Search engine reveals shocking truth about John Kasich, Democrats claim

Tom Jackson
Aug 8, 2013
Ohio's official "find a job" website,, has an online search engine. One of the variables allows the user to decide how far he wants to cast his net. For example, as of Thursday, a search for jobs in Sandusky (without specifying any particular job) provided 1,279 results. If you expand the search to 75 miles, you get 53,002 results. And so on. 
The search isn't limited to jobs in Ohio; if you make the search radius wide enough, it includes other states. Being able to search jobs both in and outside of Ohio is a useful convenience, particularly if you live in a city such as Toledo that's near a state line. 
All of this may seem obvious. But if you make a living writing misleading press releases — in other words, if you're a public relations flack for a political party — this is controversial. Because it means that Gov. John Kasich is trying to get people to leave Ohio!
A press release sent to me Thursday by a pair of Democratic Party flacks, Jerid Kurtz and Matt McGrath, reveals the awful truth about Ohio's Republican governor. The subject line is "OhioMeansJobs...In Pennsylvania."
The release includes this statement from McGrath:
“Ohio’s ranked 47th in the nation in job growth, but instead of giving people tools to find employment in Ohio, the Governor’s website does more to encourage families to seek jobs elsewhere. The Governor should work to fix his website to help people find employment in the buckeye state, rather than send them and their tax dollars to states like Michigan, Pennsylvania or New York.”
Apparently, there's an easy fix. If Kasich will cripple the search engine so you can only search for jobs in Ohio, even if you live near the state line,  Kurtz and McGrath will be happy.



Re: "The search isn't limited to jobs in Ohio;"

Hey! Maybe they'll find a job outa state and send money back?

So Kurtz and McGrath would rather that someone be unemployed in OH rather than employed elsewhere?

Talk about dumbed down liberal thinking.

swiss cheese kat's picture
swiss cheese kat

When will liberals learn.... ah, never mind, dumb question.



Licorice Schtick

The more conservatives get what they want, the worse things get for the working class. They only make the rich richer. They want the economy managed to ensure a labor surplus, to keep the price low. Their propaganda blames their victims and aims to convince workers that the boot on their neck is good and just.

Soon we'll build prodigious prisons to contain all those who see no hope of an honest living, and will have incarcerated people at a rate several times that of other industrial nations, and yet still have more violent crime.

Oh, wait, that's already happened.


No, it means they want you off unemployment even if you have to move or drive some unreasonable distance. They make you get an account with ohio means jobs if you are on unemployment and send you listings for out of town jobs. Most of them are past the date to apply and way too far to commute but they will try anything to get you off unemployment. They want you to take any job: minimum wage even if you made $12 an hour previously. They don't care how you can't live on minimum wage. They just don't want you on unemployment anymore. All states are like this also, I am sure.



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The Hero Zone

I am willing to wager that all states want people off unemployment rolls. It is the cruel necessity for some people that their existence is reliant upon programs which don't care because they both can't nor were ever meant to. Waiting for a government program to actually care about you or cherish your unique skillsets/past performance will lead to a bleak, cold existence.

Only people can care about people.

Please don't think me cold. I completely empathize with people who need a job, in fact I help many people find them as well as homes. But it is hubris or ignorance to expect the government to care how much you made in your last job or think they should cater to your location/debts when the program wasn't ever meant to do it anyway despite expectations or "wouldn't-it-be-nice"s.

What the above boils down to is I agree with your spirit 100%, just not your expectations or premise for critique. If that makes sense.


YOU shouldn't want to be on unemployemnt anymore. Gone are the days when people were willing to work for a little less, than take a gov't handout.

Take the $9/hr job while looking for a $13/hr job.

Darwin's choice

"A press release sent to me Thursday by a pair of Democratic Party jackazzes, Jerid Kurtz and Matt McGrath, reveals the awful truth about Ohio's Republican governor. The subject line is "OhioMeansJobs...In Pennsylvania."

Fixed it for you.
But, way to stay laser focused democrats....!


I cant believe the way some people think.....liberal or conservitive, it should be the best person for the job... get your heads out of your Burt's and instead of playing the party game. Try and find some solutions to fix this country that got into this position because of the dominate party system that exist....everyone is worried about the party this and the party that instead of focusing on right and wrong and good and bad..... flippen retards


Re: "Try and find some solutions to fix this country that got into this position,"

So your "solution" is WHAT?

There you go again

This claim by Kurtz and McGrath is about the stupidest remark I have ever heard. is trying to help with job placement and they are complaining about the location of the jobs. Gees.....


Many Ohioans live close to Michigan, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Kentucky and West Virgina. Sometimes one has to go across the state border to work. Many will move out of Ohio to save on driving time and miles.


These D's don'e understand that if you live in Toledo, and work in MI, you are still paying RE taxes, income taxes, SD taxes, sales taxes and every other tax you can think of to Ohio. And, you probably spend your money in Ohio, and that's 1 less person that takes unemployment from Ohio.

Just proves how underhanded they are.
Unfortunatly, their brainwashed followers will read the headlines and mutter, "Republican bad. Democrat good."


