Boston Marathon bombing roundup

Tom Jackson
Apr 16, 2013


Here are a few of the most useful news and commentary pieces I've found on the Internet in relation to Monday's bombing attack on the Boston Marathon:

• The Boston Globe has removed its pay wall, at least for now.

• Until actual facts emerge, it's worse than useless to blame right-wingers, Muslims or any other reliably scapegoated group. Commentary from Nick Gillespie at Reason magazine and from Glenn Greenwald at the Guardian. (I like this Tweet from my friend Jeremy Weiland: "Thought experiment: imagine what explanation for the #bostonmarathon attack would be most disturbing to your personal political biases.")

• The Washington Post points out that terrorism in the U.S. has been declining.

• Bruce Schneier, a reliably-sane commentator on security matters, urges everyone to keep calm and carry on.

• If you want to help or learn more, ProPublica has put together a bundle of links.















This was blocked by youtube earlier but is back up. seen it on youtube first..
@the big dog......alex gives good links to the mainstream media to compare....he can get a little over zealous at say the least

The Big Dog's back

Alex Jones. Wonderful news source. Not!!!!


btw i watched this episode and it is not a hoax. season 11 episode 15

sash Peter accidentally blew up a bridge. The explosion had nothing to do with the Boston Marathon. Editing the cell phone scene, when Peter acidentally blows up the bridge, and plugging it into the scene where Costas is asking him how he won the Boston Marathon is a deliberate and misleading manipulation. Conspiracists have no problems "twisting" reality to fit their theories.


point taken....i just thought it was odd that this show was a month before the bombing with a Boston marathon tragedy including 2 terrorist bombs....BTW he blew the bridge up at the end...the two explosions in the pub, they never show what he blew up ....just odd...and a hell of a coincidence.

Good 2 B Me

Bombing Roundup? WTF Kind of headline is this?