State road condition information is online

Tom Jackson
Dec 26, 2012



This seems like to a good time to remind everyone that Ohio supplies information online about road conditions. A map that provides information is available at

In addition, Twitter accounts send information about road conditions to your phone and computer. For example, I follow the Twitter account for ODOT District 3, which includes Erie and Huron counties. For Ottawa, Sandusky and Seneca counties, follow this Twitter account.





This just put a damper on all the greed of the season. Just as long as some idiot doesn't crash into a telephone pole and knock out my electricity, I love it! :)

Factitious is pretty neat if you don't mind the cookies.

The tweets are OK if you can live with the occasional PR message from Go. Kasich.

I was amazed that there seems to be about 100 "Dynamic Message" signs. That's gotta be a big budget item.

Interresting stuff. Thanks, Tom!