate and House get busy and fix this country, we will continue to see things such as this. Little fights and small wars over nothing, while the big issues lay fallow. It has to stop or this country will end up with nothing.

Someone needs to be the bigger person and start the cooperation of bigger minds. If they can't do that we are surely doomed for the next three years and perhaps beyond. What a waste.

Ned Mandingo

bobama care is not a law or a tax. Its a corporate scam of epic proportions! Unless you are a jobless looser looking for another free handout, then its great. For people with good jobs or small business owners its a serious attack on their way of life.


This is nothing but a "dog and pony show" for the GOP. Romney, Bachman, Santorum, etc. all said they would repeal Obamacare if elected. Well they ""ALL LOST" The mostly conservative Supreme Court ruled in Obamacare's favor. Ted Cruz and the GOP are wasting time and taxpayer's money. They will oppose everything this President does even if it hurts the country.


Re: "They will oppose everything this President does even if it hurts the country."

And the counterintuitive point:

Pres. Obama will do as much as he can in order to FORCE his ideologically wrongheaded agenda, "even if it hurts (and divides) the country."

The Big Dog's back

Earth to pooh, the country was long divided before Obama.


Re: "country was long divided before Obama,"

True. But his political browbeating continuous campaign style and his coercive Progressive agenda has raised the tenor.

"Senator Says Politics Have Reached Civil War Levels":

Back to topic:

Since you're a big proponent and cheerleader for Obama☭are; third request:

So your health care benefits are provided how?

The Big Dog's back

Me and my employer.


Re: "my employer"

Your "employer" PROVIDES them - not YOU.

So, in other words: "Affordable" INDIVIDUAL health care plans & premiums on the exchanges are good for others, but NOT for you.

Is your employer a public or a private entity?

The Big Dog's back

My employer facilitates healthcare. We the workers pay for it. I know you can figure that out, but if not ......


Re: "We the workers pay for it"

100%? No employer subsidy?

Again: Public or private?

I brokered and sold group life & A&H ins. Also worked for an HMO. I've forgotten more than you'll ever know.

The Big Dog's back

Employer subsidy in place of wage increases.


Re: "Employer subsidy in place of wage increases."

Of course, better deductibility. Still money in the worker's pocket.

IMO, employer provided health care should be a taxable benefit to the employee. It would help level the playing field.

Why should individuals who buy it on the exchanges have to pay with after-tax dollars?

Third request: Public or private? Do you not understand the question?

AJ Oliver

Hey Tom Jackson -Nothing good can come from engaging with folks who lack the courage to post under their own names. All you get are ad hominum attacks, name calling and gibberish - kinda like Jr. High. Some of the stuff on the SR blog borders on cyber-stalking. Is the Register really OK with that?


Re: "folks who lack the courage to post under their own names."

It remains a weak argument presented by those who cannot intellectually articulate and factually support their positions in the forum as structured.

Yea, your previous "crickets" comment was 'real' mature. :)

Pot, kettle, black.

Dr. Information

Its the Sandusky register. Why do you think some of these liberal clowns rarely post on the NR anymore? Because they actually make an attempt to moderate it and ban people. The name calling shows the maturity and intelligence level of these posters.

Im still waiting for some moderation on this site. They have all these rules set in place but nobody moderates them. Hell, let me do it. I'll do it for free SR.


Like many of us continue to post, read and digest! Yes my post was over-loaded with Democrats which surely, in this case, was not my point but Mark Waggoner is a Republican. I am a registered Democrat until the next Primary, and I voted against O,Bama in both Primaries and in the General election. I feel sometimes it's more important to vote against a candidate than for one. This was My "OPINION" when I voted, anyone but Barack, even Hillary at the time. It din't have to be Hillary or Sarah Palin. I would have settled for Martha Stewart.


@ The Big Dog's back:

Here's an idea for you and the others that think that Obama☭are is such great sh*t:

Suggest to your employer to just cut you a check like Walgreen's, Trader Joe's and others are in the stages of doing for their employees and go buy your OWN insurance on the exchanges.

Buy the cheapest plan and hopefully pocket any left over bucks!

"As A Result Of Obamacare, Employer-Based Health Insurance Is Becoming Extinct":

Like excessive govt. regulation led to the demise of the traditional defined benefit pension plan and brought about the defined contribution 401(k) type plans in the private sector, Obama☭are is DESTROYING the employer sponsored health ins. system.

The Big Dog's back

Aaaaaa, I really wanted single payer.


Re: "single payer"


The Progressives had to design a private payer system that was destine to fail, blame it on the free market and then "ride to the rescue" with socialized medicine.

The Progressives don't care how much pain, misery and confusion that they cause in the process, because they're ruthless power hungry Machiavellians - the ends justifies the means.

"Atlas Shrugged":

"We’re after power and we mean it. You fellows were pikers, but we know the real trick, and you’d better get wise to it."



@ Doggie:

So your idea is: Scr*w the "little people" on the exchanges, I've got MINE through my employer?

Fourth request for an answer:

Is your employer a public or a private entity?

Do you not understand the question and need clarification?

The Big Dog's back

The "little people"? By the way NOYB.


Re: "By the way NOYB."

Afraid to answer eh?

Since you're a cheerleader for Obama☭are, gotta figure that you're somewhat sheltered from this abortion of a program - scr*w everyone else eh?

Public or private doggie?

Ned Mandingo

It looks like the entitlement people won. Free healthcare, food stamps, child care, schooling, ect. Congratulation Obama you created a whole culture of losers with no ambition to accomplish anything for themselves.
The only question is what will these people do when the handouts dry up?


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Sep 13, 2013 - Looks like even in Sandusky the bias is there.