What will happen to the Plain Dealer?

Tom Jackson
Nov 20, 2012



I live in the Cleveland area and I get the Cleveland Plain Dealer delivered to my home seven days a week. But how long will that last?
Advance Publications — the company that owns the PD and local community weeklies in metropolitan Cleveland — has cut other newspapers it owns to a three days a week publication schedule. 
This has naturally given rise to fears that Cleveland PD subscribers will get the same treatment. The Newspaper Guild, i.e. the union that represents the paper's reporters, has raised the issue in a newspaper ad. The same folks also have set up a Twitter account (which I follow). There's also a Facebook page.
The PD's publisher and editor responded to the speculation by publishing a letter on page one of the Sunday PD. The letter, remarkably free of any actual information, said only that the paper will announce a decision on its plans soon.
Incidentally, the Sandusky Register plans to keep publishing its paper edition seven days a week, even as we expand aggressively into the digital realm.



Not to be critical, but I was surprised to read that a primary shaper of this paper lives in Cleveland area, not Sandusky area. While I could see that someone "outside" the community can often give a broader outlook, there is also an aspect of not really being affected by what happens in the city / region.
Some years ago, a tornado hit a local community, and a reporter (not from the Register) noted how bad things looked on his commute into work the next day. To me, that's the difference between covering an area and living there.


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Yeah, Sarah. That was so wrong of me to call Tom out on his own BS.


@ Mr. Jackson:

Yea, I saw when the N’Orlean’s Times-Picayune was one of the first to go this route of three days a wk.

Heck, most major cities used to have morning and evening editions - the old Cleveland Press.

People are being taught that ‘somehow’ content should be free.

I subscribe to the WSJ in print and online. I believe that it's about the only one that made money in the digital realm from the beginning.

How about charging a nominal fee for posting comments?

Lived for seven yrs. in Cleveland – glad to get out. This area’s seen much better days too.

Sarah Weber

How much would you pay to post comments at sanduskyregister.com? I'm just curious, it's not something we're considering right now.




I would pay ($0.00) to comment here.


How about $1 a month with the money going to a charity like Serv. our Seniors or something good.


@ Sarah Weber:

Thanks for asking. Caught your attention huh? I used to be in the ad sales business. Hated givin’ stuff away.

The age ol' process for sales (or business) success: Find a need and fill it.

Morningstar for one used to charge $5.00 to join “the fun.”


Also, the WSJ allows subscribers to discern between paid and non-paying commenters.

I'm a subscriber to the NR. Figure I'm helping "the cause."


Wow, Sarah, with the way some people post on here and NR ... that would wipe out their savings in no time! Everyday, every article, etc.

Or charge them by word..you know how lengthy some get, oh, and dumb pictures people were posting.

;] ;]

Licorice Schtick

How much would you pay to post comments at sanduskyregister.com?

My response (after cleaning up the coffee I snorted out of my nose) is, "About the same as readers would pay to read my comments."

Seriously, it's naive question. This commenting formula works because the host gets free content from the commenters, and gets paid by the advertisers for looks by the readers. You'll sooner see the hosts paying for good comments. And that's not far-fetched; Reddit probably makes a bunch of money on their most up-voted content.

Business 101 -- The marketplace will NOT give you money because you need it. It pays for value, and in a very Darwinian way, a few competitors figure out how to deliver better, faster, cheaper, while most of the others DIE.

Sarah Weber

Thanks for the thoughts everyone. Really interesting stuff. I know of some internet forums that are "pay-to-comment" but they seem to be for niche topics like cars, or sports, or video gaming. I don't know if paid comments — even at a super cheap price — would work at a general news site. It seem like it might kill the conversation, which would be counterproductive. Again, not something we're considering, but it's always interesting to hear some feedback.


@ Sarah Weber:

You could also think of it as a cover charge. Helps keep the 'riff raff' out.

IMO, the SR has the print media monopoly. What other competition is there?

Lastly, something that is free is generally perceived to have little-to-no value.

Decades ago, if you told someone that someone was goin' to put plain water in bottles and charge for it, most would have thought you nutz.

Trust me, I'm not 'married' to the idea. I just enjoy thinking of ways to maximize ROI.


Cleveland rocks! There is so much to see and do in Cleveland, you can't get bored. The West side market, Rock and roll hall of fame, one of the best Zoo's in the country, Little Italy, Tons of great places to eat. But of course, you are Winnie, and Winnie likes nothing and has to complain about everything.


Dare ya to go hang out on the East Side after dark Zip.


Sarah, sorry but I wouldn't pay to post. I do however consider the Sandusky Register a good local newspaper. There are a few newspapers in small towns that I check in on from time to time for various reasons and none of them are 7 day a week publications. Most have cut down to 4 or 5 days and they do not update during the day as the SR does. The complainers about the SR do not realize how fortunate we are.


Oh, yes we do , if we didn't bi**h .. we'd blow up !

[ Insert sarcasm here ]

Myself included. I have my spurts where I'm hardly on here & sometimes too much.

But, no , I would not pay to post. I subscribe to the hard copy. That's enough $$ outta me.


Yes, starryeyes, we all grip from time to time about certain columns, but there are some who trash the paper in general.

The New World Czar

I wouldn't be surprised to see alot of the PD's writers becoming syndicated/self-employed writers as opposed to being full-time employees. The paper media in general is a shrinking market day by day.


The new print media is declining every where. Its happening to magazines, newpapers, all the news print. This is the digital age and people have all the techie devices that take the place of paper format. I bet each of us can name at least 2 or 3 people we know who no longer take books out of the library but just download it to a technology device so they can read it that way.

I use to write 20+ checks a month to pay bills. NO longer I use the computer and use bill pay from the bank. No longer buy the quantity of stamps I use to either. Its safe, simple and great to stay at home in bad weather and pay the bills all on line. Again, workers are getting hurt when I do that...check printers, mail service, etc. but its a sign of the times.


Adapt and overcome or fall behind and be left there. Either way, I could care less if Tom gets his PD paper delivered on his door step in Cleveland.


Someone did put water from the Cleveland breakwater in bottles and sold it. One winter many years ago.


Sarah Weber consider this also. Some who have ancient lineage here post facts. You know, behind the scenes stuff. Many here also have knowledge that they share on these posts that shed light on many given topics. Its nice knowing that another side has been shared exposing slanted views regarding various topics. Many in authority some times hate that also.

Kottage Kat

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Kat with a K