Search engine reveals shocking truth about John Kasich, Democrats claim

Tom Jackson
Aug 8, 2013
Ohio's official "find a job" website,, has an online search engine. One of the variables allows the user to decide how far he wants to cast his net. For example, as of Thursday, a search for jobs in Sandusky (without specifying any particular job) provided 1,279 results. If you expand the search to 75 miles, you get 53,002 results. And so on. 
The search isn't limited to jobs in Ohio; if you make the search radius wide enough, it includes other states. Being able to search jobs both in and outside of Ohio is a useful convenience, particularly if you live in a city such as Toledo that's near a state line. 
All of this may seem obvious. But if you make a living writing misleading press releases — in other words, if you're a public relations flack for a political party — this is controversial. Because it means that Gov. John Kasich is trying to get people to leave Ohio!
A press release sent to me Thursday by a pair of Democratic Party flacks, Jerid Kurtz and Matt McGrath, reveals the awful truth about Ohio's Republican governor. The subject line is "OhioMeansJobs...In Pennsylvania."
The release includes this statement from McGrath:
“Ohio’s ranked 47th in the nation in job growth, but instead of giving people tools to find employment in Ohio, the Governor’s website does more to encourage families to seek jobs elsewhere. The Governor should work to fix his website to help people find employment in the buckeye state, rather than send them and their tax dollars to states like Michigan, Pennsylvania or New York.”
Apparently, there's an easy fix. If Kasich will cripple the search engine so you can only search for jobs in Ohio, even if you live near the state line,  Kurtz and McGrath will be happy.


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Sorry, Tom, I'm not going to call you a "liberal" OR a "conservative" at this point. You talked about a press release. You injected the facts (that the job search capabilities were as broad as you wanted to make them — or as narrow). You suggested (SHAME on you!) that people seeking employment might not want to limit themselves more than "mere" unemployment already has.

As concerns THIS article, the only label I'm inclined to give you is "journalist." Enjoy it while you've got it. I've seen plenty of bias in this newspaper. It's just that this column doesn't exhibit any. Good for you! Now keep it up, okay?

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Tom, I guess when you are on the teabagger's mailing list, stupid things get sent to you.


Piddle Puppy, did you not read, or is it that you can't understand what he wrote in the article?

Tom Jackson wrote in his article:
A press release sent to me Thursday by a pair of Democratic Party flacks, Jerid Kurtz and Matt McGrath, "

Which part of that don't you understand? Take your time and study it out, you will come to an understanding after a few minutes, or since it is you, have your mom or most any 5th grader, explain it to you using little words that you might understand.


Re: "The thing about this (snip)"

Pure Progessive-socialist mush headed sophisty.


Only in the democrat brain would getting a job in another state not make sense. They simply would rather you be on unemployment so they can say that Kasich isn't trying and they need to be back in power. If you live in Defiance Ohio, you are 15-20 minutes from Indiana. I know people who sit 45 minutes a day in traffic in Columbus to get to their job. So a guy searches jobs ohio, finds a job in neighboring Indiana. Has to commute 30 minutes each way to WORK and this is a bad thing? Wow. Doesn't matter who is making this claim, Rep or Dem.....its STUPID!


AmCan: Kurtz and McGrath don't speak for anyone but themselves. I'm Democrat, and I think they are clearly incorrect.

Your contention that Democrats would rather have someone be unemployed ignores the fact that it is the GOP congress who repeatedly have stood in the way of Obama's Job Bills from being passed. Personally, I LIKE the Democrat brain: we understand and respect science, we value education, and a higher percentage of our constituents have college degrees.

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This is why parties are destructive and demeaning to vast swathes of the population. Apart from existing to divide people, those like you who understandably believe they are the reflection of the ideals are undermined by officials from their own party saying otherwise. I hope we see the power and influence of both the major parties decline as they continue to marginalize themselves from inside and out with people.

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Which point is disagreeable?

Do you say that parties are not divisive? Do you say that parties don't disenfranchise their own members let alone those who do not subscribe to their ideology? It is wrong if we encourage everyone to be the same race, orientation, or religion, but it is just fine and encouraged to be upset people aren't all of one party and speak badly of others in opposite or no party at all, yes? Do you think that the individual isn't supposed to be treated with humane respect because the party comes first in all manner, custom, and law?


