Have you seen this cat?

Tom Jackson
Feb 5, 2013


Police are looking for a woman who stole a cat from the Humane Society of Erie County, hustling him out the door when the shelter staff wasn't looking.

Dave, a freshly-neutered 10-month-old guy, was something of a celebrity cat. He featured in a recent video on this Web site, and also in a photograph on Page One of the  Jan. 28 "On the Job" feature in this paper. I've posted a couple of shelter photos.

The shelter employees say that a fiftyish woman with short red hair came in to look at the cats Monday afternoon. At about 4:25 p.m., the woman bundled up Dave and went out the door with him when shelter employees weren't looking. 

The shelter found out about the theft almost immediately, however, because the girlfriend of one of the employees noticed the woman and asked why the shelter wasn't using an animal carrier when it adopts out animals. The shelter called Sandusky police and filed an offense report.

Dave had been about to go home with a legitimate customer who had agreed to adopt him.

Police chuckled when they heard about the "catnapping," but shelter workers aren't amused. They were angry.

"I said, 'This isn't funny'," said Barbara Hargreaves, director of the Humane Society. "Somebody stole our cat."





Geez Barb, relax.


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I think I drove by it this morning. It looked a little flat.


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Good to see so many who care about theft and animal abuse posting here in the comments....


Let's see...

Somebody steals something from a non-profit group that does NOTHING but work for the welfare of its chosen charity.

That same somebody stole money as well when the person who agreed to adopt the cat isn't paying the fee because they're not going home with their new pet.

And the police LAUGHED? Nice. I don't expect a lot from some of the posters on these pages, but the POLICE? Clearly, whoever took the report needs to undergo some training as to certain facts: Theft isn't funny. The potential threat to an animal isn't amusing.

Oh, and for the record, folks? Neither are the "jokes" some morons chose to post here.


Thank you! I could not have said it better.


It's a freakin' cat. I could replace it ten fold on the trip to the Erie County Humane Society for nothing. Kitters are good friends if you take care of them, but gimme a break. You can find them easier than finding a penny on the sidewalk. No one needs to steal a cat.

Swamp Fox

Sam Adams great comment, sad part is most of the folks who has posted on this article process less intelligence than the animals, as they have demonstrated.


Good looking roof rabbit.


I have worked at the Humane Society and this is not the first time a cat has been stolen. You just cut the lost and move on there are plenty of other cats.


Thank you for showing again how weak most "Americans" are. We value animals & people's egos more than real every day issues. (Abortions, child abuse,etc.) Glad that YOU reported the officer who chuckeled too. Again thanxs!


True dat.
So sorry,
flat cat.


I hope the cat is being treated well.


I know of two cats who have been terribly abused and need some love. They're named "Hagel" and "Kerry." Anyone?

Kottage Kat


Wish could
Have 2 "special needs " kitties due to abuse, and cannot take more

Kottage Kat

Wish I could
Darn smart phone
With a not so smart
Pushing the keys


Maybe the shelter needs a different arrangements so this can't happen?
It hardly seems newsworthy when that cat looks like every stray cat I've ever seen.


Also the shelter could require people to sign in and show a photo ID.