Happy union Thanksgiving!

Tom Jackson
Nov 19, 2012


Getting ready to prepare a big Thanksgiving meal but worried about buying union? A Web site lists where to find turkey, potatoes, stuffing, cranberries and vegetables from unionized food processing plants, with a downloadable PDF you can tote to the grocery store. (Via Policy Matters Ohio, on Twitter.)
All is not well, however, on the food solidarity front. Hostess Brands, the folks who make Twinkies, announced Friday that it is shutting down and laying off 18,000 workers in the process. Company officials are blaming a union strike, which they claim was the death blow for a company that had been in bankruptcy since January. 
UPDATE: A judge has persuaded the bakers union and Hostess to go to mediation on its labor dispute, so the company isn't dead yet, after all.



Lets see if I got this right. Company is well aware of contract negotiations are forthcoming, they choose to give a raise to the CEO just before they negotiate and cry they need concessions to continue to operate . Bad start in my opinion. Then they cry company is starving for money to continue to operate, hard to believe being CEO and the executives get a raise.
If your feeling sorry to Hostess, what a shame, they just dumped their legacy costs right in the laps of the tax payers, they will obviously reorganize under a new trade name or the same name with the legacy costs attached to us (the taxpayer)using the guaranteed pension fund. Same tactic GM and Delphi used. This who hate the union, should start looking deeper into the unfair labor tactics that corporations use. Those who think the union should have limited power...not such a good idea, because that could also limit your rights to certain freedoms as well. Just saying.