A Rolling Stones summer in northern Ohio

Tom Jackson
May 21, 2013



If you've never been to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, this summer might be a good time to go. The Rock Hall opens a new exhibit Friday devoted to the Rolling Stones. The exhibit will run through March of next year. (Looks like Cleveland is excluded from the current tour, although the band plays in Philly and Washington, D.C. in June.) For a free Rock Hall infographic on the Stones, click here.

The Stones are a great band, and the opening of the new exhibit gives the Rock Hall some much-needed credibility after a relatively mediocre crop of inductees for 2013. (I'm not a big Kiss fan, but if the excuse for excluding Kiss is that the band was merely popular, why was Heart admitted? If artistry is the criteria, where's Roxy Music?  Admitting Rush and excluding Yes is a little bit like admitting Herman's Hermits but excluding the Beatles. Yes always was and always will be the premier progressive rock band.)

The Cleveland Plain Dealer ran a nice package of stories on the Stones this weekend. Highlights of the package for me included critic Emmet Smith's list of the best albums, juxtaposed against a reader poll listing a ranking for 10 key albums. 

And if you missed it, check out the excellent 2010 Keith Richards interview on "Fresh Air."

UPDATE: The Plain Dealer has now posted a video sneak peak of the new exhibit.




@ Mr. Jackson:

I remember yrs. ago, some radio DJ making a comment during I believe the "Steel Wheels" tour wherein he said:

If an almost 50 yr. old and wealthy Mick Jagger dances around on stage singing, "I can't get no satisfaction," - what hope is there for the rest of us?

IMO, an older and even richer Jagger would only increase the degree of irony. :)

Hope any of your family and/or friends back in OK are all safe and well.

Tom Jackson

Thanks, Contango. Don't know about all my friends yet, but my relatives are in Tulsa and they are safe. 


@ TJ:

Good to read. As a child, my spouse went through two - more than enough for her for a lifetime.

Lookin' to move to the Piney Woods of E. Texas - not known for tornadoes.

One of my favorite RS videos: