Plain Dealer cuts home delivery

Tom Jackson
Apr 5, 2013


The Plain Dealer says it will continue putting out a paper seven days a week, but will only have home delivery three days a week, starting in the "late summer." 

The paper won't say which three days, except that Sunday is one of them, with two to be named later. Full story is here.

I Tweeted a couple of questions to Robert L. Smith, the PD reporter who wrote the article. Here is our exchange:


@rlsmithpd Will the subscription price be cut? Will everything still be available online for free?
@jacksontom I haven't heard anything about subscription prices at the PD. Online remains free. Advance is opposed to pay walls.
As far as I can tell, the PD puts everything, or nearly everything, online. It looks like I'll be getting even more use out of my Plain Dealer Android app. 







The use of paper to dissimulate news is coming to an end. It's just the evolution of communication.


I may have to rethink my subscription to the PD. I have been reading it since I was a kid, and it would be hard to imagine not having it on the doorstep.

While the Android App for the PD is nice, it leaves out the comments. One of the best things about their website is reading the comments on Kevin O'Brien's columns. They bring the RAAAAR!



Tom Jackson


Good point. I just looked on my device, and I couldn't figure out how to access the comments, either. Maybe the PD should fix that.


Through a regular browser connection in lieu of the app you can see them and I can log in and post.


ahhh modern technology. we crave it yet it contributes to the elimination of more jobs than it creates.

it was interesting to note that several weeks ago on a saturday there were people protesting the elimination of saturday (at the time) mail delivery. i wonder just how many of those same people pay their bills on line. how many have paperless billing? they protest the very item they are helping to destroy!


The carrier won't necessarily have to buy the papers from the rack because there is a good possibility the carrier is also the independent distributor for the area they deliver to. This means they could just order more papers from pd (that the carrier pays for) for stores and racks, but make agreements with their home delivery customers. Seems like it would be a gamble on whether or not the customer would pay them for the papers the distributor has already paid for.


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