Laws that apply to everyone but Congress

Tom Jackson
Feb 26, 2013


Have you run out of reasons to be irritated with Congress?

Nope, me neither, but here's another infuriating article: A piece at ProPublica, the "journalism in the public interest" website, on all of the federal laws that apply to everyone else but don't apply to Congress.
The one that particularly bothers me is the exemption to complying with the Freedom of Information Act. Members of the public can request public records from nearly every federal agency, but can't get them from members of the House or the Senate.
Here's a couple of sentences from the ProPublica piece on how well Congress complies with the laws that do supposedly apply to it: "The sidewalks surrounding the three House office buildings ... don’t comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Neither do the restrooms in the House and Senate office buildings and the Library of Congress’ James Madison Building."
ProPublica, by the way, is a must read if you are a serious news junkie. Nothing about the Kardashians, but lots of articles on drone strikes, fracking, health care, voting rights and other hot topics. There are ProPublica apps available for your favorite MacIntosh or Android device. 



Thank you Tom for posting that alternative news site.
"Land Grab Cheats North Dakota Tribes Out of $1 Billion, Suits Allege"
"Death Investigation in America"

"County Prosecutors Withheld Evidence About Doctor’s Credibility"


We are peasants.


Kuert, I prefer pawns in the game of life!!!


Check out this one about gun violence research.


This is the problem with using a site like propublica. We all know that todays journalism is slanted and may not tell the whole story. Research was cut to the CDC because grants were already being paid out to major universities with criminology programs to conduct the same research. Many of them totally debunked the CDCs determination that guns in the home provide no protection and increase the chance you will be killed by a gun. In fact a study by the University of Chicago found that defensive use of guns in the home happened millions of times per year and that death by firearm in the home only occured in a very small percentage of shootings (under 1%).


I can't believe that some didn't know this existed! Oh, there is more. Wait until they find out that you cannot get much from the government about what they send to foreign countries when it comes to aide either. Or the oversight committee. You get LOTS of redacted info from both sites.

The government does not see fit to give us much info on anything of interest from those sites either. Nor from the Patriot Acts either.


I don't know if this is entirely true because I have not looked it up yet... But I was also told by a gentlemen that congress is also safe from being charged on sexual harassment. It wouldn't surprise me if this were true. I mean come on, they are safe from job cuts! Which I think is total BS. Their jobs should be the first to get cut!


I just looked this up: According to Pubic Law 104-1 Congressional Accountability Act of 1995 sect 1311 (a) no senator or house of representative member can be held exempt from being presecuted from sexual harassment, etc..... You can read it for yourself by looking it up by looking up the public law 104-1. Interesting reading. LOL

They can also be voted out of office by their own for a group of congreesment who feel that any one particular congressman is doing something particularly bad in congress such as sexual harassment or misconduct while in office.


Another good place for info on Congress is There is a lot of eye opening info there as well.