My night at the movies

Tom Jackson
Apr 8, 2013


The Cleveland Film Festival has begun at Tower City in downtown Cleveland. It's a great resource for people who are serious about film.

Sunday, I went to see a comedy, "Putzel," about a Jewish guy in New York who struggles with the family lox business and the women in his life. It reminded me a little bit of Woody Allen. 
One of the producers, Rick Moore, got up after the movie and answered questions. It's the kind of extra that's often featured at the film festival's movies. Moore said social media would help his distribute the movie, so when I got home I followed the movie on Twitter and liked it on Facebook.
Details on the film festival, which continues through Sunday, are on the 
Web site. Tower City is a bit of a hike from Sandusky (though certainly manageable, particularly on weekends), but note that two movies will be featured in Oberlin on Wednesday night; details here.



We went on Thursday to see the premiere of local Ryan Arthur's short film, Sugar and Spice. It was a VERY cool experience!


I'll bet that Cleveland loves that you can use the SR to promote their theaters and what people can go see???? What are you doing for the SANDUSKY STATE THEATER?