Sherrod Brown out front for gay rights and peace

Tom Jackson
Mar 27, 2013


I voted for Sherrod Brown in his U.S. Senate races mostly for peace and civil liberties reasons and I've sometimes felt let down by his stances. He's let other people do the heavy lifting on drones  and has been weak on copyright reform/Internet freedom issues.

But two issues in the last few days seem to justify my vote:

(1) Brown simply owns the gay marriage issue. 

As this Washington Post blog post from Greg Sargent recounts, Brown came out in support of marriage equality in 1996, when the stance carried considerable political risk. Sargent lists other Senate Democrats who are hastily climbing on the bandwagon, Barack Obama style. Slate lists nine Senate Democratic holdouts. (As you probably know, Ohio's Republican Sen. Rob Portman came out in favor of marriage equality a few days ago.)

(2) Brown has joined Jeff Merkley and Rand Paul last week in writing a letter to President Obama urging the president to get out of Afghanistan as soon as possible. Follow the link and you'll get the text of the letter. 

That stance probably carries less risk for Brown, but it's not without cost. Mindless partisans in the Democratic Party are likely to criticize Brown for working with Rand Paul, a Republican.









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My comment did not violate any of those things. Nice censorship! You may or may not agree with me, but that does not constitute a "discriminating comment".

4-wheeler al

all about votes election time. teaching young kids the wrong values about life.


Sitting here and reading this article angers me that the public has been taught to believe that unless you believe like the masses do, you are wrong and I have seen the belief in God and His values diminished by people who have a lack of moral value and principles but tote being "good" people. These are the same people who will remove the Sanctity of Marriage as God has deemed it and changed the natural relationship between a man and woman for the un - natural relationship between 2 men or 2 women as okay. I do not hate homosexuals, on the contrary I do Love them as God loves them, however as that is true, so is the fact that the lifestyle they lead is not of God, nor is is the way God had meant for a marriage or natural relationship to be. Read your bible and it clearly states that homosexual relationships are not natural in God's eyes and I refuse to accept it as anything other than someone wanting to have sex in an un-natural and un-Godly way. Period and simple.


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Just wondering, is there any diversity of viewpoints in the Sandusky Register newsroom? There really doesn't seem to be.

Bill Braskey

You can't pick and choose what exerts from the bible you want to live by. You either follow it fully or you live in sin. Remember God also says those who commit adultery must be put to death and I don't see that happening.


If I lived by what the bible states, I'd have no eyes, no hands, no arms or legs, no sexual parts and just be sitting here like a blob of flesh. Can't commit suicide though, that's a sin as well.
Screw religion. and be kind to all. Don't hurt anyone intentionally. I don't see a problem with that.


Heres what Jesus said about gay marriage " ".

thinkagain's picture

Here’s what Jesus said about pedophiles “ “, so what’s your point???


Jesus also said "Do not judge, lest you too be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you."

You sir, would do well to remember that.


To Concerned, the sanctity of marriage you deem so natural and god-like is more threatened by heterosexual couples than it will ever be by gay or lesbian couples. When marriage is considered by some to be a cheap thrill or abandoned when the thrill is gone, is it really a natural or god-like? That should anger you more than anything, and by the way, we are good people, even though you seem to deem us immoral with a lack of principle. I don't hate people because they believe in god, but, when you judge people and quote the bible, you just come off as another intolerant homophobe. You can choose to use whatever old testament verses suit your views, but it's the same old song and dance, we've all heard it time and again. There have been countless "extra righteous" people that have used the bible as a tool to justify every atrocity known to man, this is no different. But when it is all said and done, the world will have moved on regardless of your judgment of immorality. By the way, isn't that a sin too?

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To be accurate, what you should have said is, “the world will have moved on regardless of God’s judgment of immorality”. You can present your reasoning when you meet Him. Good luck with that…


To be accurate, God is love, it's people such as yourself that make religion an evil thing. Cast the stones my friend, you may not be as righteous as you think!

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If I get to the pearly gates before you do, I’ll hang around until you show up. I wouldn’t want to miss your discussion with God.

Tomozz – I didn’t hate people who believed in God.

God - But, when you judged people who quoted from my Word in the bible, you just came off as another intolerant Christaphobe.

Tomozz – What do you mean I can’t come in? I thought God is love.

God – Yes I am. That is why I sent my only beloved Son, to suffer and die as a sacrifice for your sins. You chose not to accept my free gift of love. Instead you lived your life in disobedience to my commands and taught others to do likewise.


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Damn , Thinkagain hasn't been moderated yet ? Good job !!! I'm rooting for ya , bud ; )

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That in itself is proof there is a God. ;)

The Big Dog's back

neverthinks thinks he is God.