Sandusky's Russian pianist hits the 'Rite' notes

Tom Jackson
Apr 23, 2013


If you missed Perkins Township resident Margarita Denenburg's recent performing of the two-piano version of Igor Stravinsky's "The Rite of Spring," here is the video on YouTube. (The other performer is Elyria pianist Gerald Evans.)

I have heard many performances of the "Rite" by various orchestras, but I was new to the piano version, which I've now finally heard after 30 plus years of being a Stravinsky fan. The piano version really brings out the jagged, shifting rhythms. Hearing Denenburg play the famous opening notes in a jazzy style also is interesting. I know the piece pretty well, and the pianists nail it. 



Notice also the staging of the concert, which makes the experience of watching the video almost scary in its intensity. In the foreground is Denenburg, a striking woman who wears a bright red dress and is very expressive, against a background of a black bench, black piano, black chairs and three expressionless people in dark clothing. Denenburg's reaction to the music helps focus attention on the piece.




One man's music is another man's noise. Personally, I'd rather hear a train horn coming down the tracks than that collaboration of banging keys in a dismal way.

This is the way to tickle the keys, IMHO:


I loved it. I would say one man's music is another man's noise about your clip luvblues2. My favorite part is 31:40. The chosen one is about to die in the ballet at this point.


There you have it, OhioSummers...To each their own. :) Enjoy what you do.

(PS, you did notice my handle, huh? Kinna sorta says it all as far as music is concerned)


I did notice it, I work next to a guy at work who loves blues. It's great stuff, just not my taste. I do love blues sayings. My favorite is "The eagle flies on Friday" to say "I get paid on Friday.