Today, we are all Kevin Williamson

Tom Jackson
May 16, 2013


OK, I didn't know who Kevin Williamson was until today, either. But see if you agree that he's America's new hero.

Williamson, a write for National Review's "On the Corner" feature, says in this blog post that he want to see a New York musical, "Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812."  He doesn't say how much the tickets cost him, but a single premium ticket for Friday night costs $175.

Here's what happened when Williamson asked the woman sitting next to him to quit talking on the phone and turn off her cell phone:

I asked her whether I had missed something during the very pointed announcements to please turn off your phones, perhaps a special exemption granted for her. She suggested that I should mind my own business.


So I minded my own business by utilizing my famously feline agility to deftly snatch the phone out of her hand and toss it across the room, where it would do no more damage. She slapped me and stormed away to seek managerial succor. Eventually, I was visited by a black-suited agent of order, who asked whether he might have a word.

Mr. Williamson was escorted from the theater but into the hearts of everyone who has found himself sitting next to an idiot inside a theater.

Williamson says "there is talk of criminal charges." I think he means against him, although I'd see to see charges filed against the woman who slapped him.



Raoul Duke

They were in the douche bag section together.


What a jerk. He deserved to get thrown out. She's was an idiot, too, but that doesn't give him the right to take her property and throw it across the room. If he had an issue, then HE should have gone to get someone. It worked for her.

The Big Dog's back

He did the right thing.


I can sympathize with his feelings but not his actions. "We are all Kevin Williamson"? Speak for yourself, please. That jerk should be nobody's hero. Too many addle-brained "conservative" writers and commentators think they earned their fame with the merits of their work rather than the fact that their greedy selfish media mogul employers just happen to like their wingnutty claptrap. Now Williamson has apparently gotten so full of himself that he thinks his behavior is OK. Looks like the conservative spin machine is circling the wagons for their darling.


@ Mr. Jackson:

Yea, I think that this coulda been handled with a bit more tact. This IS NYC however. :)

Reminds me:

While others and I were eating lunch at a family rest., a guy on the other side of the room was talking business on his cell phone and interlacing his speech with cursing.

In the booth in front of him was what appeared to be an embarrassed grandmother with her two small grandchildren.

Neither the staff nor the mgmt. were doing anything.

So I went across the room, leaned over the table and politely asked him to curb his language while reminding him that this was a family restaurant.

Later, out in the parking lot the grandmother thanked me.