Celebrity cat Cosmo has died

Tom Jackson
Dec 13, 2012



The nicest cat I ever met has died.
Cosmo the therapy cat was something of a local celebrity, notable because because he was taken to visit patients at the hospital and because he was chosen as "Mr. March" for TV weatherman Dick Goddard's 2008 weather calendar. I wrote about him more than once.
Let's face it, "nice cat" can sound like an oxymoron. There are many therapy dogs, but few therapy cats. A certified therapy animal has to demonstrate that it is unruffled by sound and touching.
The always good-natured Cosmo had retired from the therapy business and was living in Norwalk with his owner, Janet Freehling. Cosmo died on Dec. 6 after a short illness, Freehling reports.



Thank you Cosmo for the comfort you brought to those in need . Say hello to Heaven.


Bless his little kitty heart...

Good deeds don't go unrewarded. And anyone who doesn't think animals are as much entitled to reward or punishment as people has never loved a pet!

Thank you, too, to Janet Freehling. No animal is patient, friendly, sweet, or companionable without having a loving and involved home. My sympathies to you, Ms. Freehling. I hope you're comforted by knowing that you did good — and so did Cosmo!


GOD love Cosmo and Ms. Freehling. RIP Cosmo