Obama wants the cuts to be painful

Tom Jackson
Mar 6, 2013

The Obama administration has announced that it is canceling tours of the White House because of the sequestration cuts.

This is apparently part of an Obama administration strategy to get his way by making the cuts as painful as possible.
Here is an article in the Washington Times about how it obtained an administration email ordering a bureaucrat to avoid minimizing the impact of the cuts: "You need to make sure you are not contradicting what we said the impact would be."
Here is a blog post, on an air transportation blog, showing how the Obama administration is using the cuts as an excuse to disrupt air travel in the U.S.
And here is a blog post from Reason magazine that explains that federal spending is still going up in 2013, despite the supposedly draconian cuts.
Despite the terrible, awful cuts, the White House has been able to preserve its spending priorities. From the Washington Times story: "The White House had to fend off questions Tuesday about the Homeland Security Department’s decision to sign a $50 million contract for new uniforms for airport screeners, just days before the sequesters."



I agree "Not much for brains but big on his blind ability to follow anything with a D behind its name." Too bad your blind ability to follow anything with a D behind its name doesnt have the brains to recognize you have elected Bush2.0 (Obama won 51%, Not a huge majority and seeing how He was running against romney your still claiming its a huge victory. Now thats funny)
Btw, I vote for whichever politician supports my point of view, Lately that does not include the "D" or "R" folks who are exactly the same in my book. Bigger government, Oh a problem throw money at it, Bigger government, Oh another crises throw money at it, Bigger government, Ect ect ect ad infinium.


Coasterfan's Law of the Ad Nausium: When Obama is mentioned, bring up Bush.

Seems like the country went to H*ll after the Dems took control of Congress in '07.

swiss cheese kat

How people like the pup keep making excuses for this infantile behavior is beyond me.


You're talking about the GOP's "I'm going to hold my breath, then take my toys home, if I don't get my way" with the fiscal cliff and sequester, right?


Well CF,
It's must be comforting to believe the Democrats aren't doing the same thing. Alinsky would be proud!


Id hate to see how the pup raises his kids or manages his finances. This kid could never run a business.....thats apparent.

The New World Czar

Godwin's law? It has to do with managing the shipping department at Duck Commander in West Monroe, Louisiana. C'mon, get with the times pooch.


Hey Hey Jack I want to inforce Uncle Sy's law. Rolled up with a leprechaun. Why do we have to tour government housing anyway!!!

The Big Dog's back

At least those rednecks have brains.


For those of you that THINK they know everything about this issue....The only way you can tour the White House is by getting a ticket from your Congressman. Congress are the ones that stopped the White House tours. As far as telling Obama he can`t use taxpayer funds to play golf..I would be more impressed if that also included the 455 members of Congress as well.


I second that motion!
...Although at this point I'd really like to see the Top sanctimonious jerks get it first and then hear someone whine about it... just saying...


The adjective moot is originally a legal term going back to the mid-16th century. It derives from the noun moot, in its sense of a hypothetical case argued as an exercise by law students. Consequently, a moot question is one that is arguable or open to debate. But in the mid-19th century people also began to look at the hypothetical side of moot as its essential meaning, and they started to use the word to mean "of no significance or relevance." Thus, a moot point, however debatable, is one that has no practical value. A number of critics have objected to this use, but 59 percent of the Usage Panel accepts it in the sentence The nominee himself chastised the White House for failing to do more to support him, but his concerns became moot when a number of Republicans announced that they, too, would oppose the nomination. When using moot one should be sure that the context makes clear which sense is meant.
Note LAST sentence.

The Big Dog's back

A moot point is an expression meaning that something doesn't matter so there is no point for debate because of certain circumstances. It is either irrelevant/not worth arguing over.

Now The Rest of...

The White House tour are conducted by unpaid volunteers. He slows air travel down but yet finds $450 million dollars to give to the Muslim Brotherhood running Egypt this week.

Kottage Kat

Thought it was open as a historical landmark
Wow un-american


So now President Harrison J Bounell is spreading e mails around



For my part I would rather see tours cut at the White House than say medical care at the Veteran's Hospital, or ammo to the troops in Middle East, or other life saving items.

These cuts remind me when cuts were to be make to the library system in Cuyahoga County. People thought it was a good idea to cut branches or in some cases consolidate them etc. UNTIL that is it was THEIR branch just down the street and then it was NO NO NO not my branch. Cuts are good in goverment costs but when it gets a bit too close to home most folks change their mind and say well maybe cutting is not as good as it sounds.

Look at it this way Rush and Shawn and Mark has so much to talk about and condem in their radio talk shows and lets face facts for them business of the mouth is good in the conservative world and they are "laughing: all the ay to the back to deposit their paychecks.....and the money keeps rolling in for them everyday.


@ Mr. Jackson:

Try a weekly experiment.

One week simply write: "Obama" in the headline and no text.

Next week write "Bush" in the same manner as previously described.

IMO, you'll probably get comments with little to no work involved.

Kinda reminds me of the Newspeak dictionary in "Nineteen Eighty-Four": Control the language and you control the thinking.


I think I will start following this link!


@ 2cents:

Thanks. Powerful video.

Reminds me of the saying: "God made men, but Sam Colt made them equal."

Also: You can ameliorate risk, you can never totally eliminate it.

That woman quoting her statistics is a fool.


Your welcome, the closure of my letter to the SR editor in 1987 below. Same goes for the 26 year old in the cage, oops, S happens!

"We, the most powerful nation, may find ourselves on the backside of prosperity as the rest of the world laughs at us and walks on by. The choice is ours, we consumers and jurors. I want to enjoy life and if it takes some risk, I guess it is what my parents anticipated I must accept when they created me."


Dont worry. For $500,000 dollars you can get 4 private meetings with Obama this year........What a joke this administration is.

The Big Dog's back

Want me to lend it to ya?


you will never see that much money in your whole life. lol


Obama wants the cuts to hurt: Gohmert referenced press reports pegging the cost of a recent Florida golf outing Obama took with Tiger Woods at $1 million. He also cited press reports saying 341 federal workers could have been spared furloughs if Obama had stayed home.

Hey, but this buffoon knows personally about the pains many Americans are feeling......yeah, try and sell this nation another lie.......

The Big Dog's back

Goober gohmert? Oh boy!


Anything of importance to add or just going to ignore the facts. Contango is right, you add nothing to the topic. Just pointless banter. lol.


Obama will do anything to make the Republicans look bad. He is not capable of working with people outside of his party. Just think in another three years Americans can blame him for everything that is screwed up.


'Because of sequester, they cut my tails,' Obama said at the head table of the Gridiron Club’s spring dinner March 9, opening with an allusion to the budget sequestration he has ordered. 'My joke writers have been placed on furlough.'"

Good that Pres. BHO can afford to be funny while citizens are suffering eh?