Who cares where the job is as long as you get EMPLOYED! Come on, let's not get completely stupid. Either way, it is a helpful website. Any tool is better then nothing when it comes to looking for a job. The unemployed could use all the help they can get even if it means moving. Young people, especially, need to be flexible enough to look for a job anywhere.


The democrats are starting early to brain wash voters with negative stories. They don't even have to say anything. All they need to do it make a headline, and that sticks in someone mind when they go to vote. Don't fall for it. Do your own research, and not online. Look around. Democrats were taking credit for Ohio's come back, during the last election. President Obama was not governor, so he did nothing to correct Ohio's job issues. It was Governor Kasich's policies that helped turn around Ohio. Once bitten by political lies, don't fall for them again.

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swiss cheese kat

Well said flower.

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The Hero Zone

It is a COMPLETE lack of context that is exactly the problem. A single statement is made that sounds dire and no other support or reasoning is given. Usually such an abrupt, exclamatory utterance is called in ejaculation per the original definition. So we as people have been and currently are being ejaculated upon by both parties.

"Vote for me, I'm good because of my party. He's bad because of his!" Ejaculates a certain candidate.

"This policy is good for all Americans because it helps them, I won't elaborate any more on possible consequences or field probing questions" Ejaculates a certain policymaker.

"This is the one, silver, magic bullet to cure our economy" Ejaculates a certain economist.

I, for one, am tired of having our ruling class ejaculating over us at every possible opportunity. It's demeaning at worst and rude in the best case, especially as we are the ones who have to pay for the dinner (or left holding the cookie...)!


"The democrats are starting early to brain wash voters with negative stories. They don't even have to say anything. All they need to do it make a headline, and that sticks in someone mind when they go to vote."

I posted the same below link on the Perkins School levy news story. Chicago style voting.
"Dead people CAN vote...and other odd voting facts"

Darwin's choice

>>>coasterfan<<< FlowerMom has your number...good for her!

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The Hero Zone

This was a wonderful presentation, Mr. Jackson. Thank you for it. This also shows the pettiness of parties and another example of why parties should be marginalized and the individual brought up instead of the other way around. I would rather consider individual people foolish, partisan, or petty than an entire swath.

Pterocarya frax...

Thank goodness the Republicans never issue stupid press releases like this.


hmmm another ejaculation and it isn't even made by a politician. roflmao I guess even those who blindly spout the party line are capable of the same ejaculations, as demonstrated rather quickly in this thread.

Pterocarya frax...

I assume you are referring to the ejaculations of Darwins choice and there you go again since they were much quicker to ejaculate than I was.

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The Hero Zone

Indeed! This is the only place I see on a regular basis where such a thing has a sense of pride associated with it hahaha!

Stop It

:)...Pi** 'em off! That's what sells!

The New World Czar

Waste of journalistic space, period.


The liberal agenda of this newspaper once again shows, creating an article from their own political views. Surprised they couldn't somehow blame the City of Sandusky.


The thing about this this article, of course (and Mr. Jackson knows this) is that it's about two unknown Democrats, who in no way speak for our party. I think Kurtz and McGrath's contention is silly, at best, too.

That's entirely different from the Republican world, in which the party leadership, their media and 99% of their rank-and-file electorate all say and believe things that are clearly not based on what's actually happening.

A great example of this is Webster's comment above. The article is clearly written in an anti-Democrat vein (with lines such as "Democrat Party flacks"), yet Webster complains about the Register's "liberal agenda". Another example this week would be John Boehner's complaint about Obama's approval rating ("If I had poll numbers as low as his...", Boehner said). The reality, of course, is the Boehner's approval rating is 20 pct. points LOWER than Obama's.

The Republican Party - from top to bottom - ignores and denounces Science and scientific evidence, and as long as they continue to do that, their opinions cannot be taken with any respect or credibility. Nearly every day, someone from their party leadership says something incredibly stupid (my favorite this week was Michelle Bachmann suggesting that we get rid of all local police force across the nation).Every party has its nuts, but in the GOP world, the nuts are the overwhelming majority, and even the leaders are nuts.

It's very telling that Mr. Jackson had to dig deep, in order to find 2 backwater unknown Democrats who said something so stupid as to be newsworthy... It's certainly not as hard to find conservatives who will gleefully say something idiotic, which is why Bobby Jindal said "We need to stop being the party of stupid" and Bob Dole suggested the party "close down for repairs".

Tom Jackson


The "two unknown Democrats who in no way speak for our party" in fact DO speak for the party. That's what they do for a living. Jerid Kurtz, for example, is the communications director for the Ohio Democratic Party.

I didn't have to "dig deep" to find the statement, either. It was sent to me, and no doubt to every other newspaper and political reporter in Ohio.

I've been harshly critical of Republicans, too, in this blog. (My criticism of the two Democrat officials was pretty gentle compared to what I said about Joe the Plumber's comments about immigration.) No doubt when I criticize a Republican again, I can go back to being called a "liberal" in the comments.