Dman that is well thought out and written. May I use it in the future? Maybe not quoting it but following its themes?

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The Repub party is very divisive. Trying to equate them is just more voter disenfranchisement. There are many Democrats on here and we don't tow the party line. The right wingers get their marching orders all from the same place.

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How can you be a Democrat by party but not follow the party line? That either makes the Democrat party meaningless and without direction or it means that you and many other free-thinkers are actually proud Independents (which is perfectly fine) who just with a need to qualify and explain yourself to other people for some reason.

By the way, feel free to swap Democrat/Republican and left/right freely with what I say because it is as equally as applicable to you. For example:

The Demo party is very divisive. Trying to equate them is just more voter disenfranchisement. There are many Republicans on here and we don't tow the party line. The left wingers get their marching orders all from the same place.

Makes the same amount of sense to me.

Parties are becoming a bygone holdover from an outdated age. Parties are no longer necessary to convey thought or modify opinion. In fact, there is a growing resentment toward parties. I am tired of both of them demonizing me, calling me names, and putting on shameful publicity stunts in the eternally-tiring mud-slinging war. It's garbage, all of it.


Re: "left/right"

Essentially meaningless terms in American politics, yet they tend to be readily tossed about.

They stem from the French Revolution:

IMO, I'd like to see a parliamentary system where the majority party often has to compromise with a minority party in order to form a govt.

It's interesting to note that as we Americans go around the world nation building, that we have them form parliamentary systems and not ones based on our own federal system.

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Well enough said but the point is to INCREASE employment & jobs IN OHIO. The State should promote jobs AVAILABLE in OHIO to strengthen Ohio's standing among the other State's as a viable place to be employed.
If you work in Washington DC you might live in Maryland or another nearby state. Thats a housing and cost problem. This State run website should promote OHIO Employers and find a way to employ OHIOANS. (if you want a minimum wage job that will let you fall short from check to check then there's work everywhere. Better skilled employees and employers that will contribute to the cost of training is what's needed not a reason to drive to Indiana.


Re: "Obama's Job Bills"

Smoke and mirrors.

The original $1T "Stimulus" was largely a transfer of payments program to public union employees and built little if any infrastructure.

Pres. Obama smiling and laughing:

"Shovel ready was not as eh, shovel ready as we expected."

Only a vacuous "Democrat brain" would give this goof ball a second chance with billions more taxpayer dollars.


We are number 47 in creating jobs ?

The New World Czar

According to Matt McGrath...but again, who is Matt McGrath?


Ohio Democrat Party Spokesman, or at least it so says in the Ohio democrat party website. Google is you friend, he likes to be used.


I find it ironical that some of you who are so in favor of people leaving Ohio to find jobs were so critical of people from the south coming to Ohio in the 1950's and 1960's to find jobs.


Re: "south coming to Ohio in the 1950's and 1960's to find jobs."

And many are going back.

For educated blacks, it's been termed the Great Reverse Migration.

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So when are you leaving?


"in the 1950's and 1960's"

Few were old enough to have an opinion back then. My family has moved all over to get better jobs, for decades. Job availability, and higher paying jobs don't stay in one place. Desirable jobs change locations, and those qualified go where the jobs are or pay best. If you wish to limit where you look for work you limit your choices and you limit your advancement.


Re: "My family has moved all over to get better jobs"

And someday, ya may get to move ANYWHERE ya want to, not to where you HAVE to. :)


Still love my state though one gets tired of weak people who only think of self...sadly that's most of America. Like the comment though by Mitt's son. Something like.."he didn't really want to be president anyway."

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The Hero Zone

Hearing that quote that day made me facepalm so hard. The worse part is even if it wasn't true I can completely believe it! How sad and shameful is that? I'm sure you too, kURT, would like to actually vote FOR someone instead of voting AGAINST someone in an election.


Do you know how far many construction workers travel for work? Ask those at Hermes Parker or those that work for Kokosing, the guard rail company in Norwalk. If you are working construction and plan to be 10-15 minutes from home, you'll be un-employed. Those in mostly the big cities want to stay close to the food stamp line.

"A modestly growing number of Americans are moving out of state to get a job"