Republicans demand repeal of GOP health care plan

Tom Jackson
Sep 24, 2013
If you follow the latest dismal news from Washington, you know that Republicans in Congress are threatening to shut down government funding unless lawmakers go along with eliminating Obama Care. The deadline for passing a budget is Monday, Sept. 30.
Republicans so far say they are willing to shut down the government if Democrats don’t agree to defund Obama Care.
The odd thing about the standoff is that Republicans want to punish Democrats for pushing through what was essentially a Republican health care plan.
During Democrat Bill Clinton’s first term, the president and his Democratic allies in Congress tried to pass a program to provide health coverage to all Americans. The Clinton plan essentially was to require all employers to furnish health coverage, with an individual mandate to cover everyone else, and subsidies to help people who couldn’t afford the coverage.
Everyone would have been required to buy insurance from new regional health alliances. A key element of the plan was “managed competition,” i.e., there would be a standard benefits package, with insurers competing on quality and cost.
Republicans countered with their own plan, drawn up by the conservative Heritage Foundation. It would essentially have preserved the current system, but imposed an individual mandate for everyone to buy health insurance and provided subsidies to the poor. 
The Romneycare plan that then-Gov. Mitt Romney signed into law in Massachusetts was very similar to the Heritage Foundation plan, and so was Obama Care, the plan that Democrats pushed through during Obama’s first term. The Obama plan, whatever you think of it, was much less radical than what many Democrats would have preferred.
Republicans, then, are trying to repeal a plan that’s very similar to what their 2012 presidential nominee back when he was a governor, and very similar to what Republicans backed during the Clinton administration.
One final bit of irony: The current leadership of the Heritage Foundation is pushing for the Obama Care repeal effort. This is a particular sore spot with conservatives who don't like Obama Care but who think shutting down the government will only hurt Republicans.
See, for example, this Wall Street Journal editorial, which complains, "These columns opposed ObamaCare before it was known by that name, and we may have even been the first to call it by that name. We also don't need any lectures about principle from the Heritage Foundation that promoted RomneyCare and the individual mandate that is part of ObamaCare. Or from cable TV pundits who sold Republicans on Mitt Romney despite RomneyCare." See also this column by James Taranto, who also thinks the defunding effort is a bad idea politically.







4shizzle, I don't know if Contango is a man or woman, but I find what he/she writes as mostly thought-provoking, intelligent and well-reasoned. Mostly, because like almost every person who posts, including yours truly, each of sometimes shows our frustration in what we submit, and some of us more often than others.

The Big Dog's back

I was thinking all pooh posts are off topic hit pieces. But some people are easily impressed.


Well, OSUBuckeye59,

You admire him--- I don't.
There are differences between collecting facts, intelligence , wisdom , and bullsh*t.

Dr. Information

It seems as though all you spew is BS non fact based opinion and it shows that you have a really hard time with Contango and his credible sites he almost always links when he posts.

Not everything on the internet is true, however all the sites he posts links to are very reliable and fact given sites. Do you homework and quit the name calling.


You have a man-crush on Contango.
Awww, aint that sweet.
Love is blind and Contango is full of crap and so are you.


Great! While we are at it let's get rid of Social Security & Medicaid too! No government $$$ whatsoever.


Wait a few years, and since they are both already going broke, your wish will soon happen. That is what happens when they write bills that are financally nonviable, and then add more who can take assets out while not finding more input. A scheme that wasn't viable and then accelerating.


If I remember correctly, and I think I do ,I remember George W. Bush saying that HE was going to collect his Social Security when the time came.


Re: "George W. Bush saying that HE was going to collect his Social Security,

The difference is between "earned" and "unearned" entitlement programs.


If Republicans are so against Social Security , why do they collect it ?

Do you collect yours , Contango ?


Re: "why do they collect it ?"

Do rich Dems collect theirs?

So if someone took money from you forcibly, you wouldn't want it back?

Not currently collecting SS or Medicare.


Not eligible age yet for Medicare ?


Re: "Not"

Nor SS.

Again: So if someone took money from you forcibly, you wouldn't want it back?


Well, you will.


Re: "Well, you will and you will like it , won't you ?"

Damn right.

However, rather have it all back in a lump sum. I can do better in the Mkt.

I'll even take it without interest - my "charitable" contribution.

Too bad for all the 25 yr olds that are gonna get majorly (bleeped) by the Ponzi scheme though - whether I take it or not.


yeah, I changed it.

I thought you were older.



If you can be believed.


Re: "If you can be believed."

Why would I lie?

You won't answer but:

So are you collecting SS or Medicare?


Nope on both counts.


Re: "Nope"

Well, if we're gonna practice truthfulness:

The major source of my income is from personal self-directed investments - yours?


The same = personal self-directed investments.


Re: "The same,"

Guess that any semblance of "truthfulness" came to a screeching halt eh?

Back to your point:

And when eligible you'll be collecting your SS and Medicare right?


1. What do you mean?
2. Yep.


Re: "1. What do you mean?"

"The same = personal self-directed investments."

So who is doin' the personal directing - YOU? And I should believe this why?

You've given little indication of any financial acuity.

Dr. Information

There is no way 4 shizzle is making his pay from either the stock market, owning a business or home rentals. This poster has spoken out against all three plenty of times and uses such foul language to attack anyone else that doesn't agree with them. I call Bullspit on this.


@Dr. Information

There is no way 4 shizzle is making his pay from either the stock market, owning a business or home rentals.

This poster has spoken out against all three plenty of times-
................Not to my knowledge.

and uses such foul language to attack anyone else that doesn't agree with them.
.............Not me and besides , isn't that one of the rules in this pissing contest ?

ObamaCare starts pretty soon - maybe now you can get the affordable psychiatric help that you've always dreamed of.

Dr. Information

Thanks for proving my point on the name calling. You just can't help yourself. I actually feel sorry for you.


I feel sorry for you too but now you can get affordable psychiatric help.



Is boasting about what I've got and what I've done an indication of financial acuity ?

I'm not trying to portray somebody I'm not.

I answered the question as I understood it.


Re: "financial acuity,"

Then I eagerly await your 'sage' Mkt. observations in the next "Future Files" et. al. :)

BTW, back to your original point:

If you're as independently wealthy as you claim, why will you choose to take your SS and Medicare? How does that not run counter to your Progressive sensibilities?