The Illuminati and the NSA

Tom Jackson
Jun 17, 2013


Perhaps you've heard of the Illuminati, the secret society that supposedly rules the world.

Well, if you spell the word "Illuminati" backwards, you get itanimulli. So who's at Click and see!

Note for the humor-impaired: Any wiseacre can buy a domain name and redirect it somewhere else; a guy in Utah apparently has a sense of humor. More here.







@ Mr. Jackson:

"The Illuminati"?

Not hardly, everyone knows that it's the Zionists. :)

But then again:

"Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity."

- Robert J. Hanlon

The Big Dog's back

Must be a Mason ehh pooh.


“Wrong again poo.” - The Big Dog's back, 6/8/13 :-7



Darwin's choice

Say, Big Dog, hows obama's approval rating doing these days?


A story from the past, that makes more sense now -

"The Amazing Government Sting That Cost Google $500 Million":

"The U.S. government had a convicted federal prisoner pose as a businessman running illegal online pharmacies as part of an investigation into Google's advertising practices."

According to Martin Armstrong:

"The DOJ charged Google with facilitating the drug trade and that under the law legally meant the government could seize the entire company under the Drug Forfeiture Act and shut it down."

Reads like the U.S. govt. has turned into one huge protection racket.

Remember: "The Godfather" is a book about Machiavellian mgmt.


I believe they were on an old episode of "The X-Files".


@ Mr. Jackson:

According to an article in the WSJ:

"A Ph.D. candidate in computational ecology wrote on his blog last week that even a very accurate algorithm for identifying terrorist communications could produce about 10,000 false positives for every real 'hit,' creating a haystack of false leads to chase in order to find every needle."

Reads like an EXPENSIVE BIG GOVT. tail chasing exercise.